Here we go! Romano: the total price of gondoqi is 18 million euros for lease + forced buyout to join Lazio

Live broadcast, August 29 News Romano reported that Lazio and Marseille had exchanged gongdoqi’s contract documents. This transaction is Here we go! The agreement includes a lease fee of 1 million euros + a mandatory buyout clause of 12 million euros + a floating bonus clause of 5 million euros, and a 10% split clause. If everything goes according to the plan, gondozi will leave for Italy on Tuesday. (mageth)

Shenzhen team player: even if you have no money, you have to finish this year’s game, just to live up to this profession

Live broadcast on August 30 according to the report of Oriental Sports Daily, the players of Shenzhen team are ready to play this year’s game. Even if there is no money, they should live up to this profession. One day in early July this year, the members of the deep foot team were told that they “paid”. “At that time, the first reaction was to check your text message immediately to see how much it was sent.” One player said, “there is not much money, only two months’ salary, but many players are already in tears.” This is the first time that the deep foot club has paid money in more than a year. Many players joked that “it is almost impossible to open the pot”. The first salary this year was paid not because of the deep enough income, but the dividend of the Chinese Super League Company last season. It is reported that at that time, not only did the deep football club pay the players, but several clubs with serious back pay also used this dividend to pay their own players. The second time the deep foot team received the money this year was in the first half of August, only one month after the salary was paid in July. This made some people overjoyed at that time, thinking whether the deep foot was already on the right track, and then the salary would be paid monthly. “See if there will be any money at the beginning of next month”, many people are looking forward to it. The last champion Wuhan Sanzhen club recently issued a document saying that since September 1st, it will no longer invest in the club team, which has once again aroused concerns about the survival prospects of the deep football club. Even the last champion can’t survive. Where will the heavily indebted Shenzhen team go? However, some Shenzhen players said: “I have experienced the days when I didn’t get the money for a year and a half. What else can I be afraid. Even if you have no money, you have to finish this year’s game, not for anything else, just to live up to this career.” (Derison)

Beiqing: the national football training warm-up place still chose the Chengdu men’s football Asian Games team, only Wu Shaocong left to save variables

Live broadcast on August 29 according to the report of Beijing Youth Daily, after communication between Chinese Football Association, Sichuan Football Association and relevant parties in Chengdu, the national football team finally arranged the training and two warm-up matches in Chengdu, which was originally planned. The Chinese Football Association is expected to announce the training notice of the national football team and the Asian Games team on August 30. Among the players, Wu Shaocong, The National Foot of the men’s Asian Games team, has not confirmed whether he can return to the team as scheduled because of his stay in the foreign country. Before that, influenced by objective factors, the national football team encountered a “episode” in the choice of training and warm-up in September “. Chengdu, the preferred host, may not be able to host the competition for some reason. However, after active communication from all parties, the national football training and competition place was still arranged in Chengdu according to the original plan, and the home court was the professional stadium of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park. The new training notice of the men’s football Asian Games team will also be announced soon. It is understood that the coaching teams of the two national football teams have respectively finalized their respective international candidates. If there is no accident, the overage international football Barton who once supported the men’s football Asian Games in June will return to the national football team. And one of the over-age players he left was likely to “let” Liu Yang, the left foot of the Taishan team. In terms of the recruitment and adjustment of the two teams, the only variable at present is Wu Shaocong, the suitable-age player of the men’s Asian Games team. This summer, 23-year-old Wu Shaocong joined the Tujia youth club on loan. In the first three rounds of the new season’s Tujia league, Wu Shaocong started in a row and played all the matches. Wu Shaocong is able to stand firm in Tu Jia, which is undoubtedly beneficial to accelerating his own growth. However, most of the Hangzhou Asian Games football matches are arranged in the non-international match day cycle, so the men’s football Asian Games team also needs to communicate with the club on the issue of recruiting him. Before that, the coach team of the men’s football Asian Games team was very eager to recruit Wu Shaocong to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games. However, it is still unknown whether the club is willing to allow it. At present, all parties are still communicating on this matter. (Derison)

Barcelona women’s football team & opponent hold banners to support El Moso: it’s over, you are not alone

Live Bar, August 30 news Barcelona women’s football team held a friendly match with Mexico American women’s football team on Wednesday. The players of the two teams pulled up banners to support Spanish women’s football player elmoso. Elmoso had previously won the World Cup with the Spanish women’s football team. At the award ceremony, the Spanish Football Association president rlby les kissed elmoso, which caused an uproar. Before the Barcelona women’s football team beat Mexico America 2-0, the players of the two teams showed banners in support of El Moso. The Banner wrote: “It’s all over! You are not alone!” (Goblin killer)

