Mother’s hunger strike, 200 residents support rlby Rice: Jenny, please tell the truth

Live broadcast bar, August 29 according to the report of “as”, Rice’s mother was on hunger strike in the church rlby, and 200 local residents outside the church expressed support for rlby rice, and asked female football team Jenny elmoso to tell the truth.

The Spanish Football Association president was suspended for 90 days in rlby because of widespread controversy over his strong kiss on female team members El Moso after the women’s football World Cup final. Therefore, on Monday morning local time, rlby Rice’s mother began to hunger strike in the church to protest.

According to the latest news in the AS newspaper, 200 residents gathered at the scene, and they expressed their support for rlby rice. Neighbors raised the slogan and said, “Enough! Please stop the inhuman attack on rlby rice “and” Jenny, why don’t you tell the truth “and” only the truth is the only way out, Jenny, please confess “and so on.

At the same time, rlby Rice’s relatives and friends also expressed anger at the scene. They thought that the chairman of the Western Football Association was a very friendly person, some interested people used the incident to frame him out of jealousy, and they were puzzled by elmoso’s three-time change of testimony and asked her to tell the truth.

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