Samer: German football is in the great crisis., but we are the champions who make excuses to hide it.

Live broadcast bar on August 30, the famous football club of xunde visited the podcasting program “Samer äher” of pictorial Phrasenm days ago, in which he said that German football was in crisis, however, all parties in German football have done very well in making excuses.

Samer: “Sooner or later, I will speak more clearly, because in my opinion, German football is in the biggest crisis since I remember.”

“In terms of finding excuses and explaining why everything can’t play a role, we are the best world champion and European champion. I am really shocked and speechless about how people cover up this a great crisis. With nice words without taking responsibility.”

The German team was out of the group match in the Qatar World Cup at the end of last year, which was the third consecutive bad competition since the 16th European Cup in 2021 and the 2018 World Cup group match. In the warm-up match some time ago this year, the German team’s match was also disastrous. In addition, the youth training of German football also has great problems.

Therefore, the wish of Samer is: “We don’t have to win everything again immediately, but from the perspective of competition, you have to make your opponents afraid of playing against Germany again, because they know it is almost impossible to beat us, and we must do it again as soon as possible. This is my big wish.”


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