Nunez: belsa thought I could do something better, and he corrected me

Live broadcast on August 29 News in an interview, Liverpool striker Nunez talked about belsa’s help to himself. Nunez said: “He thought I could do something better, and he corrected me. For example, in one game, the whole team of the opponent contracted the defense, and then he told me that I should not be in front of the second central defender of the opponent, but to hit behind him, so the central defender lost his goal.” “The fact is that the conversation with him was very pleasant. Many people have talked with me about what kind of person he is. I think he is a good person and a serious person. Now the national team has entered a new stage. I hope everything goes well for us, because we hope to bring this kind of happiness to all the people of Uruguay again.” Regarding the position competition in Liverpool, Nunez said: “As you can see, we have Salah, Louis-Dias, gakbo and Ruota. They are all top players. I am in a big club and there will be competition among players, but it is healthy competition, which is why we appear in Liverpool. Now the other players in my team are at the same level as me.” (Ma Dongyu)

German Sky: dottusheng intends to Germany international Berisha, Augsburg asking for 15 million euros

Live broadcast on August 29 News Dort’s previous striker target Polsen confirmed that he would stay in the team. German Sky Sports News said that the yellow and black legion now locked the target on the German international Berisha in Augsburg. Leipzig Sports Director Abel confirmed in a recent interview that they had received an offer for Polsen, but they had no intention to release them. Polsen also confirmed to kicker that he would stay on the team: “I still have a one-year contract, and I will stick to it.” German Sky Sports News said that 25-year-old Augsburg striker Berisha is now the target of Dort. It is reported that Augsburg does not hide the fact that they are willing to let the players go. Berisha can leave when the offer reaches 15 million euros. The report also said that the two sides had already had a dialogue this Monday and further dialogue would also take place. In addition, Berisha’s teammate demilovitch was also associated with Dot, but this topic is not as hot as Berisha’s. Berisha played 23 league matches for Augsburg last season, scoring 9 goals and contributing 4 assists. He also completed the first show of the German team in March this year. (Ximu)

ESPN: The head coach of the US team has not resolved the dispute with Reina, but he is ready to start communication.

Live broadcast on August 30 according to ESPN news, US men’s football coach Bo Hardt said in an interview that they had not communicated after the dispute with the midfield player Reina in the World Cup last year, but efforts are being made to solve this problem. At a meeting after the World Cup in Qatar, Bo Hardt told how he almost sent a player (later confirmed to be Reina) home because of misbehavior. This aroused the anger of Reina’s parents, who were all former American international players. Reina’s parents reported the domestic violence that happened when Berhalter and his current wife were in college to the then American Football Association (USSF). USSF then conducted an investigation and accepted Bo Hardt’s explanation, which enabled him to return to the coaching position. The 2026 World Cup will be co-hosted by the United States, Canada and Mexico. Bo Hardt was reappointed as the head coach of the American men’s football team in June. Bo Hardt said that he had called almost every player. When talking about his repairing the relationship with Reina, he said: “I plan to start this process. I hope we can reach a consensus on how to move forward together. He is a super talented player who can help this team.” But he said: “It’s not like you pick up the phone and say, ‘Hey, man, that’s the way it is. ‘So simple.” Bo Hardt also refused to reveal whether he had reconciled with Reina’s parents. Reina was injured in his mid-calf in the victory over Canada in the finals of the China North America and Caribbean national league, and has not yet participated in the competition. Last week, he returned to Dort training, but he was not included in the League list of the team and Bochum, which means that he may not represent the US team next month. The US team will face Uzbekistan in St. Louis on September 9 and Oman in St. Paul, Minnesota three days later. Bo Hardt will announce the list of participants in these two games on Wednesday. If Reina did not participate in these competitions, his next chance to be called up would be a friendly match against Germany and Ghana in October. (Sonnytime)

Roman fame: lucuku Dibala is the strongest combination of Serie A, and they can easily join hands to score 40 goals.

Live Bar, August 30 -lucucu arrived in Rome yesterday and will officially join on loan. Roman celebrity pruzo talked about lucuku’s joining in an interview with the messenger. “Rome needs fresh blood. I am here to congratulate Chairman Fridkin, who has surprised us for three summer windows in a row. After Jose and Dibala, this year is lucuku. To be honest, I didn’t expect Lukaku to join Rome.” “I don’t know whether lucaku can reach the previous level of Barty in Rome, but he is indeed a center who can change the face of Rome. Lukaku will be a partner with dibara in Rome. I don’t like to compare it all the time, but look at osmeen-kvara, flahovic-kiessa, I think lucuku-Dibala is the strongest attack team in Serie A, and they can easily score 40 goals together.” (Sand)

Miami Director: Macy’s business value is beyond the global dimension, and the club’s income is 4 times that of the previous one.

