Here we go! Romano: parval will join Inter Milan, with a total transfer fee of 32 million euros!

Live Bar, August 29 News Romano and dimasio reported at the same time that Bayern Munich defender Pawal would join Inter Milan, with a transfer fee of 30 million euros +2 million euros floating. Romano pointed out: Paval transferred to Inter Milan, Here we go! Bayern has agreed to the transfer, with a total price of 32 million euros (30 million euros +2 million euros floating), and the contract has been agreed today. Paval will go to Milan city for medical examination later today, and players will sign the contract on Wednesday. The player himself wants to join Inter Milan, and now the transaction is completed! Paval is 27 years old and a French defender. Currently, DE has turned around for 40 million euros. In the summer of 2019, he transferred from Stuttgart to Bayern Munich at a price of 35 million euros. On behalf of Bayern, he played 163 times, scored 12 goals and sent 12 assists. Paval’s Bundesliga data last season:

No more capital injection team! General manager of Wuhan Sanzhen: The Enterprise cannot support the team and is promoting the share reform.

Live broadcast on August 30, Wuhan Sanzhen announced that investors would no longer inject capital from September 1. Football News exclusively interviewed Fang Silong, the general manager of Wuhan Sanzhen club, and Mr. Fang also answered many issues of concern to the outside world one by one. ◆ football: Why did investors decide not to inject capital into the three town clubs? Fang Silong: in fact, as a local real estate enterprise, the investor of our club is unknown in terms of influence, economic scale and profitability among the investors of the 16 Super League football clubs, to be honest, such a large enterprise is not enough to support a Super League football club all the time. Especially in recent years, the real estate industry is not as prosperous as it was in previous years. As practitioners, our investors are also unable to be isolated, and the operation is becoming more and more difficult and the pressure is increasing, this forces investors to do single-choice questions between the main business and the club, choose not to inject capital into three towns, reduce expenses, and focus on the main business. In fact, it is an inevitable move for enterprises under the hardship. ◆ as a club manager, how do you feel after knowing that investors do not continue to invest? I am really grateful to the investors for their firm investment and support to the club and their trust in our working ability over the years. If there is no investor’s love for the football career and his love for Wuhan football, the club will not develop so fast, nor will it have such achievements today. Moreover, the club has been investing sole shareholder continuously for many years. Most sponsors are only partners and the amount of sponsorship is limited. Therefore, the club also understands very well under what circumstances investors make such a difficult decision. If an enterprise wants to develop, it must survive. Under such a background, continue to invest in football, obviously, it is unrealistic to make investors unable to do so. ◆ have you disclosed this to the team members and staff in advance? What are their thoughts and attitudes? The club has held an emergency meeting to inform the players about the current situation of the club, requiring all the club personnel to stick to their posts, fight difficulties with the club and actively save themselves. In fact, it was very early for investors to put an end to capital injection. The team and staff were prepared for this. We also held some meetings and made some requests, I believe everyone can correctly face this situation. So far, everyone is actively facing the difficulties of reality. I believe that with the support of provincial and municipal governments, the club will get better and better, and I believe that Wuhan football will have a good future. ◆ Speaking of self-help, how does the club plan to complete self-help? Sanzhen is a small club. It is very difficult to be self-sufficient without the investment of investors. The club is also actively seeking share reform. We know very well that the club should develop in a lasting and stable manner. Share reform is the primary task at present. As we mentioned in the briefing, we urgently reported the difficulties faced by the club to the provincial and municipal governments and relevant departments. As far as we know, after knowing our situation, the provincial and municipal governments are taking active actions to help us solve the difficulties. One is to solve the recent demand for the club to participate in the league and play the Asian Championship; second, the provincial and municipal governments have vigorously promoted the share reform plus-sized. At the same time, the club is also trying to reduce unnecessary expenses to cope with difficult times. It must be admitted that the club does not have hematopoietic function at present, but with the economic volume of Wuhan, there are so many good state-owned enterprises and so many football fans, I believe that with the support of provincial and municipal governments, the club will be able to overcome the difficulties, successfully finish the league and Asian Championship, and complete the share reform within the year. Here, also take this interview, please rest assured from all walks of life and fans. We think that football club is a product with public Attributes. Football is a social undertaking, a strong sports province, and a necessary industry for key cities. We have always firmly believed that Wuhan is a heroic city without difficulties that we cannot overcome. We also hope that relevant enterprises that love football and have the will to join and participate in the club. ◆ since it comes to share reform, when did the share reform work in Sanzhen begin? How is the progress so far? The stock reform is imperative for the club. Since winning the championship last year, both the club and investors know that the current ability cannot keep the club going for a long time and has been actively promoting this year. Investors showed the greatest sincerity so that new investors could enter. First of all, the club does not owe the salary, and investors transfer 100% equity at zero consideration. Secondly, the club survived for one day, and the base built at a cost of 0.15 billion yuan was used for one day for free. As of August 31, 2023, all the creditor’s rights and debts of the club were borne by the investors, ensuring that the club had zero liabilities on the day when the funds were stopped. Of course, investors will, as always, pay attention to supporting Wuhan football and cultivate Wuhan Youth training without changing their original intentions. This is already the greatest sincerity that investors have made. As far as we know, the provincial and municipal secondary governments have agreed to carry out the share reform and are taking the lead in actively communicating with all relevant parties so as to achieve a decisive breakthrough in the share reform. ◆ from your introduction, we can see the sincerity of investors and clubs. Starting from 2013, the youth training was set up. In order to make the growing children have a better stage in the later period, investors decided to set up professional teams. During these years, investors have always adhered to the principle of not paying back, especially in the case of difficult operation of the parent company, it can still pay wages and bonuses on time, giving players the best guarantee. Of course, the contribution of investors also made the team achieve four-year championship in four years. It can be seen that investors love football and are interested in football. They are also really trying to contribute to Wuhan football with practical actions. Therefore, investors offer such good conditions to retain Wuhan football, so that new shareholders can travel light without burden. More importantly, in order to keep the team competitive, with the support of investors, the club has introduced many powerful players, and investors also hope to build a competitive team, it can make Hubei Wuhan football continue to be in the ranks of glory in the top league. ◆ Ask a question of concern from the outside world. Since the financial pressure is difficult, why do you need a large number of signings this season? First of all, the recruitment work is completely club behavior. At the beginning of our establishment, our club was a complete long-term planning and team building strategy, creating a core competitiveness for Hubei province and Wuhan city, it is our original intention to become a professional football club with City and regional business cards. The first step of this plan is to attract excellent players from home and abroad to gather together and quickly form a combat team, which can bring achievements to cities and regions as soon as possible; part of the second step is actually the recruitment work this year to further improve the staff Reserve, which also includes before opening the window next year, we will continue to introduce 4 to 5 best young players after 00 to continuously optimize the team structure. The third step of planning is to improve the training quality and management level at the same time, send our youth training players to professional platforms at all levels for exercise, and strive to make these young players grow up within 3-5 years, and finally build a core competitiveness within 5 years, professional teams focusing on their own youth training. Of course, it should be pointed out that such a plan is based on the club’s rational investment and scientific design, and does not change with the change of investors. In the process of implementing the plan, the club always insists on this point. First of all, in order to maintain our competitiveness, our annual investment is about 0.3 billion, and a large number of our players are introduced free of charge, daily operations are also refined management. ◆ from the middle championship to the Super League to the Asian Championship, in four years, three towns set many records and won many honors. At the same time, they also accumulated many fans. What do you want to say about them? First of all, on behalf of Wuhan Sanzhen football club, I would like to express my gratitude to the fans who have been supporting us all these years. You are the witnesses and witnesses of the four-year crown glory, and also the inexhaustible power source of the team. In your cheers and shouts, we fought side by side to defeat every strong enemy, this honor also belongs to the fans of Wuhan Sanzhen. Next, the club will face the most serious crisis since its establishment, and we will do our best to keep the top league fire. At a critical moment, I hope every fan can support the team as always and work together with us to tide over the difficulties.

