Roman fame: lucuku Dibala is the strongest combination of Serie A, and they can easily join hands to score 40 goals.

Live Bar, August 30 -lucucu arrived in Rome yesterday and will officially join on loan. Roman celebrity pruzo talked about lucuku’s joining in an interview with the messenger.

“Rome needs fresh blood. I am here to congratulate Chairman Fridkin, who has surprised us for three summer windows in a row. After Jose and Dibala, this year is lucuku. To be honest, I didn’t expect Lukaku to join Rome.”

“I don’t know whether lucaku can reach the previous level of Barty in Rome, but he is indeed a center who can change the face of Rome. Lukaku will be a partner with dibara in Rome. I don’t like to compare it all the time, but look at osmeen-kvara, flahovic-kiessa, I think lucuku-Dibala is the strongest attack team in Serie A, and they can easily score 40 goals together.”


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