Luo body: Gong DOQI will sign a contract with Lazio for 5 years, with an annual salary of 2.5 million euros + bonus

Live Bar News on August 30 according to Rome sports news, gondozi is about to join Lazio and revealed more transfer details. According to the report, Lazio fans are waiting for the arrival of gondozi. An agreement has been reached between the clubs. The Agreement between Lazio and the players has already been reached. Gondozi plans to arrive in Lazio within 48 hours, then accept the medical examination and sign the contract. It is reported that gondozi will sign a contract with Lazio for 5 years, with an annual salary of 2.5 million euros + bonus. Lazio signed the transfer fee of gondozi for 18 million euros, including 13 million euros fixed transfer fee and 5 million euros bonus. Marseille will also get 10% of the second transfer. (Iron Steel Fist)

Loutaro media celebrate victory: there is a long way ahead, and it will be easy to work together.

Live broadcast, August 29 -inter Milan won two consecutive victories against Cagliari 2-0 in the Serie A league which ended early this morning, and Lautaro scored again. After the game, Lautaro also updated social media trends to celebrate the victory. He wrote in the social media: he won an important victory in the difficult away game. We look forward to the future, and there is a long way ahead. Stay positive all the time. When we work together, everything will become easier. After the start of the new season, Lautaro has scored three goals in two games. (Baili)

Tuhull celebrated his 50th birthday, and Bayern officially sent a message to congratulate him.

Live broadcast on August 29 news today is tuhull’s 50th birthday, Bayern official issued a message to congratulate. Tuhull was born on August 29, 1973. He once coached clubs such as Mainz, dot, Paris and Chelsea. He led Chelsea to win the Champions League in 2020-21 and won the French championship twice in Paris. In March this year, tuhull took the position of Bayern, leading the team to win the Bundesliga championship last season. Today tuhull is celebrating his 50th birthday, Bayern official wrote: “Congratulations to tuhull, our coach is celebrating his 50th birthday today.” (Luca)

Hama: Kimich is better at attacking rather than defending. Tuhull needs a defensive midfield.

Live broadcast on August 30, Bayern Munich midfield Harvey Martínez recently accepted an interview with German media “pictorial”. In the interview, he said that tuhull needed a defensive number six player. — The importance of No. 6 player Defense “Bayern always has many players to control the ball and attack at the same time. The problem is that this creates a lot of space for the opponent’s dangerous counterattack. This is why I think Bayern urgently needs a player who is always concerned about potential dangers. He doesn’t always provide help on the offensive side, but he will also consider what to do if he loses the ball.” “Guadiola calls this style ‘ball defense’-in other words, even if you control the ball, you should pay attention to the possible defensive gaps and the opponent’s counterattack opportunities.” -Tuhull needs a defensive midfield “Kimich is an excellent No. 6 player, but he is really good at the offensive end. This is why tuhull wants him to focus more on creation rather than destruction. The same was true when I was playing football with Schweins Tiger. With the support of Louis Gustav and me, he was able to concentrate calmly on attacking. Obviously, tuhull also wants a player who pays more attention to defense than attack, because there is no such player in the current lineup. Gretzka and herafenbach are both attacking-type midfield.” “But if I am only 22 years old, I think Bayern can use me…… (LAUGHTER)” “Every time I come back here, I realize how happy I am here. Even if my personal future is in my hometown in the Basque region, I hope to connect with Bavaria or Germany in some way in the future.” (Causimo)

Post: Arsenal refused to sell SLO to Chelsea, which is much higher than the market price quotation or opportunity

Live broadcast, August 29 according to the post, Arsenal have rejected Chelsea’s initial offer to Smith-Rowe. Pochetino hopes to bring in a forecourt player before the transfer window closes on Friday. Smith-Luo is one of the players that the Blues have asked. However, Arsenal took a tough attitude towards Chelsea’s contact, telling the other side that they had no intention of selling it to direct competitors. The source said that the quotation which was much higher than the market value might induce the Gunners to sell the players before Friday. But at present, the possibility of this transaction is extremely small. Sources said Chelsea had indicated their willingness to add players in any deal with Arsenal in exchange. Due to injuries and lack of starting opportunities, Smith-Luo’s future at Emirates Stadium has become uncertain. West Ham United expressed interest in him earlier this summer, and he may attract more attention in the final stage of the transfer window. (Baili)

Can you get itDima: lucucu’s annual salary is 7.5 million euros, including a bonus linked to Rome’s championship.

Live Bar, August 30 news various media reported that lucucu would join Rome on loan. Dimazio revealed some details of lucucu’s salary: lucucu’s annual salary is 7.5 million euros, and due to tax incentives, its annual salary before tax is 9 million euros. This annual salary includes some bonuses, one of which is linked to Rome winning the Serie A championship, while the bonuses of other projects are related to goals, appearances and Champions League qualifications. Dimazio said that lucucu had completed the medical examination and only had to sign the contract. Rome would pay about 7 million euros for lucucu.

Vieri: Inter Milan is strong and lantaro can always score goals & barrela is one of the best playmates in the world

Live broadcast, August 29 News in BoboTV, Vieri talked about Inter Milan this season. Vieri said: “This Inter is really strong, and their start this season is also good. In the front line, Lautaro can always score goals, and little Turam still needs time to adapt.” “Inter Milan has always performed well. Their problem last season was that they lost 12 games, but as long as they stay focused, they can perform well. For example, in my opinion, Inter Milan should have won the Serie A championship. Last season they always lost points on the weak team, which surprised me.” “In midfield, Barrera is one of the best midfield in the world. Charr Khan Oulu also proved himself. Then mshitarian is also very strong. He and fratsi both have the ability to score goals. Inter Milan can control the ball well. Through the transfer market this summer, Inter Milan has become stronger.” “Little Inzaghi will never change his 352 tactical system. I think he should strengthen communication, because Inter Milan and Juve are the same, and the goal is always to win all the competitions he participated in. In this respect, he still needs to grow, and I think he has already realized this.” (Iron Steel Fist)

Morning News: Naples is going to give osmeen 12 million euros annual salary and add anti-Juventus clause

Live broadcast on August 30 according to the central Morning News, Naples is going to provide osmeen with an annual renewal salary of 12 million euros and add anti-Juventus clause. According to the report, in addition to continuing to recruit in the next few days, Naples will also seek to renew several important players in the team. At present, Naples is actively carrying out the renewal negotiations with osmeen, kvaratzhelia and Zelinski. The negotiations between osmeen and Zelinski are progressing relatively smoothly, and Naples may hold official announcements in the near future. It is reported that after the renewal, osmeen will receive an annual salary of 12 million euros, with a series of bonuses related to performance (20 goals + assists) and record. In addition, a “anti-Juve” clause will be added to the contract, because if Juve returns to the Champions League, Juve will be the only club in Serie A that has the economic strength to introduce osmeen. (Iron Steel Fist)