Fulham asked 60 million euros! Falk: Bayern really wants to introduce palinia

Live broadcast bar on August 30, news of German fame Falk confirmed that Bayern did intend Fulham midfield palnia. Falk wrote on Twitter: true news. Bayern wanted to bring in Fulham midfield palnia, and tuhull still wanted a new number 6 player. The contract between palionia and Fulham expires in the summer of 2027. According to previous reports, Fulham asked him for 60 million euros. (Baili)

Kane: Bavarian traditional leather pants wearing a little tight Bayern’s team is strong enough to win the Champions League

Live broadcast on August 29 News Bayern striker Kane today wore Bavarian traditional costumes for shooting activities. During the interview, he talked about his adaptation and the team’s goal in the Champions League. Regarding his feelings after coming to Munich, Kane said: “So far, I really like everything in Munich. The people are great, the fans are amazing, and so far everything has been great.” Kane shot in Bavarian traditional leather pants with his teammates Muller and Davis Today. He was guided by Muller when eating white sausage. Kane joked, “These pants are a little tight.” In the first two Bundesliga matches of the season, Kane scored 3 goals and contributed one assist, he said he was getting better into the role of the new club “after a few crazy weeks. In addition to the Bundesliga, Kane also has a big goal for the Champions League: “It will be difficult to win the Champions League. There are some great teams in Europe now. What we have to do is to continue as we have so far.” “We have a great team, a team that is good enough to win the Champions League. But there is still a long way to go before our eyes.” (Ximu)

HWG! Romano: Juve signed Eindhoven’s 19-year-old border guard komenesia, transfer fee 3 million euros

Live broadcast bar, August 30 -exclusive news from Romano, Juve is about to sign inhoven’s 19-year-old side guard Livano Comenencia Romano reported the signing with here we go, and the two clubs reached an agreement on the transfer fee close to 3 million euros. Coménesia has made an appointment for a medical examination and will join Juventus soon. Coménesia was born in Eindhoven youth training camp and currently plays for Eindhoven U21. He can serve as right-back, back-waist and center-back on the court. (aliang)

Kane: I want to be the leader of Bayern. When I come to the club, I shake hands with every staff member.

Live broadcast bar News on August 30 Kane accepted a media interview a few days ago and talked about some experiences of his first visit to Bayern. Become a leader “You can become a leader in different ways. Some people shout loudly on the court, while others use football to lead the team. I want to use my training and mode of play to lead the team. I know my teammates better every day. I want to lead the team, whether as the captain of the England national team or as a player of Bayern club.” “We have good leaders here, whether on the court or in the dressing room, we often communicate with each other. To be a leader, I don’t need to make too many changes.” “This is my nature. I am such a person. When I am on the court, I want to pay attention to everything, such as the opponent’s locating ball and so on. Last season, the team encountered problems in defending locating ball. I can help in this aspect and share my views.” About the possibility of joining the team committee “I don’t know the plan of the club and the coach in this aspect yet. If someone invites me, I will be happy to join. But whether I join the team committee or not-if I have an opinion on a topic, I will say it.” After arriving at Bayern, he shook hands with every member of the club. “Of course I will shake hands with the people I met here. This is my personality. We are all members of the same team and should all be respected, this is my personality that will never change in my life.” (Goblin killer)

It is said that the total transfer fee is 18 million euros! Official: Gong DOQI officially joined Lazio

Live Bar, August 30 news Lazio official Twitter updates social media trends, official xuangong DOQI joined. Lazio officials posted photos of gondozi’s arrival and welcomed him. According to previous reports, Lazio and Marseille reached an agreement of rent-to-buy. The agreement includes a lease fee of 1 million euros + a mandatory buyout clause of 12 million euros + a floating bonus clause of 5 million euros, and a 10% split clause. (Baili)

Cui Kangxi: we will go all out to fight. The players are mentally and tactically prepared.

On August 30, Shandong Taishan team conducted field training at Beijing Workers Stadium. The pre-match press conference was held before the training. For tomorrow’s game, Cui Kangxi said that the Cup is different from the league. We will go all out to fight in the game and prepare for the skills and tactics. The players are mentally and tactically prepared and are looking forward to this game. As for the team’s preparation, Clay Sang said that after the last match, the team actively prepared for the match while adjusting the rest. We were all ready, I hope to bring you a wonderful competition.

Sky: Manchester United’s initial contact with Huo yibier does not rule out that summer window no longer has important signings.

Live broadcast on August 29 according to Sky Sports, Manchester United has made initial contact with Tottenham Hotspur on hoiberl’s transfer. Tenhach’s team has been given the opportunity to talk with the players. Hoibell’s contract with Tottenham has two years left. If he receives a suitable quotation, Tottenham will allow him to leave the team. The Danish international was close to joining Atletico Madrid earlier this summer window. Huo yibier is 28 years old and serves as a midfield. De turned around for 45 million euros. Joined Tottenham Hotspur from Southampton at 16.6 million euros in the summer of 2020. In total, Tottenham played 147 games, contributing 10 goals and 16 assists. He has played twice on behalf of Tottenham Hotspur this season, both of which are substitutes. Teng Hach and Huo yibier once worked in Bayern. At that time, Huo yibier played for Bayern II, and the head coach of Bayern II was Teng Hach at that time. Before hoibell joined Tottenham Hotspur, Teng Hach also tried to bring him to Ajax. Manchester United also has other midfield candidates, including Amarbat in Florence and herafenbach in Bayern Munich. Teng Hach had a master-apprentice relationship with these two players. He had taught amlarabat in utler and herafenbach in Ajax. Sky Sports also said that the team may not have any more important signings in the summer transfer window. (Niko)