The world talks about Barcelona’s front line competition: Levan feilan found the feeling, and Fadi had the opportunity to Abde was sacrificed.

Live broadcast on August 29 news in the third round of La Liga, Barcelona beat Villarreal 4-3, and 16-year-old Yamal was elected the best in the game. According to this, “World Sports News” wrote an article about the fierce competition on Barcelona striker’s line, among which Levan finally opened the goal account. Ferlan’s progress gradually found a feeling, and the substitute Fadi gained a lot of opportunities, but Abud, who returned this summer, was sacrificed. First of all, the world especially praised the recent performance of ferlan-Torres. In the preseason game, Feran scored 3 goals and became the best shooter in Barcelona. Since the beginning of the new season, he has scored 2 goals in a row. In the face of Huang Qian, Ferran’s substitute is very important. In addition to scoring the goal of equalizing the score, he has made dangerous situations in his opponent’s half-time. There is no doubt that ferlan’s excellent state is a very positive news for Barcelona. As for Fadi, the Spanish striker once again got the chance to play in the second half. He replaced Yamal, the best player in the game. However, Fadi lacked a shooting target in front of the door, and he wasted at least two obvious opportunities. Anyway, Fadi made a deep impression in the preseason. When facing Cadiz in the last round, he proved that he had the ability to become an important member. The outstanding performance of the above players forced coach Harvey to sacrifice Aboud. In the first two rounds of the game, the Moroccan winger got the chance to play, but facing Huang Qian in this round, he could only sit on the bench. The world believes that the Barcelona coaching team is still full of trust in Abde. Finally, after two suspensions, Rafinha was about to return. After denbelet left Paris, the Brazilian winger became the absolute main force under Harvey. Therefore, on the Barcelona front line, Lai WanHeDa Rafinha occupy two positions, while Yamal, Feran, Fadi and Abde will compete for the last starting position. (Qizi cake)

Team newspaper: signing muani is blocked, and Paris will accelerate the negotiation process with Lyon to buy balcora

Live broadcast on August 30 news team news, in the case of trying to sign muani was blocked one after another, Paris will focus more on the transfer to Lyon striker balcora. Due to the delay in meeting Frankfurt’s asking price, Paris’s willingness to firmly sign muani was shaken. While they were waiting for the negotiation process to change or completely stop, Paris decided to go further in introducing balcora’s transfer. Paris will accelerate negotiations with Lyon in the next few hours to buy young striker balcora. (Any Door)

Photo: even if Paris adds EKI Dickies to the Moani deal, France Eagle still needs 85 million euros.

Live broadcast bar on August 29, the German media “pictorial” reported that Frankfurt sports director klosher would maintain a tough attitude on muani’s transfer fee asking price, and they still have a lot of differences with Paris. In the 1-1 draw with Mainz on the weekend, muani didn’t score for Frankfurt for the first time this season. He was replaced in the 70th minute. What everyone can see is that his transfer tug of war has affected his performance. The report of pictorial pointed out that this topic has affected the Frankfurt team for a long time, because in this state, muani is not a huge boost to the team. The 24-year-old striker now desperately wants to return to his hometown Paris, and wants to play with Mbappe and Dembele. They are the future trio of the French team’s front line. He himself is sure that he can still transfer this summer. However, the report said that it was still uncertain whether the transfer could be completed before the window was closed at 18:00 this Friday afternoon, and the bargaining and seesaw battles behind the scenes still had no results. Crosher, the sports director of Frankfurt, said bluntly about the negotiation situation: “The situation is that the gap between us is too big at present. You will see what will happen in the next few days.” Pictorial said the fact was that Paris had not sent a new written quotation by Monday night local time. Previously, Frankfurt rejected the first quotation of 65 million euros in Paris, and their second quotation with a total price of 80 million euros is already in preparation. However, German Sky Sports reported on Monday night that the second 80 million European quotation in Paris was not accepted by Frankfurt, so they did not send the official quotation in writing. Pictorial also pointed out that the two sides would continue to maintain close ties, while closher wanted to maintain a tough attitude and would not give in to the asking price of 0.1 billion euros. In addition, Frankfurt hopes to clarify the transfer result on Tuesday or Wednesday, because once muani leaves, they must also find a replacement. For Paris, they will be very willing to join the team’s forwards EKI Dickies and Pemberley in the deal. The former is especially considered to be Frankfurt’s intended muani replacement candidate. However, pictorial said that Frankfurt actually did not want to make a player exchange deal that might significantly lower muani’s transfer fee. They demanded that at least the situation must be 85 million euro transfer fee plus EKI Dickies, but whether Paris will participate in it is still doubtful. It was also mentioned in the report that in the summer of 2021, although Costich conducted a strike for the transfer to Lazio, Crosher, the sports director of Frankfurt, still had a strong attitude and did not release him, because his asking price for the transfer fee was not met. At present, it is not certain how the transfer drama of muani will end. Muani’s contract will not end until 2027. He has played 4 games and scored 3 goals so far this season. (Ximu)

Mu Shuai once commented on lucuku: in Inter Milan, he became mature, with a big head but a child living in his heart.

