UEFA official: Klose won the UEFA presidential award in 2023

Live Bar, August 30 -uefa official news, Klose won the UEFA presidential award in 2023. The UEFA presidential award aims to recognize the legendary fame that has made brilliant achievements in his career and has been respected by all. Uefa officials say these are all values possessed by Klose, in his career, there were two times when the referee made a judgment that was beneficial to his own side, he told the referee that there was a mistake in judgment and asked the referee to make a correct judgment. UEFA president cheffelin said: “In the glorious history of football, some players shine with an unengraved aura of excellence. Klose is one of them. His achievements not only prove his determination and skills, it also proves the professional spirit beyond the boundaries of sports itself and sets an example for several generations of athletes.” On August 31, UEFA will hold a draw ceremony for the Champions League group match in Monaco, and this award will be presented to Klose. (Luca)

Reporter: Liu Jun was taken away for investigation yesterday. The Football Association reported at the internal meeting at 2 o’clock this afternoon.

Live broadcast, August 29 News reporter Zhao Yu revealed today that Liu Jun, deputy leader of the preparatory group of China Football Association and chairman of the Super League company, was taken away for investigation. Zhao Yu then further revealed that Liu Jun was taken away yesterday, and what problems were involved are still unclear. Zhao Yu wrote: Liu Jun, deputy head of the preparatory group of China Football Association and chairman of the Super League company, was taken away for investigation yesterday. At two o’clock this afternoon, the Football Association reported the situation at the internal meeting of cadres above the middle level. It is not clear what issues are involved. Liu Jun once served as the general manager of Jiangsu Shuntian club, and Li Yiyi transferred him to the Football Association during his tenure as the vice chairman. He was responsible for the preparation of the secondary vocational Federation and later became the chairman of the Super League company. Four months ago, Li Jianyi was arrested. Anti-corruption and anti-counterfeiting! Chinese football shock!

Reporter: Wolves have accepted Manchester City’s offer to Nunes and are already looking for alternatives.

Live broadcast on August 30, according to team news reporter Loïc Tanzi, Wolves have accepted Manchester City’s offer to midfield player Nunes. The reporter wrote: Wolves have accepted Manchester City’s latest offer to Nunes. The Portuguese international will join Manchester City, and the Wolves have begun to look for alternatives. According to the news of Sky Sports earlier, in order to join Manchester City, Nunes was absent from the Wolf Team training again. (Baili)

World style: Manchester United regards cuicu Leilia as the first choice for left-back reinforcement, and is also investigating Alonso and others.

Live broadcast on August 29th according to the world sports news, Manchester United took cuicu Leila as the first choice to strengthen the left-back. Luke Shaw was injured in his muscles and would be absent for several weeks, this has created a demand for left-back positions for Manchester United, and RED MAGIC is trying to find a temporary replacement. In addition to cuicu leilia, Manchester United is also inspecting other players, such as Marcos Alonso of Barcelona, regillon of Tottenham Hotspur and tarliafico of Lyon, however, the most promising landing at Old Trafford stadium is cuicu Leilia. Manchester United hopes to complete the deal on loan, and the Premier League experience of cuicu reilia and Marcos-Alonso seems to give them more advantages. After Pochetino coached the Blues, cuicu Leilia became a substitute. He failed to gain an advantage in the competition with chilville. However, Manchester United is not the only team interested in cuicu leilia, and other clubs such as West Ham, Dortmund and Burnley are also interested in this player. (Ma Dongyu)

Official: Arsenal women’s football team signed Barcelona central defender cordena, the player just won the championship with the Spanish women’s football World Cup

Live broadcast on August 30 news Arsenal women’s football team announced through the official website of the club that the Spanish international Leia Cortina, who has just won the women’s football World Cup, has officially signed a central defender from Barcelona. Leia Cortina joined the Barcelona youth training at the age of 14 and entered the Barcelona women’s football team after graduation. The 23-year-old central defender will wear the No. 27 Arsenal women’s football shirt after joining. She left Catalonia after playing 32 times for the Barcelona women’s football team and scoring 2 goals. During her playing for Barcelona women’s football, she won three Spanish champions, two women’s Champions League champions, one Spanish women’s football Cup champion and one Spanish Women’s Football Super Cup champion. In the 2021-22 season, she joined the AC Milan women’s football team on loan and played 14 times in Serie A and Champions League. At the national team level, Cortina made seven appearances for the Spanish women’s football adult national team and was one of the members who won the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand this summer. She played four times in the women’s football World Cup, that is, she started in all four elimination matches of the Spanish women’s football team and scored one goal in the top 16 games that defeated Switzerland 5-1. Cortina said, “I am really excited! I can’t wait to join the team and become a ‘Gunner. I know the history of this club like the palm of my hand, so when I found Arsenal interested in me, I agreed without hesitation. We want to be competitive in all four competitions to participate in this season, and I look forward to leaving some memories with our supporters here.” Arsenal women’s football coach Hornas-endwal said: “Leia (Cortina) is a world-class defender, and I am very happy to work with her at Arsenal. She has excellent technical ability and physical quality, which we believe will enable her to quickly adapt to our football style here. She has rich experience in participating in the highest level competitions and winning the trophy, so I believe she will be a useful supplement for our team to continue to move forward. “. Claire-WHITLEY, women’s football director of Arsenal club, said: “We are pleased to confirm that Leia has been officially signed through permanent transfer. We believe Leia is a top player and has great potential to continue to develop and make continuous progress with us after coming to Arsenal. Her experience in the biggest stage-as we saw in this summer’s women’s football World Cup-will provide us with valuable experience in achieving our goals this season.” At present, this transaction still needs to complete all supervisory process. (Felix cat)