Live Bar News on August 30, the business director of Miami, Havel-assensi, who has worked in Barcelona for 11 years, said in an exclusive interview with Western media Marca newspaper that after Massey joined, the club’s income will double. How much did you do to sign Massey? “When I came to Miami, I learned that the idea of major shareholder Jorge Mas was to become a model of North American football. Although football is a business, it belongs to players in the first place. If the players perform well, the football career will reach a higher level. This is why there is no better business than Macy’s, he is the number one player in history. My first conversation with Mas was at the end of 2020, when I asked him if he was in favor of signing Massey.” Since then? Massey failed to return to Barcelona, and many people thought he would be seen in Saudi Arabia. “The window has been opened since he left Barcelona. Without that, he would definitely be in Barcelona. He chose Paris first, and we didn’t have anything to do until June 2023. Indeed, everyone is paying attention to Saudi Arabia, but we have been working hard alone and planning the arrival of Massey. If you notice it, you will find that no players in Miami wear size 5 or 10.” How much commercial value does signing Massey bring? “First of all, let’s make it clear that Macy’s arrival is first to win on the court. Obviously, Macy is the player with the highest commercial value in the world, Modrich, Lamos, grizman or busketz can bring you some surprises, but Macy is another dimension in business, and he does not belong to the Earth. For example, in 2024, the income of Miami International will be four times that of Massey before. For Miami and the entire American League, he is unprecedented and unprecedented.” Has an agreement been signed with the MLS? “The league must participate in it, because in the United States, the players’ contracts are signed with the SLS rather than with the club. This is to avoid salary arrears, this is the same as the guarantee mode for closed leagues such as NFL or NBA. However, we hardly remind Macy of this, and there is no doubt that everyone is interested.” Alba does not occupy the franchise quota, so will Suarez join the league team in January? “Alba did not occupy the franchise, which is why we can sign a player to come in. As far as I know, Suarez is an option under consideration, but there are others.” The home DRV PNK Stadium (which can accommodate 21000 people) is too small. The club announced the opening of the new stadium in 2025. What does this mean? “The new stadium is scheduled to start in October this year, with 30000 seats and a huge leisure area and park. From another romantic point of view, it is also a luxury to watch Macy’s match in a barrier-free Stadium with only 21000 people, which gives people a kind of magic, it cannot be felt in the audience of 50000 people.” The team won the Uefa Cup and reached the US Open Cup final. Can it enter the playoffs? “I hope I can. The Uefa Cup is like a movie, just like the Champions League, with clubs from Mexico and Canada participating. It is surreal for me to win the championship at home. There is a mathematical possibility to enter the playoffs (11 points behind), but it is difficult to catch up without our franchise players. Of course, if you really enter the playoffs, I don’t think anyone wants to touch us.” Now there are rumors that the referee is protecting Miami International. What do you think? “But the fact is, they just gave Macy a yellow card a few days ago, we still don’t know why, and then we won the game in the last few minutes, and there were three penalty kick victories, this has already answered everything. I don’t know where the rumors come from. We have suffered losses in many competitions.” Do you think Macy will join the Liberator Cup with Miami international one day? “I have heard something, but I don’t know the truth yet, at least there is no official news yet.” How to deal with Massey’s daily life in this city? “If there is anyone special, it is Massey, but we gave him an absolutely normal life and then supported him as much as possible.” Will Massey kick it to 2025 like signing a contract? Or does it look at the situation every year? “Our idea is 23 years, 24 years and 25 years, or more, and we hope it will be longer. Incredible things will happen here. Macy is a greater player than the whole club or even the whole league. The new stadium was completed, the 2026 World Cup, the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, many things will happen here.” Many stores are not printing Massey’s name jerseys… “It was like a tsunami, sweeping the US league. I worked for Barcelona for 11 years. Everything was planned one and a half years in advance, but there is an unpredictable ‘Macy effect’ here ‘. A large number of products will arrive in October. By 2024, we will make a global market forecast.” Massey will also participate in the America’s Cup next year. Can the second UEFA Cup be held as scheduled? “This is a good question. There is no answer yet. We have told the alliance that it is very important to adapt to the international schedule. Let’s wait and see.” (zoli)

Romano: Gida joint total price 25 million euros quotation Betis Zhongwei Felipe

Live broadcast bar, August 29th according to the well-known journalist Romano, Gida combined with 22 million OGA 3 million euro floating official quotation Betis Zhongwei Louis Felipe. Romano pointed out that Gida joined forces with Louis Felippe and held negotiations with relevant parties on Monday this week. The Saudi club has submitted an official quotation of 22 million euro plus 3 million euro floating, I hope to reach an agreement with Betis and the players today, and Betis is already looking for potential substitutes for Felippe. Louis Felipe, 26 years old, joined Betis last summer without signing from Lazio. He played 30 games last season and played 2395 minutes. (Wood) ******************** Sand super? Sand money! All the stars of the big ball, Jusha Telian!