Reporter: butragno will represent Real Madrid in the Champions League draw ceremony

Live broadcast bar, August 30 news Real Madrid correspondent Alex Cab reported that Real Madrid senior braguano will represent the club to attend the Champions League group draw ceremony. The draw ceremony for this year’s Champions League group match will be held on August 31. The Reporter said that news from the club revealed to him that butragano would represent Real Madrid in the draw ceremony. (Goblin killer)

Post: Captain Lascelles was involved in street fights, and Newcastle believed that it would not be punished for self-defense.

Live broadcast on August 30 according to the exclusive report of the Daily Mail, Newcastle United defender and captain Lascelles were involved in street fights, although the police announced that they would continue to investigate the case, however, the players have already received the support of the club and will not be punished internally. The Daily Mail learned that although the top executives of Newcastle club were reviewing the details of the incident, they were glad that the defender took a self-defense action in the incident on August 20. On August 19, last Saturday, after Newcastle lost to defending champion Manchester City on the road from 0 to 1, Lascelles went out for a night with his brother and a friend; At 4 a.m. the next day, about 6-8 unknown men broke out with them. It is said that one of the men elbow down the throat of his 19-year-old brother in an “unconfirmed attack. This prompted Lascelles himself to intervene. He pushed a man from the other side to the ground. At that time, he was about to ask everyone to calm down, but he was covered with eyes. Then he got a punch on his face and hurt his ear. In response, he also waved his fist in the direction of the person who hit him. It is said that the conflict occurred after Lascelles and his party left a nightclub called Chinawhite. In the violent quarrel, the other side threatened to boom Lascelles with a gun. The friend of Lascelles was in a coma after being kicked in the head and was taken to hospital. Then the police received a report. The police confirmed that they were conducting an investigation and called on witnesses to provide more information. A spokesman for Northumberland Police said: “Shortly after 4 a.m. on Sunday, August 20, we received a report that there was a riot on Ximen Road in downtown Newcastle. The police dispatched the police quickly, but it is believed that the relevant personnel had left the scene before the police arrived. The investigation of the case is in progress. Anyone who has relevant information can leave a message on the ‘inform our’ page of the police website, or call 101 to query the NP-20230820-0227 number.” (Felix cat)

Official: FIFA decides to lift the global ban on Sri Lanka

Live broadcast on August 29, FIFA official news, FIFA Council Bureau decided to lift the global ban on Sri Lanka in January 2023. The election of the Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Football Association held on January 14, 2023 constituted improper intervention by a third party. Therefore, the Bureau of the FIFA Council decided to immediately impose a global ban on Sri Lanka. On July 25, Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Youth and Sports issued a special announcement confirming the following matters: 1. Sri Lanka Football Association officers are elected for a four-year term. 2. The post of Secretary General/CEO of Sri Lanka Football Association will be filled by appointment 3. The new Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Football Association will be elected according to the constitution passed by the General Assembly of Sri Lanka Football Association on September 22, 2022. 4. A temporary three-person committee representing the administrative department of Sri Lanka Football Association has been designated to be responsible for the daily administration and other necessary activities of Sri Lanka Football Association, and to assist in the election of the new Sri Lanka Football Association executive committee. On August 14, 2023, the special assembly of Sri Lanka Football Association passed the election plan held on September 29, 2023, so Fifa decided to lift Sri Lanka’s global ban. It is worth mentioning that Sri Lanka has previously decided to participate in the first stage of the World Cup Asian qualifier in October, and their opponent is the Yemen team. (Luca)

Cha 20: I don’t want to lose points on the weak team like last year. The new aid is strong & we will move forward step by step.

Live broadcast on August 29 news in the second round of Serie A, Inter Milan defeated Cagliari 2-0 and won two consecutive victories. After the game, Charr Khan Oulu, who was the first to play for Inter Milan, was interviewed. Charr Khan Oulu said: “We don’t want to make mistakes against weak teams like last year and don’t want to lose more points. We have already prepared for the match and the team is very happy. Now I play more backward, but I am very satisfied with this role. Today we have done a great job in all aspects, including me and the team.” “We played very tightly, and I have been trying my best. The club has done a good job and the new reinforcements are very capable. We have experience and some young players, and we know we are strong. I don’t like to say things first. We will move forward step by step.” (JayChan)

Official: Leipzig signs left-back Lenz from Frankfurt, and both sides sign a 1+1 contract

Live Bar News on August 30 local time on Wednesday morning, RB Leipzig officially announced the signing of left-back Lenz from Frankfurt, which is the 10th new aid of the club this summer. Leipzig officials said that Lenz moved from Frankfurt and he got a contract from one year to 2024, including an option to renew the contract for one year. In the new season, he will wear Leipzig’s No. 3 jersey and begin to participate in team practice today. The 28-year-old German player was born in Berlin and is mainly a left-back player, but he can also play left midfield or left center-back. In his past career, Lenz has played in menxing, Berlin united, Kiel, Frankfurt and other teams. When performing his first Bundesliga show on August 18, 2019, Lenz and his Berlin Alliance at that time faced Leipzig. After joining Frankfurt in 2021, he won the Champions League with the team at the end of the season. Lenz played 93 games in the Bundesliga with 10 assists. Lenz said to join Leipzig: “I am very happy to cooperate with one of Germany’s best clubs in Leipzig now. The most important thing now is that I want to adapt as soon as possible. I think it is best to play immediately. We have many plans for this season, and I want to make a contribution to our goal.” Albert, the sports director of Leipzig, said: “By signing Lenz, we can fill the final vacancy that still exists in the lineup and find a good alternative in the left-back position. He has made great progress in the past few years, bringing a lot of experience and great mentality.” “He can play the system of four defenders and the formation of three central defenders/five central defenders. He is a player with strong competition ability and very devoted. In addition, he has strong running and confrontation ability and is very clever in defensive actions.” “After signing Lentz, we have at least two players in all positions of the squad, so we have also completed all the squad plans in terms of recruitment.” (Ximu)

Guardian: Manchester United has told Maguire that he will not leave this summer window.