Di Masio: Milan raised the offer and quoted taremy with 15 million euros.

Live broadcast on August 30, according to dimasio, Milan has quoted Taremi for 15 million euros. After offering 12 million euros + bonus for taremy, Milan has raised the offer, removing the 3 million euros bonus and switching to 15 million euros for taremy, which is currently being evaluated by Porto. According to the current situation, Porto may accept this price, but it will require a shorter payment method. Considering taremy’s non-European status, Milan need to hurry up before closing the window, so tomorrow may be a decisive day. In addition, Tammy’s transfer fee is 15% owned by him, and he needs to know whether he is willing to give up the money for the transfer. Once Taremi joins, Corombo will be rented to Monza by Milan. (Rock sugar stew pear)

Salah shines in London and visits museums to see Ancient Egyptian relics.

Live Bar, August 30 news Salah today posted photos of his visit to the museum in London on Instagram and took photos with Ancient Egyptian relics. Salah wrote: “Come to London as a tourist on the rest day.” Many fans in the comment area are calling for Salah to stay in Liverpool, and some people ask Britain to return cultural relics. (Goblin killer)

Photo Newspaper: Paris quotation is too low & Frankfurt does not want to be blackmailed, muani may be able to train on Wednesday

Live broadcast on August 30 news in an interview released on Tuesday night local time, muani made it clear that he wanted to leave and join Paris. In a subsequent report, pictorial pointed out that Frankfurt did not want to be blackmailed, while players might stop training on Wednesday. In the interview of German Sky Sports, muani said bluntly that he hoped Frankfurt could accept the offer from Paris and let him transfer smoothly. According to German Sky’s report on Tuesday night, the Paris offer of 80 million euros + EKI Dickies was rejected. Pictorial said that the conflict about muani’s transfer was escalating, and his interview on Tuesday night exploded like a bomb in Frankfurt. Because: this is an unauthorized interview, and Frankfurt is very surprised. According to the news in pictorial, muani’s interview is just the opposite. According to the news from Frankfurt club, they now minimize the possibility of this transfer. The main reason behind this is that the quotation of the so-called 65 million ogaeki Dickies in the rumor in Paris-according to the News of the photo newspaper-is actually much lower, part of the transfer fee of EKI Dickies will offset muani’s transfer fee. Therefore, it is logical that Frankfurt sports director closher does not want to participate in this deal, and he will continue to insist on asking for the striker’s 0.1 billion-euro transfer fee. The report also said that there is no prospect of getting a solution before closing the window at 6 pm on Friday, because Paris only offers a price of more than half of the price. Pictorial said that this is why muani and his brokerage team are now trying to blackmail Frankfurt. One thing that has attracted much attention now is whether the striker will return to the team at 11 a.m. local time on Wednesday to participate in the last training before the European Cup play-off. According to the news in pictorial, Frankfurt coach topmuler still plans to start Moani in Thursday’s match. But if the player starts training for the first time on Wednesday, then no one will be surprised. Related news:Paris offers 80 million euros! Muani: I have informed the top management that I hope the team will let me go to Paris. (Ximu)

Violent temperFulham coach ate 3 yellow cards in 3 games, and the next game against Tottenham will be banned.

Live broadcast bar, August 29, according to Sky Sports’s confirmation, Fulham coach Marco Silva will be banned for one match due to the accumulated 3 yellow cards. Sky Sports said that in the 2-2 absolute draw of Arsenal, Bashi turned yellow and turned red and left. Marco Silva protested to the referee. After the third yellow card this season, the next game will be banned. Because the suspension of the Football Association involves all domestic events, therefore, in the early morning of August 30, Beijing time, in the English Cup match between Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur at home, Silva will not be able to direct on the spot. In the interview, Silva responded: “I am the first (banned coach) of the season. I won’t comment on this, but of course, I know how I feel, and I don’t feel very good.” (Angie)