Is Fabio Riviera the answer Arsenal want

Arsenal excessively complicated a change in midfield dynamics. When Fabio Riviera played, Arsenal reintroduced the old ideas of last season and they began to look like a winning team again. Unfortunately, they still failed to defeat Fulham. Figure 1.1-Arsenal concentrated the number of people on the right to create a zone 4 v4, but Thomas Patay’s forward made room behind Ben White. The first obvious problem is that Thomas is not a right-back, he is number 6, but Mikel Aalter tower continues to stick to this experiment with obvious defects. The goal of this tactic is to get left players out of the way to gain space by piling up the number of people on the right. But it didn’t work. Arsenal moved the ball back and forth horizontally on the court like crabs, but lacked penetrating forward passes. Therefore, the real result output in the attack is not enough, and Arsenal cannot directly attack goal. When Arsenal moved the ball to Gabriel Martinelli on the left, his two choices were Yakubu kiwiol and Kai hafts. Compared with Martin Nelly’s left-side partners Alexander jinqinko and Granit Zaka last season, this was actually a downgrade. Jinqinko and Zaka both have better decision-making ability, more flexible and agile, and a single pass is more clean and tidy. They can pass the ball across the door from Corner area. At present, hafts does not have such decision-making ability. His running timing is not good enough and he is often in the offside position. When he took the ball in the penalty area, the final passing choice also seemed a bit hasty. Martinelli seems to be on an isolated island. For him, the only choice is to single right-back. Even if he wins in one-on-one, it is difficult for players on this side to run to the penalty area to provide him with better passing lines. Compared with the opportunities created by the strategy of accumulating people on the left last season to create space for about Buka SACA on the right, the opportunities created in this competition are of lower quality. Figure 2.1-after the ball was passed to Martinelli, Fabio Riviera ran to the bottom corner of the great forbidden zone, forming a triangle with kiwiol. Fabio Viera knows how to run to the bottom line to create vertical space like Zaka last season. In the triangle attack formed by the accumulation of people on the left, enketia, sacarka and erdegao can all provide an inverted triangle route. Figure 2.2-Fabio Riviera won penalty kick. This is a reusable victory formula. From the trailing control midfield to the left side, it forms a number advantage on the left side, breaking through to corner area, winning penalty kick or winning. Very simple. Figure 3.1-scramble for the ball and pass it to Fabio Viera. A Fulham player was injured and fell to the ground in the penalty area, but the game continued. At this time, look at the position of encetia in the middle road. Figure 3.2-Fabio Viera is given to encetia, who scored the goal. After the perfect passing of an accurate inch was given to enketia, the goal was easily scored. Leandro trozard or Martinelli may also pass such a pass, but hafts does not seem to be in a good position. Figure 4.1-the barbs of Fabio Riviera. This record volley shot made the finishing touch for the 34-minute perfect performance of Fabio Riviera. If such a performance does not allow him to enter the starting line-up, I don’t know what else can be done. He is ready. Arsenal need Fabio Riviera to move between the two lines, to play the biggest role of the center, to create space and offensive opportunities for players on the right and to help Martinelli break into the forbidden zone. Figure 5.1-a diagram of a possible left overload lineup. Overload the left wing and create space for the right wing. Let Declan Rice hit area 13 and let Fabio Viera move to the bottom corner on the left side of the forbidden area.

Reporter: Ajax will not sign armada. They will sign micotazel from Mace.

Live broadcast, August 29, according to the reporter César Luis Merlo, Ajax will not sign almotor. César Luis Merlo wrote on social media like this: “Ajax will not sign Almada. Although the Dutch club has been paying attention to him, it will eventually sign micotazel from Mez.” “Mikaotazawa will undergo a medical examination in Amsterdam tomorrow.” (Ma Dongyu)

Inzaghi: lucucu signed a good contract with Rome and Serie A. I am very satisfied with my players.

Live broadcast on August 29 news in the second round of Serie A, Inter Milan defeated Cagliari 2-0 away. After the game, Inzaghi was asked by DAZN about lucucu, who was about to join Rome. Inzaghi junior: “lucuku is a very good signing, which is good news for Rome and Italian football, and it is excellent news for Serie A to have top players like lucuku. I am satisfied with my players and I am very happy to have them.” Last season, lucaku went back to play for Inter Milan on loan. Inter Milan quoted lucaku to Chelsea several times during the summer window this year, but the deal finally fell through. Previously, Lukaku will join Rome on loan for the new season. (mageth)

Media person: Wuhan Sanzhen is likely to reduce operating costs, which means giving up high-paying players.

