Post: Tottenham Hotspur excluded Dell from tonight’s League Cup list to make it clear that he is not in the team plan

Live broadcast bar, August 30-exclusive news from Daily Mail, Dell was excluded from the lineup of Tottenham Hotspur’s match against Fulham tonight. Dell has missed the first three rounds of Tottenham Hotspur, but it is widely believed that Dell can play in tonight’s relatively low-important Carling Cup. However, according to the Mail, Dell is expected to be excluded from the lineup again to make it clear to the outside world that he is not in the team’s plan. At present, Bayern has shown interest in Dell, but they haven’t taken any action yet. (aliang)

US media: Massey put pressure on logistics after joining, and 400 media came on the stage to temporarily set up tents for interviews.

Live broadcast on August 30, the US media Miami Herald reported that media reports brought by Macy’s joining Miami caused logistical pressure on Miami International and the alliance. This also forced Miami International and the United States to make special arrangements at every stadium where Massey plays to ensure the safety of Massey and media staff. Massey was not used to receiving many interviews in the past, and now he is adapting to the requirements of the American League and American media, and cooperating with Miami and the alliance. Find ways to make Massey more accessible to the media without causing security risks. Due to the limited size, Miami home court and many other SLS team venues could not accommodate hundreds of reporters to enter the dressing room for interviews after the game. The American League is currently seeking to cooperate with various teams and make necessary adjustments. The interview room of Miami International Home DRV PNK can accommodate 60-70 people, but hundreds of people apply for certificates in every match. On Saturday, at New York RedBull, about 400 qualified media watched the first show of the Macy’s league. Therefore, a tent was set up nearby to interview the coaches of the two teams after the game. Temporary roadblock marks are also set nearby for journalists to select players for interviews.

Reporter: todibo refused the generous offer of the joint Jidah, and conat had no intention to join

Live broadcast bar, August 30, according to a reporter on Fabrice Hawkins, todibo rejected the generous offer of the joint Geta and conat had no intention to join this Saudi club. Fabrice Hawkins pointed out that Gida jointly offered a rich offer to the nice central defender todibo, but it was rejected by todibo and he should continue to play in Nice. The Gitta United was also interested in the Liverpool central defender conat and learned about the situation of the players, but conat felt very good in Liverpool and hoped to achieve his goals here. (Wood) ******************** Sand super? Sand money! All the stars of the big ball, Jusha Telian!

SURGING: there is a big probability that the three towns in Wuhan will not be dissolved, and stable clubs are backed by state-owned enterprises.

Live broadcast, August 29 News Wuhan Sanzhen recently officially announced that club investors will stop investing money in Sanzhen club since September 1, 2023. The surging News also published a critical article on this. The article said that the three towns in Wuhan would not announce their dissolution in the footsteps of Suning, Chongqing and other clubs, but the Super League club still gave people the feeling of being hot, especially for private investors. The announcement of Wuhan Sanzhen clearly stated that all creditor’s rights and debts were borne by investors, and they were willing to transfer 100% of the club’s equity in zero consideration. Therefore, there is a great chance to complete the share reform in the three towns of Wuhan. In the Super League, the stable clubs in the industry are all State-owned enterprises. For example, the first three harbor, Shenhua and Taishan investors in the season ranking of this season are state-owned enterprises. This type of representative team also includes Jinmen Tiger and Rongcheng. On the contrary, the private-enterprise teams are not enjoying a satisfactory life at present, and there is no small probability that a South club with a lower ranking will be disbanded after the end of the season; nantong Zhiyun and Qingdao manatee in the guaranteed zone also rely on investors’ enthusiasm to “earn money at a loss”. However, how to get rid of the hot potato fate of the Super League club is a difficult problem that needs to be solved first in the next few years. (District 11 Radio)

Reporter: Although he has not played this season, Maguire is likely to be included in the England list.

