Zola: Serie A seems to be back to the age of seven sisters. Lantaro has matured. Chick is underestimated.

Live Bar, August 29 news in the DAZN studio, Italian celebrity Zola expressed his views on the Serie A this season.

He said: “In my opinion, Lautaro is very mature now and in a stable state. He made a lot of contributions to Inter, and his performance surprised me. Little Turam also impressed me. He has a strong ability to control the ball and has made great contributions on the defensive end.”

“Juve fought for the Serie A champion? They are one of the candidates for the championship, but the wonderful thing about Serie A is that this is an era of winning the championship. Many teams have the possibility of winning the championship, which makes Serie a more attractive, it also reminds me of the age of seven sisters. Of course, the Premier League is still better than Serie A, but I think we are on the right track.”

“Pulisic is very strong. As long as he is not troubled by injuries, he can perform well. Chick is underestimated. He can play many different positions and become a key player in Serie A. When I coached Chelsea with Surrey, Chick was a key player. His physical quality is outstanding, and we can always use this to decide the competition. It is very important that he can receive the ball, Excel and create opportunities well.”

(Iron Steel Fist)

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