Status continues! Salah directly participated in the goals of the Premier League for 9 consecutive games, with a total of 4 goals and 7 help.

Live Bar, August 29 -official photos of Liverpool show that Salah directly took part in the attack in 9 consecutive Premier League games, scoring 4 goals and assisting 7 times in total, making 11 goals. vs Hotspur: 1 ball vs Fulham: 1 ball vs Brentford: 1 ball vs Leicester City: 3 Help vs Vera: 1 Help vs Southampton: 1 Help vs Chelsea: 1 Help vs Bournemouth: 1 ball vs Newcastle: 1 Help (mageth)

Ferdinand talked about Manchester United: only three games were played, and the outside world was a little too scared.

Live broadcast, August 29 News Ferdinand said in the program that the new season has just begun and the team has not entered the best state yet. Now he is worried that Manchester United is a little too scared. Ferdinand believes that although he also expects Manchester United to show better performance, he should give the team more patience. After at least 15 matches, evaluate the team’s performance. After the start of the new season, Manchester United was not in a stable state and achieved two wins and one loss, scoring only 4 goals. When talking about the recent situation of Manchester United, Ferdinand said: “I think the outside world is a little too scared.” Then he said to Arsenal-fan Joel Beya who participated in the program together: “Not only Manchester United, I think it is normal that you also have this kind of mood around your club. We are not surprised by this. But Manchester United, I think the panic is a bit too much now.” “We only played three games. No trophy will be awarded after three matches. Only three matches have been played. No player can show their best performance. You must be patient. Personally, like most fans, I have more expectations, I expect better results and more stability. I was looking forward to a game style that I am used to seeing, but so far I haven’t. But it is still too early.” “After 15 games, if we still perform like this, I will start to feel panic, but at this stage, yes, you can look at personal performance and team performance, and said they could do better. But sometimes you have to look at the positive aspects.” When asked about the positive factors of the 3-2 victory over Nottingham Forest, Ferdinand said: “The positive point is that the team gave a response. In any home game, you are 0-2 behind. In Old Trafford, you have to find a way to pull it back. I have participated in some matches. The opponent scored one or two goals and we managed to pull them back.” “Yes, I know it is a different era, but you must draw inspiration from it and find some stability.” (Baili)

Before the Football Association Cup | Wu Jingui: Quanhua class is fair to both sides and strives to play our own level

At 17:15 this afternoon, the pre-match conference of Shanghai Shenhua’s away match against Tongliang long in Chongqing was held in Tongliang long Stadium, Chongqing, with coach Wu Jingui and player Wu Xi attending. Wu Jingui: After the last round of league matches, the team made active adjustments and preparations at the base. As we all know, the team will play in the All-China squad in this competition, which I think is fair to both sides. We have a limited understanding of our opponents in tomorrow’s game, but we will try our best to play our own skills and tactics no matter what the situation is. Reporter: Chongqing Tongliang long showed a very sharp offensive strength in the Chinese league. Will we have targeted arrangements on the defensive side in tomorrow’s game? Wu Jingui: we watched the video of the opponent’s game and they also made some adjustments in the game. Generally speaking, opponents play very fast and have a strong sense of attacking forward. One of their characteristics is the fast speed of attacking forward. In addition to the sorting and rhythm of several veteran players in the team, the opponents have done a good job in the overall organization of the team, and it is also very reasonable that they can achieve good results in the league. According to the characteristics of the opponent, I believe our team members will make such preparations and make corresponding defensive arrangements in the overall deployment of the game. Wu Xi: After a long journey, we will have an important match tomorrow. I believe all of our players are ready to fight and hope to offer you a wonderful match. My personal physical condition has been adjusted in these two days, and I have made preparations in all aspects. For a game like a cup that cannot be lost, we need to defend well, keep our mentality stable and attach importance to our opponents. I believe there will be good results tomorrow.

Team newspaper: Crystal Palace intends to rent + choose to buy out EJI Dickies, the Premier League is very attractive to players

Live broadcast on August 30 News “team news” news, Crystal Palace is the latest team showing interest in EKI Dickies. Team newspaper said that EKI Dickies has become a highlight in the recent transfer market. After West Ham, Crystal Palace also hopes to introduce EKI Dickies in the form of loan + purchase, the prospect of joining the Premier League is attractive to players, but only if all conditions are met. EKI Dickies is 21 years old. His contract with Paris expires in 4 years. Paris is listening to the offer for this player and discussing the deal to add him to muani. (aliang)

VAR takes effect. Zhang Wei steals a foul before scoring, and the goal is invalid.