Media concern: Liu Jun, an official of the Chinese Super League, was arrested. He once served as CEO of Inter Milan.

Live broadcast on August 30, Chinese football is carrying out anti-corruption actions, while Liu Jun, chairman of the Chinese Super League company, was taken away for review and investigation on suspicion of serious violation of discipline and law. The incident received the attention of Italian media and was labeled as a “scandal. Slow motion reported that Chinese anti-corruption officials accused Liu Jun of corruption, and Liu Jun was the chairman of Suning in Jiangsu province and the CEO of Inter Milan. In 2016, Liu Jun replaced Bolingbrook as CEO of Inter Milan and was well known to Italian media. Many years later, Liu Jun was reported again, not because of football, but because of suspected corruption, which made Italian media feel a little sad. (Iron Steel Fist)

Paval arrives at Inter headquarters and is about to sign a contract until 2028.

Live broadcast bar, August 30 news according to the capture of Italian media, Paval has arrived at the Inter-Milan headquarters and is about to sign a contract. Paval finished the medical examination of joining Inter Milan in the morning. After lunch, Paval had already arrived at the headquarters of Inter Milan by car. Now, Paval will sign a contract with Inter Milan until 2028, with an annual salary of 4.5 million euros + bonus. (Rock sugar stew pear)

Reporter: Vera will bear about 75% of Langley’s salary, and there is no buyout clause in the lease agreement.

