Romano: Genoa is trying to persuade endonbele to join on loan, and the decision is in the hands of the players.

Live broadcast, August 30 news Mingji Romano reported that Genoa was promoting the loan signing of endonbele. Romano said: “Genoa is trying hard to persuade East belay and push to sign the Tottenham midfield on loan. The two clubs have already had in-depth negotiations.” “Tottenham wanted to solve the problem of endonbelay by Friday, but now it depends on the players. Genoa has tried his best.” (Goblin killer)

Six reporters: Barcelona leased Cancelo within a few hours, the official announced the agreement between Felix and basada

Live broadcast on August 29 according to Spanish journalist Jose Alvarez Haya, Barcelona’s loan of Cancelo will be announced within a few hours. According to previous media reports, Barcelona finalized the deal to introduce the Manchester City border guard Cancelo. The transfer plan is to rent first and then buy. Jose Alvarez Haya further pointed out that the contract will be announced in the next few hours. In addition, Jose Alvarez Haya revealed that Atletico Madrid attacker Felix had reached a comprehensive agreement with Barcelona on personal terms. (Wood)

C Luo basked in photos to celebrate the victory: fantastic team performance, very happy to celebrate the victory with the fans

Live broadcast bar, August 30 news in Sha Telian this morning, C Luo fired 2 shots and 1 pass to help the young people in Riyadh win 4-0. After the game, C Luo social media showed photos to celebrate the victory. C Luo wrote: The atmosphere in our stadium is really great! I am very happy to celebrate this victory with our fans! Fantastic team performance! Come on, victory in Riyadh⚽⊙⚽⊙ (South Sichuan source)

Dimazio: after Luke Shaw was seriously injured, Manchester United asked spina Zola of Rome

Live broadcast on August 29, xundd, Ma Ziao’s news, Manchester United in Luke Shaw seriously injured and Malaysia has not returned, the lack of left-back, RED MAGIC asked the situation of Roman defender spina Zola. In recent weeks, Spinazola has also received offers from young people in Riyadh. Since joining Rome in 2019, he has been an important player in the RedWolf lineup. Spina Zola is 30 years old, and his contract with Rome will expire in 2024. Currently, Germany has turned around for 10 million euros. (mageth)

The staff is coming! Romano: lucucu has just arrived in Rome and will sign a contract with the club tomorrow.

Live Bar, August 29 according to Romano, lucucu has just arrived in Rome and will sign a contract with Rome on Wednesday local time. According to previous reports, Rome will lease lucucu for one year, with a rental fee of more than 5 million euros, and the contract does not contain mandatory buyout clauses. Rome will bear the salary of about 7.5 million euros in lucaku. Lucaku, 30 years old, is a Belgian striker. In 2021, lucaku joined Chelsea from Inter Milan with a 0.113 billion-euro transfer fee. Last season, the player rented back to play for Inter Milan (the loan fee is 7.8 million euros), play 37 games and contribute 14 balls and 7 help. At present, player DE has turned around for 40 million euros, and the contract with Chelsea will expire in 2026. He will work with Jose for the third time. (Angie)

Local media: Olympia Kos is interested in sobaken, Rome asking for 6 million euros

Live broadcast on August 30 according to Greek media reports Sport24, Olympiakos intends to sign sorbacon. According to the report, Olympiakos intended to sign sobaken from Rome. They had already shown interest, while Rome only wanted to sell sobaken directly and had no intention of renting him out. Therefore, negotiation is not easy. At present, sobakken has been open to transfer to Olympia Coase, but Rome charges 6 million euros, which also Plus-sized the difficulty of negotiation. (Iron Steel Fist)

The first team has no place! Post: Manchester United defender Menji close to permanent transfer to Luton

Live broadcast on August 30 news according to the post, Manchester United defender Menji is about to join Luton. The 21-year-old player had been loaned to Derbyshire and Birmingham before, and now basically plays with Manchester United u23. Menji will join Luton through permanent transfer, and the transfer fee has not been disclosed. Luton also negotiated with Arsenal on Holdin, and Holdin also received offers from Mallorca and Seville. In addition, Manchester United is continuing to discuss with Chelsea the rental fee of cuicu leilia, after Chelsea originally requested 7 million pounds. (Baili)

Pedura: Milan’s offer for Taremi is still 18 million euros, and the players will apply for a transfer again.

Live broadcast on August 30 according to the news of Italian journalist pedura, Milan still hopes to sign Taremi at a price close to 18 million euros, and the players will apply for a transfer to Porto again. According to previous media reports, Porto hopes Milan will raise its offer to Taremi to 20 million euros. Pedura pointed out that Milan’s offer was still close to 18 million euros, including 15 million euros of fixed transfer fee. Taremi will meet with Porto this morning local time and apply to leave again. Players may give up some benefits for this. Taremi has decided to join Milan, and the transfer now depends on the decision of Porto. (Wood)

Hafts made the most foul team & created fewer opportunities than SACA, but the goal assist was zero.

Live Bar, August 29 -Squawka counted the data of Arsenal’s new aid haffitz in the Premier League so far this season. He made fouls and won the fight in the air all took the lead in Arsenal, but there were no goals and assists. Hafts’s Premier League performance this season: Harvard is the player who makes the most fouls and wins the most air fights at Arsenal. Within the Arsenal team, haffitz created opportunities and won only less times than the card Haffitz has been successful in the Premier League this season, shooting, scoring, and assisting are all linked to zero. (Wood)