Live broadcast on August 30 according to recent reports from Romano and others, Belgian striker lucaku is close to joining Rome on loan. It is reported that the rental fee is 8 million pounds. This will be the third time lucaku has worked with Jose. The Times published the comments of former Jose on lucucu on its website. At that time, Jose said: “The two years of playing in Inter Milan gave lucaku enough confidence and confidence to speak out: Let me, I see, I am one of the best strikers in the world.” “He was only a child when he first played for Chelsea. He was still growing up at Manchester United, but at Inter Milan he finally became mature and won the love of teammates and fans with his performance, and get along well with the coaching staff. Although he is a big man in shape, there is a child living in his heart. He needs others’ love, support and attention.” “Inter Milan gave him everything, especially the long-standing champion. As long as his emotions are mobilized, he can improve his performance on the court, which also makes him do better than before. Because the Belgian national team is similar to Inter Milan’s tactical system, it is also beneficial for him to play in Belgium. This is deja vu, and lucuku has also improved tactics. The existence of the side guard made him not need to pull the edge, and then it was the time for him to prove that he had completed the evolution.” “There is no doubt that he will continue to keep the feeling of scoring goals and be a strong contender for golden boots. Penalty kick is also an important part of it. In modern football, the area near penalty kick points becomes a minefield, and no matter which team will always appear penalty kick after five or six consecutive matches.” (Jaden)

Media person: the middle and high levels have been seized, and the election of the new team of the Football Association and the Football Association will be held as soon as next year.

Live broadcast on August 30, according to media person Li Xuan, the election of the new leadership team of the Football Association and the Football Association may not be held until next year. Yesterday, the news came out that Liu Jun, the deputy leader of the preparatory group of China Football Association and the chairman of the Super League company, was taken away for investigation. For the impact of the anti-corruption campaign in Chinese football, Li Xuan wrote in the analysis of social media: “The Football Association, the election of the new leadership team of the Chinese Football Association, seems to have to be postponed later, and the fastest estimate will be next year. Because there are still people in the Football Association falling down one after another, the middle and high levels of the Football Association have been caught empty. Next, there will be Asian Games, Olympic qualifiers, and FIFA World Cup qualification. The league will also enter the final stage, and they will not be busy at all. The most important thing is that the people who stay now still cannot confirm whether they are innocent. Education rectification was extended from August to the middle of September, and people were arrested while rectifying. There is no node in the case and the system cannot carry out the work.” (Derison) Anti-corruption and anti-counterfeiting! Chinese football shock!

Reporter: Milan is preparing to quote Taremi for 20 million euros. All parties are confident to complete the transaction these two days.

Live Bar, August 29 according to the reporter Sacha Tavolieri, Porto striker Taremi has been getting closer and closer to joining Milan. The reporter said that Milan was preparing a new quotation for Taremi and would submit the quotation in the next few hours. Milan’s total quotation will be around 20 million euros. All parties are confident to complete the Taremi deal today and tomorrow. (Baili)

Atur: purple Lily, 97 years old, fast birth! Although I have just arrived, I can already feel the enthusiasm of the fans.

Live broadcast on August 30 news in social media, Atour, who just joined Florence this summer, talked about his current mood. Atur wrote: “Happy Birthday to Florence! Although I have just arrived, I have already felt the passion of Florence fans and their love for the club. Come on, purple lily!” Florence has just passed its 97th birthday, and Atur is also celebrating the club’s birthday. So far this season, Atur has made three appearances for Florence, totaling 252 minutes, sending out one assist. Last season, Atur made two appearances for Liverpool first team, totaling 76 minutes. (Iron Steel Fist)

Official: Saca was elected as PFA’s Young Player of the year, with 15 goals and 11 assists in 48 games last season.

Live Bar, August 30, PFA official news, Arsenal striker SACA was elected as the best young player in PFA. PFA (association of professional players of England) previously announced the nomination of the best young player of the year. The six candidates were kesedo, Avon-Ferguson, Harland, Martinelli, Jacob Ramsay and SACA. Attached to the data of 6 candidates last season: Harland (Manchester City): 53 appearances, 52 goals and 9 assists Kesedo (Brighton): 43 appearances, 1 goal and 1 Help Jacob Ramse (Vera): 38 appearances, 6 goals and 8 Help Martinelli (Arsenal): 46 appearances, contributing 15 goals and 6 Help Avon-Ferguson (Brighton): 34 appearances, contributing 16 goals and 5 Help SACA (Arsenal): 48 games, contributing 15 goals and 11 Help

As: odrio Sola is still waiting for the quotation of the Royal Society. If you cannot make a trip or try to go to Saudi Arabia

Live broadcast bar, August 30 according to the report of “as”, Real Madrid side guard oderio Sola is still waiting for the final offer of the Royal Society. If he cannot make a trip, he can only stay at Real Madrid to complete the final year contract, or try to take a chance in Saudi Arabia. This summer, oderio Sola has been waiting for the call of the Royal Society. It is his greatest wish to return to his home team. In fact, the Spanish defender has negotiated personal terms with the Royal Society, and now there are only two clubs to reach an agreement. However, as summer window came to an end, the negotiations between the two sides still had no progress, and odrio Sola began to despair a little. The newspaper Aspen believes that in fact, the Royal Society has already had a behind hand. After signing Tierney from Arsenal this summer, their signing of oderio Sola became confused. If he cannot return to the Royal Society in the end, then audrio Sola can only stay at Real Madrid to complete the final year contract or try to listen to Saudi Arabia’s quotation. (Qizi cake)

Go down the tree immediately🌳! Dimazio: Rome will announce the joining of lucucu tomorrow

Live broadcast on August 30 today, Serie A officially confirmed that lucuku joined Rome on loan from Chelsea, with the effective date today. According to Di Masio’s follow-up, Lukaku successfully passed the physical examination in Rome today local time. Rome has also submitted the contract to the Serie A official, and currently only waiting for Roman officials to announce the joining of the players. It is expected that Rome will issue an official announcement on Thursday local time. Dimazio reconfirmed that Rome would pay 7 million euros for Lukaku. (Angie)