Reporter: Milan is preparing to quote Taremi for 20 million euros. All parties are confident to complete the transaction these two days.

Live Bar, August 29 according to the reporter Sacha Tavolieri, Porto striker Taremi has been getting closer and closer to joining Milan. The reporter said that Milan was preparing a new quotation for Taremi and would submit the quotation in the next few hours. Milan’s total quotation will be around 20 million euros. All parties are confident to complete the Taremi deal today and tomorrow. (Baili)

Atur: purple Lily, 97 years old, fast birth! Although I have just arrived, I can already feel the enthusiasm of the fans.

Live broadcast on August 30 news in social media, Atour, who just joined Florence this summer, talked about his current mood. Atur wrote: “Happy Birthday to Florence! Although I have just arrived, I have already felt the passion of Florence fans and their love for the club. Come on, purple lily!” Florence has just passed its 97th birthday, and Atur is also celebrating the club’s birthday. So far this season, Atur has made three appearances for Florence, totaling 252 minutes, sending out one assist. Last season, Atur made two appearances for Liverpool first team, totaling 76 minutes. (Iron Steel Fist)

Official: Saca was elected as PFA’s Young Player of the year, with 15 goals and 11 assists in 48 games last season.

Live Bar, August 30, PFA official news, Arsenal striker SACA was elected as the best young player in PFA. PFA (association of professional players of England) previously announced the nomination of the best young player of the year. The six candidates were kesedo, Avon-Ferguson, Harland, Martinelli, Jacob Ramsay and SACA. Attached to the data of 6 candidates last season: Harland (Manchester City): 53 appearances, 52 goals and 9 assists Kesedo (Brighton): 43 appearances, 1 goal and 1 Help Jacob Ramse (Vera): 38 appearances, 6 goals and 8 Help Martinelli (Arsenal): 46 appearances, contributing 15 goals and 6 Help Avon-Ferguson (Brighton): 34 appearances, contributing 16 goals and 5 Help SACA (Arsenal): 48 games, contributing 15 goals and 11 Help

As: odrio Sola is still waiting for the quotation of the Royal Society. If you cannot make a trip or try to go to Saudi Arabia

Live broadcast bar, August 30 according to the report of “as”, Real Madrid side guard oderio Sola is still waiting for the final offer of the Royal Society. If he cannot make a trip, he can only stay at Real Madrid to complete the final year contract, or try to take a chance in Saudi Arabia. This summer, oderio Sola has been waiting for the call of the Royal Society. It is his greatest wish to return to his home team. In fact, the Spanish defender has negotiated personal terms with the Royal Society, and now there are only two clubs to reach an agreement. However, as summer window came to an end, the negotiations between the two sides still had no progress, and odrio Sola began to despair a little. The newspaper Aspen believes that in fact, the Royal Society has already had a behind hand. After signing Tierney from Arsenal this summer, their signing of oderio Sola became confused. If he cannot return to the Royal Society in the end, then audrio Sola can only stay at Real Madrid to complete the final year contract or try to listen to Saudi Arabia’s quotation. (Qizi cake)

Go down the tree immediately🌳! Dimazio: Rome will announce the joining of lucucu tomorrow

Live broadcast on August 30 today, Serie A officially confirmed that lucuku joined Rome on loan from Chelsea, with the effective date today. According to Di Masio’s follow-up, Lukaku successfully passed the physical examination in Rome today local time. Rome has also submitted the contract to the Serie A official, and currently only waiting for Roman officials to announce the joining of the players. It is expected that Rome will issue an official announcement on Thursday local time. Dimazio reconfirmed that Rome would pay 7 million euros for Lukaku. (Angie)

Will the top three compete for hegemony this year?❓Milan DOUBLE HEROES Naples both won two consecutive victories, ranking the top three points

Live broadcast bar, August 29 News the second round of Serie A ended. Inter Milan won Cagliari 2-0 steadily, Naples 2-0 Sassuolo, Milan defeated Turin 4-1, the three teams plus Verona won a streak in the first two rounds. At present, Milan, Naples, Inter Milan and Verona are ranked 1-4 in the standings. In the third round, Milan will face Rome, and Jose’s team will face the test at home. Naples will face Lazio, Inter Milan will face Florence, and Juventus will challenge emboli away. (beltalowda)

Edmilson sent a message farewell: Honored to be the club’s first foreign aid, always supporting the three towns

Live broadcast on August 29 today, Edmilson, who has canceled the contract with Wuhan three towns, posted a post in the social media to bid farewell to Wuhan three towns Club and Wuhan fans. Edmilson wrote in social media: Hey, all my friends, we are going to say goodbye here. Thank you for accompanying my teammates, staff and fans during this period. I am very grateful to have experienced a series of very important moments in the club. In these two and a half years, we have won three important titles. Although we have experienced many difficult and groping moments during these days, happiness is our main theme. We have made great achievements and I am also very honored to be the first foreign aid of the club, and I have contributed to the growth of the club. I will remember all these unforgettable moments and I will always support the three towns in Wuhan. Thank you, Wuhan Sanzhen! (Derison)

Ferdinand: the Glazer family lacks communication and respect. They want to tell the fans what happened.

Live broadcast, August 29 news recently, Manchester United’s celebrity Ferdinand attacked Manchester United’s boss Glazer family’s “shameful silence” for potential acquisitions. He once again called on the club to improve communication with fans. The Glazer family confirmed in last November that they were conducting a “strategic review” of their ownership, and it was not clear whether the Manchester United boss planned to sell the club or look for new investments. It is understood that Shaikh-Jassim and Sir Ratcliffe are two interested parties, but they both signed confidentiality agreements to avoid hindering the acquisition process. Ferdinand said, “You know, when they do this, I will be the one who says, ‘I told you. Personally, I think (Glazer family) does not respect the fan group. Communication is what I have been emphasizing all the time. I just communicate with people to let them know what happened in their club.” “This is something they don’t understand. This is the football club of the fans. They are the promoters of everything in the football club. The team, head coach and staff are all running the club, but fans are the reason why these clubs become what they are now. I don’t think they are appreciated in the whole process, respect or recognition.” “During the whole process, give them something to eat, explain why it took so long, let us know if you are willing to sell now, just a little communication, now there is only pure silence, which I think is wrong.” On Saturday, after Manchester United’s 3-2 victory over Nottingham Forest, Manchester United fans held a sit-in protest against the Glazer family at Old Trafford. (Moon footprint)

Sky: This round of Carling Cup against Blackpool, Nunes will not play for Wolves

Live Bar, August 29 news according to Sky Sports, Nunes will not play Wolf team against Blackpool in the second round of the England League Cup. The report pointed out that Nunes would not participate in the League Cup match between Wolves and Blackpool. Up to now, Wolves have not received a new offer from Manchester City. Today, the Wolves did not train, and Nunes did not participate in the training classes on Sunday and Monday. (Ma Dongyu)

Xinren Zhongwei is hereBritish media: Bayern rent chaloba and Chelsea agreement, the player’s physical examination today

According to British media football insider, charloba will undergo a medical examination in Munich today, and Bayern and Chelsea have reached an agreement on his loan transfer. The report pointed out that Bayern and Chelsea had reached an agreement that charloba would join the German giants on loan, and this transfer contained a buyout clause. Chaloba will have a physical examination in Munich today. The media also pointed out that the arrival of chaloba will also accelerate the transfer of Paval, and the players are expected to join Inter Milan. The 24-year-old charloba is a Chelsea training player. He has played 63 times on behalf of Chelsea and gained 4 goals and 1 help. The current German turning price of the player is 18 million euros.