Live broadcast, August 29 News Guardian reported that Manchester United had told Maguire that he would not leave the team in this transfer window unless the club’s top management changed his mind. Teng Hach once suggested that Manchester United football director motav sell Maguire, and West Ham is the most likely destination. Two weeks ago, the two clubs reached a 30 million-pound transfer fee agreement on Maguire’s approach, but the deal finally fell through because Manchester United needed to cover the wage gap between Maguire’s departure. If Maguire leaves the team in the last few days of summer window, Manchester United needs to find a replacement, and time is not conducive to doing so. (mageth)

French media: young people in Riyadh will quote Carrasco before the transfer deadline

Live Bar, August 30-Foot Mercato reported that young people in Riyadh would quote Carrasco before the transfer deadline. According to the report, from now on to the end of the transfer window, Atletico Madrid will usher in a wave of leaving the team, and Belgium international winger Carrasco will be one of the leaving players. It is reported that Saudi young people in Riyadh are interested in Carrasco, and their offer should be delivered to Atletico Madrid on the table before the transfer window is closed. Carrasco, 29, has agreed to play in Saudi Arabia. (Goblin killer) ******************** Sand super? Sand money! All the stars of the big ball, Jusha Telian!

Good boy! Yamal wore sneakers with father’s and mother’s national flags respectively for the game.

Live Bar, August 29 -16-year-old Barcelona junior Yamal has played on behalf of Barcelona first team and played well. The players first appeared in the match against Villarreal. On the spot, Yamal put on custom sneakers to play. This pair of sneakers is printed with the national flag of their parents, namely Equatorial Guinea (mother’s motherland) and Morocco (father’s motherland), and the abbreviation of the player’s name is printed between the two national flags, and its community, the third place after the zip code of the THALO Roca Fonda community in Catalonia 304). According to previous news, Yamal himself has agreed to play for the Spanish national team. (Any Door)

Football League Cup 1/4 final-Dalian vs Jinmen Tiger starting: Zhu Ting, Lin Liangming, Barton, Wang Qiuming

Live broadcast bar, August 30-today, 18:30, 1/4 final of FA Cup, Dalian people will face Tianjin Jinmen Tiger at home. Before the game, both sides announced the starting lineup. Dalian People’s debut: 32-Kudi hot mention, 8-Zhu Ting, 13-Wang Yaopeng, 14-Huang Jiahui, 19-Wang ZhenAo, 26-Cui Ming’an, 10-tesoneev, 31-Lv Peng, 7-Lin Liangming, 11-Mamba, 17-manzuoji Dalian People’s substitutes: 30-Wu Yi, 2-Lin Longchang, 3-Zhao Jiannan, 16-Liu Le, 18-He Yupeng, 28-Fei Yu, 40-Bosang Jiqi, 15-Zhao Jianbo, 20-Wang Tengda, 23-Shang Yin, 38-LV Yiyi, 39-Yan Xiangchuang Tianjin Jinmen Tiger starter: 22-square mirror Qi, 2-anduhar, 6-Han Pengfei, 23-Qian Yumiao, 10-Rosa, 29-Barton, 30-Wang Qiuming, 32-Suyuan Jie, 36-Guo Hao, 34-Vitanov, 9-Beric Tianjin Jinmen Tiger substitute: 25-Yan Bingliang, 4-Yang Fan, 5-Yu Yang, 16-Yang Zihao, 20-Wang Jiannan, 8-Zhao Yingjie, 19-Chang Fei Ya, 24-Park Yuyu, 31-Tian Yisong, 38-Merida, 40-Shiyan, 11-Xie Weijun Dalian people are currently ranked 15th in the Super League and 8th in Tianjin Jinmen Tiger. The FA Cup started to use VAR system in this round. If the 90-minute draw will be held in 30-minute overtime, and if the draw continues, it will enter the penalty kick war. The winner will face the winner of Beijing Guo’an vs Shandong Taishan in the semi-final.

Italian media: Bayern is ready to agree to sell Paval directly to Inter and accelerate the introduction of chaloba

Live Bar, August 29 according to a report by DAZN reporter, Bayern is ready to agree to sell Paval directly to Inter and accelerate the introduction of chaloba. According to the report, Bayern Munich is ready to agree to allow Paval, and Paval himself hopes to join Inter Milan as soon as possible. It is reported that Paval may transfer directly to Inter Milan, while tuhull is still waiting for his replacement. Once the replacement is finalized, he will release Paval from the team. At present, Bayern is accelerating the introduction of chaloba from Chelsea. (Iron Steel Fist)