Live broadcast on August 30 according to Sky Sports reporter Rob Dorsett, Manchester United central defender Maguire is likely to be selected into the new list of England national team. Rob Dorsett pointed out that although Maguire has not played for Manchester United this season, the central defender is likely to be included in the list of England’s September International match day. Stone and Min were injured, and Dell did not even appear on the bench of Tottenham Hotspur. Southgate needed a central defender with international competition experience. England will take part in two matches in September, in turn, the European preliminary match against Ukraine and the friendly match against Scotland. (Wood)

Rome fans celebrate that lucuku is too crazy when it arrives, damaging many cars at the airport.

Live broadcast on August 30 -lucucu arrived at Rome’s cippino airport today and is about to sign a contract with Rome. The news of lucuku’s arrival made Roman fans crazy. More than 5,000 fans came to the airport, waiting for lucuku’s arrival. After arriving at the airport, the fans spontaneously organized singing team songs and waving team flags. Some fans even jumped up and down on the car in the parking lot in order to have a better view, as a result, many cars were damaged to varying degrees, some cars had obvious depressions on the roof, and some cars even cracked glass. Although the airport has strengthened security measures, the security force is still not enough for parking lots due to lack of manpower and other reasons. (Iron Steel Fist)

Sky: hoibell is a potential choice for Manchester United midfield recruitment, and RED MAGIC is also paying attention to Amarbat

Live Bar, August 30 according to Sky Sports, Tottenham midfield hoiber is a potential choice for Manchester United’s signings, and amlarabat is another player of concern RED MAGIC. Manchester United are continuing to evaluate possible midfield recruitment. Hotspur’s hoiberle has become a potential choice. Manchester United is now seriously considering and asking about the terms of the deal. Tottenham Hotspur is open to selling hoiberl. It is known that hoiberl himself is also open to this transfer. Amarbat in Florence is another player that Manchester United are concerned about. Amarbat himself hopes to move to Manchester United, and his camp is also promoting the transfer. There are also herafenbach of Bayern, just like hoibel and amlarbat, who are all players that Teng Hach has cooperated with in the past. (Ma Dongyu)

UN human rights office supports elmoso: against sexual harassment, gender discrimination and sexual abuse

Live Bar, August 29-The official Twitter of the UN human rights office issued a post today to support the Spanish women’s football star El Moso. Elmoso was kissed by rlby Les, the president of the Spanish Football Association, after the Spanish women’s football team won the World Cup. This incident caused an uproar. Currently, rlby les refuses to resign, and the incident continues to ferment. The UN human rights office wrote: “Women in sports still face sexual harassment and abuse-each of us has the responsibility to expose and challenge such abuse. Together with Jenny El Moso of Spain and all those who are committed to ending sexual abuse and gender discrimination in sports, we make this a turning point.” (Goblin killer)

Reporter: Milan has made significant progress in introducing taremy negotiations, and Porto has demanded a last price increase.

Live broadcast bar, August 30 news, mi sports reporter luca bianchin news, Milan’s negotiation to introduce Taremi has made great progress. The reporter said that Milan and Porto made significant progress on the transfer of Taremi at night. The latest offer of the former was 15 million euros + bonus, and Porto agreed to sell the players, however, Milan is required to raise the final quotation. At present, Milan insists on its own position, but the optimism for this transfer is rising sharply. (aliang)

Reporter: Liu Binbin suffered a strain during training last weekend and needed a rest.

Live broadcast bar, August 30 news according to the reporter Wang Xiaorui, Liu Binbin, a player of Mount Tai in Shandong, suffered a strain and needed a rest for a while. The latest big list of the national football team was announced. Liu Binbin, a Taishan player, was out of luck. Reporter Wang Xiaorui revealed that Liu Binbin suffered a strain during training last weekend and he needed to rest for a while. In the previous warm-up match between the national football team against Myanmar and Palestine, Liu Binbin had an appearance record. Normally, it was a hot spot for the national team, but his injury was relatively sudden and he needed to be calm. In the position of the right wing guard, tomorrow’s season will be reimbursed. Therefore, apart from Deng Hanwen, Jankovic called Sun Guowen again, which also shows that these four players are the candidates for the position of the right wing guard of the national football team. (Luca)