Live broadcast on August 29 News after investors from Wuhan Sanzhen club confirmed to stop investing, media person Li Xuan analyzed the possible situation of Wuhan Sanzhen club in the social media. Although there are many international players in this Wuhan three-town team, Li Xuan believes that this is not the reason why any investor takes over. “How many international players do not constitute the reason why any investor wants to take over the team, it can’t even be the reason why the government must save the team. If you don’t believe it, just look at Jiangsu Suning and Guangzhou Evergrande. Then, I think from now on, these players will definitely start to look for the next family. Those who really have the strength should not wait until the end. When the team transfers, it will be too passive.” As for the future of the club, Li Xuan analyzed and said, “if the transfer is successful, new investors should also consider the issue of operating costs when coming in. Also, if there are no new investors, the team will also reduce the cost of operation. This means giving up some high-paying players.” (Derison)

Rice body: Roman rumor Lamos and bonucchi rumors, but everything is possible after signing lucuku

Live broadcast on August 30 according to the report of La Gazzetta dello Sport, although the Roman side refuted the rumors about Lamos and bonuci, everything was possible after signing lucuku. According to the report, there are rumors recently that Rome intends to introduce Ramos and bonouchi, and Jose has repeatedly said that he hopes the club will introduce a central defender for himself. However, Roman officials have already refuted the rumors, just as they had previously refuted the rumors of lucucu…… “Mi” believes that although the rumors seem to be groundless now, no one will be surprised, because the Fridkin family was also in the same situation before he hired Jose and signed Dibala. Although the “settlement agreement” of Uefa needs to be considered, Rome did not reduce its ambition. This summer they finalized lucucu without anyone’s expectation. Next, everything is possible. (Iron Steel Fist)

Warnock: SACA loves football very much, and attendance shows his dedication.

Live broadcast on August 29 news before Sheffield United coach Warnock accepted an interview with the media and commented on Arsenal striker Saka. Warnock said: “Saka’s appearance record shows his dedication and endurance.” “When you watch him play football, you can feel that he really loves football. He never wants to miss the game. He always wants to contribute to the team, this is the belief they built under Aalter Tower.” (Little Green Devil)

Photo: Paval’s transfer to Inter Milan has entered the final stage, with a maximum transfer fee of 33 million euros.

Live broadcast on August 29 according to the report of pictorial, Inter Milan will pay a transfer fee of up to 33 million euros for Bayern defender Pawal. The deal of parval’s transfer to Inter Milan is close to completion. According to Pictorial, Pawal’s transfer has entered the final sprint stage, and the two clubs are sending documents to each other to finalize the deal. According to German media, Pawal will fly to Milan today to sign a contract, and Inter will pay 30 million euros plus 2 million to 3 million euros to reach a deal. Bayern coach tuhull is also looking for new players. Bayern may introduce Manchester United midfield Michael Minai. Bayern also hopes to introduce Chelsea defender chaloba. The two sides are negotiating and Chelsea hopes to complete the deal in the form of leasing additional terms. Bayern is still paying attention to Southampton defender kochap, but Dort is also paying attention to kochap. (von Mario)

British media: Wolves intend to introduce center ishinacho, Leicester City valuation 20 million pounds

Live broadcast on August 29 according to talkSPORT news, wolves are considering introducing the city of Leicester, and the City of Leicester is valued at 20 million pounds. Ishinacho is 26 years old this year. His contract with Leicester City will expire in 2024. At present, he has turned around for 18 million euros. He played 28 times in the Premier League last season and contributed 5 goals and 5 help. (mageth)

Guardian reporter: Chelsea quoted Palmer for 35 million pounds, but was rejected by Manchester City.

Live Bar, August 30 according to British media Guardian reporter Jacob Steinberg, Chelsea’s 35 million pound offer Manchester City midfield Palmer was rejected. Jacob Steinberg pointed out that Chelsea was interested in Manchester City’s 21-year-old midfield Palmer and had already offered an offer of 35 million pounds, but was rejected by Manchester City. Palmer served as an offensive midfield. He played 25 games for Manchester City last season, contributing 1 goal and 1 assist. He played 850 minutes and scored 2 goals in 3 appearances this season. (Wood)