Sulai: I have few opportunities in Juve. Gatti suggested that I come to florosino.

Live broadcast bar, August 30 news Sulai joined flosino on loan from Juventus this summer. When interviewed by reporters after joining, Sulai said that he had received too little playing time in Juventus, and said it was Gatti who suggested joining florosino himself.

Sulai said: “Joining floschino was a decision I waited until the last moment to make with the coach. I was persuaded by the team plan in florcionne, who pursued me for a long time. I have little playing time at Juventus, and I will get more playing opportunities this season and try to prove myself. It is never easy to prove myself, but I will do my best.”

“The new season will be very difficult. We need to complete the relegation task. The basis is to maintain unity. I talked to Garty about floschino and I asked him a lot about it. He suggested that I come here because floschino was great and the fans were great.”

(Iron Steel Fist)

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