TA: Dean Henderson completed the medical examination for joining Crystal Palace, and Manchester United signed a deal with bayindel.

Live broadcast on August 29 News The Athletic News, Manchester United goalkeeper Dean Henderson has completed The medical examination to Crystal Palace, which paved The way for baindell to join The team. TA said Henderson would join Crystal Palace with a transfer fee of 15 million pounds +5 million pounds. News of his transfer and Manchester United signing indel may be officially announced on Wednesday. Manchester United has had a physical examination for baindell to check his recent back problems. After receiving satisfactory results, Manchester United pushed forward the transfer. (aliang)

Football League Cup-Chongqing Tongliang long vs Shanghai Shenhua debut: Zhu Chenjie, Wu Xi, Yu Hanchao debut

Live broadcast bar, August 30 -fa Cup 1/4 final, the Chinese team Chongqing Tongliang long home game against Shanghai Shenhua will kick off at 19:35, before the start list of both sides announced. Chongqing tonglianglong’s debut: 41-Zhang Haixuan, 2-Yang Ting, 3-Hu Yongfa, 31-Zhao Hejing, 57-Wang Shiqin, 8-Di Li Xia Ti, 13-Chen Kerui, 51-Gong Yun Yang, 53-Li Zhenquan, 17-Chen Jiaqi, 50-Xiang Yu Wang Chongqing tonglianglong substitute: 1-Liu Weiguo, 5-Shi Jiwei, 18-Tian Xiangyu, 21-Yang Yixuan, 56-Tong Zhicheng, 11-Wu Qing, 14-Huang Xiyang, 16-Wang Weicheng, 19-Cheng Yutong, 52-Liu Mingshi, 55-Song Pan, 59-Li Huamao Shanghai Shenhua debut: 1-Ma Zhen, 4-Jiang Shenglong, 5-Zhu Chenjie, 21-Cui Lin, 32-Eddie, 7-Xu Haoyang, 15-Wu Xi, 20-Yu Hanchao, 33-Wang Hai Jian, 9-Dai Weijun, 36-Fernando Shanghai Shenhua substitute: 30-Bao Yaxiong, 3-Jin Shunkai, 41-Zhou Zhengkai, 16-Yang Zexiang, 22-Jin Yangyang, 24-Xu Yougang, 38-Wen Jiabao, 35-he Longhai, 18-Zhang Wei, 29-Zhou Junchen Chongqing tonglianglong Football League Cup promotion Road The 1st round 6-1 Rizhao Yuqi (middle Crown) 2nd round 3-0 Shijiazhuang Kung Fu (middle A) Round 3 0-0 (penalty kick 4-2) Chengdu Rongcheng 1/8 final 3-0 Nantong Haimen Ke Association edge (China B) Shanghai Shenhua FA Cup promotion Road (the Chinese Super League team does not need to participate in the first two rounds of FA Cup) Round 3 2-1 Yunnan Yukun (China B) 1/8 final 5-1 Zhejiang Chongqing Tongliang long currently ranks first in the table of the middle B, and the Middle B has not yet lost this season. Shanghai Shenhua currently ranks third in the Super League.

This season’s Premier League success long pass list: Enzo ranks first for 22 times and roderi ranks second for 20 times

Live broadcast bar, August 30 -opta counted the number of successful long passes of non-goalkeeper players in the Premier League this season and listed the list. Enzo Fernández ranked first with 22 times and roderi ranked second with 20 times. The number of successful long passes of non-goalkeeper players in the Premier League this season: Enzo Fernandes (Chelsea) — 22 Roderi (Manchester City) — 20 Guy (Crystal Palace) — 19 Anderson (Crystal Palace) — 18 Sal (Newcastle) — 14 (Wood)

World body: Felix may join Barcelona as he wishes, thanks to Fadi’s willingness to leave the team at last.

Live Bar News on August 30 according to the world sports news, Atletico Madrid forward Felix or if he wishes to join Barcelona, thanks to the fact that Fadi is finally willing to listen to the quotations of other teams. Earlier, Felix publicly showed good to Barcelona in an interview. On the other hand, facing the lack of opportunities to play in the new season, Fadi put down his previous persistence and opened the door for himself to leave Camp Nou. In other words, the chance for the Portuguese striker to realize his wish has come, and Barcelona may sign him to replace Fadi. The agent of the two players, Jorge Mendes, has begun to work. On the one hand, he is conveying the quotation for Fadi, and on the other hand, he is also trying to operate Felix to Barcelona. In fact, Felix has always been the target of chairman LaPorta. Due to the financial fairness policy, Barcelona can only introduce this Portuguese shooter if he leaves the team Fadi or Abde. As for the coaching staff, Harvey’s first choice was Cancelo, and he was not optimistic about Felix. However, in addition to playing forward, Felix can also play in the middle of the midfield. In the case of Padre’s injury missing a month and a half, the Portuguese may be able to replace him. (Qizi cake)

Romano: Tavares and Murillo will sign a contract with Nottingham Forest today.

