Post: left-back recruitment, Manchester United may introduce Luke Thomas of Leicester City

Live broadcast, August 29 News Daily Mail News, Manchester United may introduce Leicester City left-back Luke Thomas. The report said that Leeds United had asked Leicester City to rent Luke Thomas, but Blue Fox was unwilling to deal with direct competitors. Leeds United coach Falk hopes to bring in four to five new reinforcements by Friday. Luke Thomas and Spenser of Tottenham Hotspur are the coach’s favorite candidates. In addition, Luke Thomas and Spencer have received the attention of the Premier League teams, and they are also waiting to see the quotations of other teams. The Post said that Luke Thomas might even be the target of consideration when Luke Shaw was absent due to injury and Manchester United were looking for a replacement for left-back. Leicester City coach malesca did not like to set up side guards in the traditional way in the competition. He had already allowed castaney to leave to join Fulham, while Luke Thomas was weighing his choice now. The 22-year-old Luke Thomas was born in Leicester city youth training. He has not played on behalf of the team this season. He has entered the last year of the contract. Germany turned around and valued 12 million euros. (Thomas)

Maca: Lamos hasn’t made a decision yet. Galatasaray is the first choice to play in the Champions League.

Live broadcast on August 30 according to the report of Marca, Lamos has not made a decision on the future. After Galatasaray broke into the Champions League, this Turkish giant became the first choice of the Spanish central defender. This summer, the options in front of Lamos are a team at the Champions League level, or an invitation from Saudi Arabia and the United States. In Lamos’s mind, he has always wanted to stay in the senior European league, and this team can remain competitive, ensuring that it can get a good salary, and has ambition and good management ability. Then, the Earth super champion Galatasaray is the most suitable. At present, there are many powerful generals in the Galatasaray array, such as Angelino, Torella, ziyeh, ikardi, Mertens and Zaha. However, according to Marca news, Lamos did not make a decision and he was still waiting. The European transfer window will end before September 1, while Turkey ends on September 15 and Saudi Arabia ends on September 20 at the latest. (Qizi cake)

Sky Sports: Nounes is absent from Wolf Team training again and is not expected to come back for training before closing the window

Live Bar, August 30 according to Sky Sports, Wolves midfield Nunes continued to miss the team’s training. Nunes still did not participate in the Wolf Team training today. Before the transfer window is closed, he is not expected to return to the team for training unless an agreement is reached to let him leave the team. Manchester City made an offer of 47 million pounds for Nunes earlier, but was rejected. But Wolves asked for nearly 60 million pounds, and Manchester City did not open a new offer. According to the latest report of the post, Manchester City is unwilling to pay more than 55 million pounds of transfer fee for Nunes and may give up introducing him. (Baili)

Guangzhou shadow leopard official: 16-year-old midfield Huang Shenghao officially joined the team

Live Bar, August 30 according to the official news of Guangzhou shadow Leopard Club, 16-year-old midfield Huang Shenghao officially joined the team. The official announcement is as follows: After friendly negotiation and agreement with the players, Huang Shenghao officially joined Guangzhou shadow Leopard Football Club. He will wear the No. 18 battle robe to represent Guangzhou shadow leopard in the upcoming Champions League national finals. Huang Shenghao, 16 years old, was born on August 1, 2007 in Guangzhou, Guangdong. Height 183cm, the back waist of the office. As a leading player of the 2007 age group in Guangzhou, Huang Shenghao once successively won the runner-up group U-11 and runner-up group U-12 in the Football League Cup with the team, and the Governor’s Cup of Guangdong province U-13, u-14 group champions and other U Series competitions. From 2021 to 2023, with his outstanding performance in various youth competitions, he was selected into the national youth training team of the 2006 age group for many times. After years of polishing, Huang Shenghao has become one of the best defensive midfield in 2007. Huang Shenghao, who has just reached the age of 16 in August, will become the youngest player in the national finals of Guangzhou shadow leopard this year. He has excellent physical quality, excellent defensive awareness and sense of position. In addition, he has outstanding endurance and always keeps high-intensity running and 120% Investment in the competition. We believe that Huang Shenghao has many qualities to become an excellent professional football player. I hope he can continue to maintain his high morale and go all out to face every training class and every match! (Light and Shadow Chasing Dreams)

Official: Fulham signs Leicester City defender Castagne, transfer fee 15 million pounds

Live Bar News on August 29 Fulham officially announced that he signed right-back Castagne from the British Crown Leicester City. According to previous reports, the transfer fee is 15 million pounds. Fulham and castaney signed a contract until 2027, with a one-year extension option. He will wear Fulham No. 21 jersey. During the period of playing in Leicester City, Castagne made a total of 112 appearances, contributing 5 goals and 8 assists. In the national team, castanje played 33 times on behalf of Belgium and scored 2 goals. (mageth)

German Sky reporter: Pawal’s total transfer fee is 33 million euros and will sign a contract with Inter Milan for 5 years.

Live broadcast bar, August 29 according to German Sky Sports reporter Florian Plettenberg, Bayern defender Pawal is about to join Inter Milan, with a total transfer fee of 33 million euros. Florian Plettenberg pointed out that Bayern had approved the transfer of Pawal. The French defender was about to join Inter Milan, with a transfer fee of 30 million euro plus 3 million euro floating. The players would receive a medical examination from Inter Milan today or tomorrow, and signed a contract until 2028. Paval transferred from Stuttgart to Bayern at 35 million euros in 2019, and his contract with Bayern will expire in 2024. (Wood)

The injury recovered well. Neymar played beach football with Brazilian fancy women’s football players.

Live Bar News on August 29 a few days ago, Neymar posted a video of playing beach football with Brazilian fancy women’s football player Natalia Gitler (Natalia Guitler) in personal ins. As can be seen from the video, Neymar has recovered well now. In the summer window this year, the 31-year-old Neymar transferred to Saudi Arabia’s new moon in Yad, and signed a contract for two years, including the option to renew the contract for one year. Neymar transfer fee 0.1 billion euros, salary 2 years 0.3 billion dollars. At present, Neymar has not played for the new moon in Riyadh. Natalia-gitelemei photo ↓