Keep the future! Reporter: Barcelona will renew the contract with Valde and Yamal this Friday.

Live Bar, August 29 according to a report by Gerard Romero, a famous Spanish journalist, Barcelona is about to renew its contract with Valde and Yamal. The reporter said that Barcelona would renew its contract with Fermin-Lopes first this week. By Friday, bald and Yamal would also sign a new contract. Balde, 19 years old, has become the main force of the team last season, with 33 league appearances and 6 assists with 1 goal. Yamal has emerged since the start of the new season. The league has played three times and sent out one assist. Harvey said bluntly at the press conference that he had high expectations. (Baili)

Official: Manchester City’s 18-year-old Zhongwei Xiao General cartoon GE rented to Petersburg, England, with a lease term of 1 year.

Live broadcast bar on August 29, the official news of the United Kingdom club Peterborough, the team signed Manchester City’s 18-year-old Zhongwei Jadel-cartoon go on loan for one year. Cartoon GE joined Manchester City youth training camp at the age of U9 and grew up step by step until he became the regular main force of U18 echelon. When Manchester City U18 won the championship in the 2020-21 season, he was the youngest player in the lineup, and he played 18 times when Manchester City U18 won the championship again in the next season. In the 2022-23 season, cartoon go entered the U21 echelon and finished the first-team debut in the friendly match against Horna in December. (Goblin killer)

Dimasio: Inter is seeking to continue to strengthen the midfield, intending to MAXIM’S-Lopes or sumaray

Live broadcast bar News on August 30 according to the official website of dimasio, Inter intends to introduce sumaray or MAXIM’S-Lopes. According to the report, Inter Milan is considering recruiting, and they hope to sign another midfield with two goals: Sassuolo-Lopes in MAXIM’S and sumaray in Leicester City. It is reported that Inter Milan has made initial contact with MAXIM’S-Lopes. In addition to Inter Milan, MAXIM’S-Lopes also received some invitations from Italian foreign teams. However, considering the good relationship between Inter Milan and the Sassuolo club, the transaction may take place. In addition, Inter asked Leicester City for information about sumaray, and sumaray will leave Leicester City this summer. (Iron Steel Fist)

Official: Barcelona renewed its contract with 20-year-old midfield Fermin to 2027, cancellation money 0.4 billion euros

Live broadcast on August 29, Barcelona official news, the club and youth training midfield Fermin-Lopes renewed to 2027, the new contract cancellation money 0.4 billion euros. The 20-year-old Fermin mainly serves as an offensive midfield, and can also play avant-garde and left-wing. He came from Betis youth training camp and joined the Barcelona echelon in 2016 and grew up all the way. This season, he has had a chance to appear in La Liga, in the match against Villarreal, the substitute appeared for 4 minutes. (Goblin killer)

Former colleague accused rlby Rice: he once humiliated me. Ten years ago, no one believed it.

Live Bar, August 30 -spanish Football Association president rlby les was suspended for kissing female players. Recently, Tamara-Lamos, a former colleague of rlby Rice and the current general manager of the Spanish Football Players League, was interviewed. During this period, she pointed to the president of the Western Football Association and humiliated her for a long time. From 2012 to 2017, the two worked together in the Spanish Football Players League and rlby Rice served as the chairman. Tamara said: “I was in such a bad situation that I was humiliated and attacked by words that I could hardly repeat it. I once sued him and told him everything he did in the court. If I talked about this ten years ago, no one would believe it.” In addition, Tamara said that many colleagues knew what happened at that time. “They didn’t testify because they were afraid of losing their jobs.” “He (rlby rice) has long been sarcastic and sarcastic. At a meeting, he said to me, “This man is pregnant, so he is a little nervous.” then he always comes in my room door with aggressiveness and ridicule. He is really super irritable. He will suddenly pat the table behind you vigorously or open the door with one foot.” “That day in front of the judge, he took all his colleagues with him in order to bully me. At that time, I felt very small. The judge said that I could not work with this person any more. He had a tendency to control and was a mental illness.” (Qizi cake)

Matino: Massey will play in Nashville, and MLS intends to include international competitions in the schedule.

Live broadcast on August 30, according to ESPN, recently Miami international coach Mattino revealed in an interview that Macy would play the regular season between the team’s home court and Nashville this Thursday, it also revealed that the American League is analyzing the inclusion of the international competition day into the schedule. Mattino said: “In my expectation, last weekend, the team played the RedBull game in New York. Macy needed some rest, and there was also busketz who needed rest. If there is no situation in the next game, Macy will play.” When talking about Massey’s possible absence from the league due to his participation in the Argentina national team, Mattino said: “We need to adapt to the occasion when Massey is not here. Next, due to the national team’s recruitment, he will miss about three games, but we still have to find a way to keep the rhythm of victory. As far as I know, the American League is analyzing and researching the international competition day into the schedule, and I think this is expected to be achieved.” (Jaden)

Deng Frith: I haven’t scored in Serie A for a long time before. I want to score as many goals as possible.

Live Bar, August 29 News this round of Serie A, Inter Milan beat Cagliari 2-0 away, Deng Frith first record. He was interviewed InterTV after the game. Deng Frith said: “Before that, I had not scored in the league for a long time. Now let’s look forward to the future. I want to score more goals for the team. This is a very important victory.” “It is important to score more goals than last year. I am very happy to score goals today. Personally, I want to score as many goals as possible. Some of our players can’t play, so can our opponents.” “When you come to Inter, you will find Inter is a big family. Now let’s prepare for the match against Florence. Florence is a difficult opponent.” (Iron Steel Fist)

Romano: Gida United with Joe Gomes, Liverpool has no intention to sell important players before closing the window

Live broadcast on August 29 News from Romano, Gida has a list of defenders, and Liverpool’s Joe Gomes is at the top of the list. Gida United believes that Gomes is an all-round player in the defense line, while Liverpool insists that they have no intention to sell important players in the last few days of summer window. Gomes is 26 years old. His contract with Liverpool will expire in 2027. He has won two substitute appearances this season. (mageth)

Dimasio: Bologna lease +9 million euro buyout will sign Milan winger sale marcoles

Live broadcast on August 29, xundd matchio news, Bologna and AC Milan reached an agreement on the winger Salle marcoles, Salle marcoles will join Bologna by leasing +8 million euros to 9 million euros buyout options. It is expected that the physical examination will be conducted on August 29, local time. Salemacols is 24 years old, and his contract with Milan will expire in 2026. (mageth)