Live broadcast bar, August 30 according to the Reporter Toni Juanmart, Vera will bear about 75% of Langley’s salary. According to several media reports, Barcelona Zhongwei Langley is about to join Vera on loan. Toni Juanmart further pointed out that the lease agreement does not contain a buyout clause, and Vera will bear the salary of about 75% during the lease period. (Wood)

Romano: Milan will quote taremy again. The players are eager to join

Live broadcast on August 30 news this summer window, AC Milan has always been deliberately known as “Iran Benzema” Taremi, but the transaction has stagnated due to differences in transfer fees before. Recently, it has been reported that Milan is willing to add an additional quotation. According to Romano’s follow-up, Milan is ready to contact Porto again to send a new quotation for Taremi. The next few hours will be a critical moment for this transfer. As Taremi is eager to join Milan, on Monday local time, Milan decided to try to introduce Taremi again and will continue to make efforts. The 31-year-old Iranian striker tarremead turned around with a valuation of 18 million euros, and his contract with Porto was only one year left. In the 22/23 season, taremy played 51 times in various competitions, scoring 31 goals and 14 assists, of which Portugal exceeded 33 games with 22 goals and 8 assists. (Angie)

Reporter: lucucu has passed the physical examination and is in good health without obvious overweight problems.

Live broadcast on August 30 according to Italian reporter Ilario, lucucu has passed the physical examination and is in very good health, so he can prepare for the match with Milan. Ilario said lucucu had passed the physical examination, and those who thought he might have overweight problems would be disappointed because of his very good physical condition. He has been able to train with the team and prepare for the next match with Milan. Gazzetta dello Sport published earlier that lucucu now weighs 101 kilograms and has to lose weight to recover. (Baili)

There were four changes in the national football list compared with the previous period: Li Ke and Wu Xi returned, and Wei Shihao was defeated.

Live broadcast, August 30 news the national football team has just released a new big list, which has several changes compared with the list released in June of the previous issue. Compared with the previous list, the new players are: Li Shuai (Defender, Shanghai Harbor), Li Ke (midfield, Beijing Guoan), Barton (midfield, Tianjin Jinmen Tiger), wu Xi (midfield, Shanghai Shenhua) However, the players in the previous list did not appear in the current list: Wei Shihao (forward, Wuhan three towns), Liu Yang (Defender, Shandong Taishan), tomorrow (Defender, Tianjin Jinmen Tiger), zhang Jiaqi (midfield, Zhejiang) Among them, the naturalized player Li Ke was called up again after more than 2 years. His last battle for the national football was FIFA World Cup qualification against Maldives on June 11, 2021. National football list Wuhan Sanzhen Football Club: Liu dianzhang, Deng Hanwen, Xie Pengfei, Gao Zhun wing Shandong Taishan Football Club: Wang Dalei, Sun Guowen, Chen Pu Shanghai Harbor Football Club: Wu Lei, Yan Junling, Zhang Linying, Xu Xin, Jiang Guangtai, Wang Shenchao, Li Shuai, Wei Zhen Chengdu Rongcheng Football Club: Exxon Henan Football Club: Wang Shangyuan Beijing Guoan Football Club: Li Ke, Li Lei, Prince Ming Tianjin Jinmen Tiger Football Club: Wang Qiuming, Barton Shanghai Shenhua Football Club: Wu Xi Dalian professional football club: Lin Liangming June 6 this year National Football list Shanghai Harbor Football Club: Wu Lei, Yan Junling, Zhang Linying, Jiang Guangtai, Wang Shenchao, Xu Xin, Wei Zhen Wuhan Sanzhen Football Club: Liu dianzhang, Wei Shihao, Deng Hanwen, Xie Pengfei, Gao Zhun wing Shandong Taishan Football Club: Wang Dalei, Sun Guowen, Liu Yang, Chen Pu Beijing Guoan Football Club: Prince Ming, Li Lei Tianjin Jinmen Tiger Football Club: Wang Qiuming, tomorrow Zhejiang professional football club: Zhang Jiaqi Chengdu Rongcheng Football Club: Exxon Henan Football Club: Wang Shangyuan Dalian professional football club: Lin Liangming

Unmoved! Western media: Abde rejects Saudi team’s 13 million euro after-tax annual salary quotation

Live broadcast on August 29 according to Spanish media Jijantes FC, Abde refused the high-paying invitation from Saudi Arabia. The media said that Barcelona received the Saudi team’s offer to Abud, with the quoted amount ranging from 15 million to 20 million euros. It is reported that Saudi Arabia gave Abde an after-tax annual salary of 13 million euros, but he has rejected the offer. (Baili)