Live Bar, August 30 according to the well-known journalist Romano, Tavares and Murillo will sign a contract with Nottingham Forest today. Romano pointed out that Arsenal side guard Tavares would join Nottingham Forest on loan, with a rental fee of nearly 2 million pounds and a purchase fee of 12 million pounds. Corinthians 21-year-old Zhongwei Murillo will also join Nottingham Forest with a transfer fee of 15 million euros (about 12.9 million pounds). The agreement also includes a resale sharing clause. After signing Tavares and Murillo, Nottingham Forest’s next target is Bologna midfield Domingos. (Wood)

J1 team price ranking: Puhe ranks first in 19.35 million euros, Yokohama F. Marinos 2nd & Kobe 5th

Live broadcast bar, August 30 today, Japanese media “footballchannel” quoted Germany’s market data and took stock of 10 clubs with the highest value in the J1 League, of which Urawa Red Diamonds ranked first with 19.35 million euros, Yokohama F. Marinos, kashima Antlers ranked 2 and 3 in 17.33 million euros and 17.15 million euros respectively, while Vissel Kobe ranked 5th in 16.18 million euros. The following is the top 10 in the J1 League: 1. Urawa Red Diamonds, the whole team is worth 19.35 million euros, currently ranked 4th in the league, with the highest value player: sauertz (2.2 million euros) 2. Yokohama F. Marinos, the whole team is worth 17.33 million euros, currently ranked No. 1 in the league, the most expensive player: Anderson-Lopes (1.6 million euros) 3. Kashima Antlers, the whole team is worth 17.15 million euros, currently ranked 5th in the league, with the highest price Player: Suzuki youmill (2 million euros) 4. Kawasaki Frontale, the whole team is worth 16.28 million euros, currently ranked 9th in the league, the player with the highest value: Shangen (1.6 million euros) 5. Vissel Kobe, the whole team is worth 16.18 million euros, currently ranked second in the league, with the highest value player: Wu Teng Jiaji (1.8 million euros) 6, Cerezo Osaka, the whole team is worth 15 million euros, currently ranked 6th in the league, the most expensive player: Leo-Ceara, every Xiong Shengyi (1 million euros) 7, Sanfrecce Hiroshima, the whole team is worth 14.85 million euros, currently ranked 7th in the league, the most expensive player: sotru (1.4 million euros) 8. Tokyo FC, the whole team is worth 14.55 million euros, currently ranked 10th in the league, the most expensive player: peroti (1.4 million euros) 9, Nagoya Grampus Eight, the whole team is worth 14.2 million euros, currently ranked third in the league, the most expensive player: Juncker (1.7 million euros) 10. Osaka Gangba, the whole team is worth 13.98 million euros, currently ranked 11th in the league, the most expensive player: Ravi (1.5 million euros) (Jaden)

Standard evening news: Bayern still want chaloba, Chelsea asking 50 million pounds

Live Bar, August 29 according to the report of London Evening Standard, although the initial rental offer was rejected, Bayern was still eager to sign Trevo-chaloba. Bayern coach tuhull has contacted charloba. He is also very interested in this transfer, but Chelsea only wants to sell it permanently, not rent it out. Chelsea has set a asking price of 50 million pounds, which dissuades many potential buyers. In addition to charloba, the Blues are still considering sending cuicu Leila away. Manchester United wants to rent for a season. Chelsea hope to sell some other players before the transfer deadline. The future of Matt Sen and Gallagher is still uncertain, and the Blues are also actively peddling odui and Sal. In addition, lucaku is close to joining Rome. (Baili)

Kicker: moliba was removed from the first team by Leipzig, and it is difficult for Barcelona to get a transfer share in the future.

Live broadcast bar on August 30 news of Germany’s Kicker, moliba was removed from the first team by RB Leipzig due to his poor performance. It is difficult for players to attract buyers in the transfer market, so Barcelona will find it difficult to get a transfer share in the future. Two years ago, Barcelona sold moliba to Leipzig with 16 million euros plus 6 million euros floating. In the agreement, Barcelona retained an option that players could be sold in the future and get 10% transfer share. However, moliba has never been able to exert his potential in Leipzig. According to his current situation, Barcelona will find it difficult to obtain the future transfer share of the Guinea midfield. “Kicker” said that RB Leipzig did not receive a satisfactory offer in this summer window, but the club still decided to remove moliba from the first team. Not long ago, Granada had intended to lease moliba. At present, there is no latest progress in this deal. (Qizi cake)

Gervinho: my Serie A career is wonderful and special, leaving good memories in Rome Parma

Live broadcast, August 29 -during an interview with Malta sports times, Gervinho talked about his Serie A experience. Gervinho said: “Serie A career is beautiful and special to me. I did a lot of good things in Rome, and so did in Parma. During those three years, I had many good memories.” “Rome itself is very symbolic. The temperature there is higher than Parma. I really like Rome.” (Iron Steel Fist)