Live broadcast bar, August 30 -fa Cup 1/4 final, Shenhua vs Chongqing Tongliang long game 87 minutes, Zhang Wei shot the goal in front of the door, the presiding officer received a reminder from the video assistant referee after the goal, before watching VAR and confirming the goal, Zhang Wei committed a foul against Chongqing Tongliang long player Huang Xiyang. The goal was invalid. The score on the court was still Shenhua 2-0 Chongqing Tongliang long.

Star of Tomorrow football match-Shanghai U16 team draws to Porto and loses to Tottenham Hotspur

Live broadcast bar, August 30 news the 2023 Shanghai Tomorrow star Champions League football match was launched at SAIC Pudong football stadium on August 28. The participating teams are all U16 echelon teams, namely Shanghai team, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Porto, Cerezo Osaka, ulsan Hyundai, Qatar asbair College, PVF Football Academy. Most of the players in the host Shanghai U16 team are from Shanghai Shenhua. The coach of the team is Tao Jin, the coach of Shenhua echelon team. The players include Prince Heng, center Xu Huashu, goalkeeper Meng fanhang, etc. Cerezo Osaka has cultivated Japanese stars such as Shinji Kagawa and Nanye tuoshi, and is the Japanese club that delivers the most players to Europe. The U16 echelon who came to Shanghai for the competition, many players in the array are the main force of the Japanese national character. The coach of the team said bluntly that the goal of coming to Shanghai was to win the championship. The hot tattoo training has also gained a reputation, and has successively cultivated many England international players such as Kane and rydelkin. Last season, the Tottenham Hotspur U16 won the U17 league championship in England. Adculle and adrousi two defenders jumped into the higher age echelon. Porto has always been a treasure house of talents for the five major European league clubs. Last season, this Porto U16 won the Portuguese league championship of the same age, it achieved an amazing record of 27 wins and 1 flat goal in 28 games, 157 goals and 17 goals. In terms of the score, in the first round of Group B, two goals defeated Tottenham Hotspur in Cerezo Osaka, Shanghai team 0-0 Porto; The second round Tottenham 2-1 Shanghai team swept through Porto with seven goals in Cerezo Osaka; The final round of the group match will go to war tomorrow. The qualifying will be held on September 1-3. (District 11 Radio)

Di Marco ushered in 100 milestones in Inter’s career, contributing 8 goals and 16 Help

Live broadcast on August 29 News the second round of Serie A, the game between Inter Milan and Cagliari, the wing of Inter Milan wedi Marco ushered in the 100th game of the blue Black Legion. In these 100 games, taking into account the 1 assists sent out in this game, Di Marco contributed 8 goals and 16 assists. According to the distribution of events, there are 71 Serie A, 18 Champions League, 8 Italian Cups, 2 Italian Super Cups and 1 European Union in the 100 games of Di Marco. (mageth)

Maca: Mendi & sebarus training alone, venius & Guler is expected to return in early October

Live broadcast on August 30 according to the report of Marca, Real Madrid did not have any new news in the third training of bardebebas except for the separate training of ferlan Mendi and sebarus. The two players still did not train with the team, so they had little chance to enter the big list against hertafe. However, in the case of two training sessions, Real Madrid’s medical department will accelerate the recovery of the two players as soon as possible. At the same time, both venius and Guler continued their recovery process. Venius suffered muscle injuries against SELTA, while Guler recovered from menisci surgery, both players are expected to return to the game in early October. (Ma Dongyu)

Ji Da United official: Benzema left because of muscle injury, he will be examined in the next few hours

Live broadcast on August 29 news in the fourth round of the Saudi league, Jida United 3-0 victory over Mecca unified game, Benzema injured. After the game, Gida jointly announced the situation of Benzema. The official statement of the Jida United wrote: “In the first half of the fourth round of the Saudi Professional League against Mecca, the team captain and star player Benzema was forced to leave because of muscle injuries.” “He will be examined in the next few hours to accurately diagnose the injury and determine the required treatment plan.” (Ma Dongyu)