RMC: the region where Lyon is located issued a ban on unauthorized Paris fans going away

Live Bar, August 29-Paris Saint Germain will go away against Lyon in the fourth round of the French league. According to the French media RMC, Auverne-Long-Alps, where Lyon club is located, has issued a decree prohibiting Paris Saint-Germain fans without permission from going away. The media said that Paris fans would be banned from “driving and parking on public roads in downtown Lyon”, which was “to prevent possible incidents and disrupt public order”. In addition, anyone who claims to be a Paris Saint Germain fan will be banned from entering the league stadium and its surrounding areas, except those who hold the “visitor area” pass. The government said in its press release that it would prohibit the transportation and use of various firecrackers or pyrotechnic devices near and inside the league stadium. (Causimo)

Sky: Nottingham Forest is trying to finalize the Odoi deal. Personal terms will not be a problem.

Live Bar, August 29 according to Sky Sports, Nottingham Forest is striving to sign Chelsea winger odui. The two clubs are negotiating the transfer of odoy and have not yet reached an agreement on the payment structure and terms. The desire for a transfer by Odoi is encouraging Nottingham Forest, and personal terms are not expected to be a problem. However, some other clubs have also expressed interest in odoy. (Baili)

SACA celebrates being the best young player of the year in PFA: it is very special to be recognized by peers.

Live Bar, August 30 today, PFA (English Professional Players Association) officially announced that 21-year-old Arsenal winger Saka was elected as PFA’s Young Player of the year, beating Harland, candidates such as Martinelli and cessedo. Saca also updated the social media news and published the acceptance speech. Saka wrote: “PFA Young Player of the yearI am very honored to win this award and join this field together with all previous winners. Being recognized by peers is a very special feeling! Thanks to PFA and congratulations to all other winners and nominees tonight.” Last season, SACA played 48 games on behalf of Arsenal, contributing 15 goals and 11 assists. Among them, SACA scored 14 goals and 11 assists in 38 games in the Premier League. (Angie)

Reporter: Many “rich” clubs are loans, and they are all finished in the end.

Live broadcast on August 29 News after investors from Wuhan Sanzhen club confirmed that they would stop investing on September 1, reporter Zhao Yu commented on the current situation of professional football in China in recent years in the social media, he said frankly that many “rich” clubs are loans, which are not worthy of the four words “professional football”, so they are all finished in the end. The following are excerpts from Zhao Yushe media: There is a characteristic of football here. When we are rich, we are crazy about it. If we don’t make any noise, we are sorry for the three words “playing football. In the case of crazy money, you can still play in the first place last year and win the championship in the Super League this year. Money is so good, it also means that our league has no technical content, and it is “too easy” to achieve good results-just throw money. When people are rich, they are expensive, and when they are rich, they are disbanded on the spot. This practice is very common, and they are not worthy of the four words “professional football. What is more sad is that many of the so-called “rich” are loans, that is, loans to play football. When playing until I can’t support it, I owe a debt. Enterprises with conscience will take the initiative to undertake these debts, but there are not many such enterprises. Generally, they are heartless, and they give up after dissolution. Anyway, I am bankrupt. The club assets are just a bus, and no one wants to get the money. Therefore, we are really “playing football” here, all of which are finished in the end. These words not only refer to a certain club, but also the common phenomenon of Chinese football over the years. In today’s complicated economic environment and football environment, it is normal for anyone not to play. (Derison)

It is reported that cancellation money 0.4 billion euros! Reporter: Fermin has renewed his contract with Barcelona until 2028.

Live broadcast, August 29, according to the reporter Carlos Monfort, ferming Lopes has just renewed its contract with Barcelona until 2028. The reporter said that Fermin Lopes had just arrived at Barcelona training base and signed a contract with the team until 2028. The club ensured that this young talent played for the team for at least another five years. According to previous reports, Fermin’s new contract contains 0.4 billion euros of cancellation money. (Baili)

There are boys in Bern and old boys in football geography.

Figure 1 Figure 2 The Swiss champion Young Boys (BSC Young Boys/Berne little boy) entered the Champions League in the new season. There is also an Old Boys club in Switzerland. Currently, in the fifth league of Switzerland, the main color of the club is yellow and black, which is very similar to the young people (Figure 1 and Figure 2). But in fact, the old boy was established four years earlier than the little boy, and the little boy imitated the old boy. In addition, the old boy is in Basel, the “B” in the team name refers to Basel, the little boy is in Berne, and the “B” in the team name is Berner.

Sadly, the chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese Super League company all fell down.

Sadly, the chairman of the board of directors of the Super League company: First, Nan Yong, former director of China Football Management Center, fell in March 2010; Second, Yang Yimin, former vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, fell in March 2010; Third, Yu Hongchen, former vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association and chairman of the Chinese track and field association, fell in March 2023; Fourth, Ma Chengquan was the director of the league division of Chinese Football Association and the head of the professional operation company. He lost his horse in April 2023; Fifth, Li Jianyi, who was the vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, fell in April 2023; Sixth, Liu Jun, in August 2023, took the post.

World style: Spanish football association will usher in great changes, and female football coach Bilda will enter the countdown after class

Live broadcast on August 29, according to the world sports news, the management of the Spanish Football Association is about to usher in a great change, and the women’s football coach, Jorge Bilda, has entered the countdown after class. The Spanish Football Association president was suspended for 90 days in rlby because of widespread controversy over his strong kiss on female team members El Moso after the women’s football World Cup final. The world said that Rice was suspended rlby, and the most affected was the female football coach Bilda. In fact, Bilda has been complaining with women’s football players for a long time, and 15 of them female team members have jointly written a letter asking the Football Association to dismiss Bilda. In the end, it was rlby Rice’s strength that enabled Bilda to remain in charge. On Monday, rlby Rice made it clear at the Football Association conference that he would not resign voluntarily, and he planned to renew his contract with Bilda for four years. Now, with Les suspended rlby, Bilda has lost his strong Backer. In fact, his class has entered the countdown. (Qizi cake)

Paul Parker: Casemiro needs someone to pass the ball. Manchester United should buy Madison instead of Mount.

Live broadcast on August 28, Manchester United’s Old General Paul Parker was interviewed by the media and expressed his views on the issue of Manchester United’s midfield. Paul Parker said: “Manchester United app bought Mount’s money to buy Madison. I have never trusted Madison too much before because of his personality and injury problems.” “But his performance so far proves that Madison is the right person Manchester United should introduce. Personally, I will not buy mount. He is not what Manchester United need. They need players like Erikson, madison is like Erikson in the Tottenham Hotspur period. At that time, he played football with appreciation. In recent years, he has been one of the best foreign players joining the Premier League.” “Casemiro needs people who can pass the ball. Manchester United do not pass the ball. They always lose the ball easily. Mount always runs around, and B Fei’s performance is very unstable. He is always a funeral stall, not a quick defense.” (Little Green Devil)