ESPN: The head coach of the US team has not resolved the dispute with Reina, but he is ready to start communication.

Live broadcast on August 30 according to ESPN news, US men’s football coach Bo Hardt said in an interview that they had not communicated after the dispute with the midfield player Reina in the World Cup last year, but efforts are being made to solve this problem.

At a meeting after the World Cup in Qatar, Bo Hardt told how he almost sent a player (later confirmed to be Reina) home because of misbehavior.

This aroused the anger of Reina’s parents, who were all former American international players. Reina’s parents reported the domestic violence that happened when Berhalter and his current wife were in college to the then American Football Association (USSF). USSF then conducted an investigation and accepted Bo Hardt’s explanation, which enabled him to return to the coaching position.

The 2026 World Cup will be co-hosted by the United States, Canada and Mexico. Bo Hardt was reappointed as the head coach of the American men’s football team in June. Bo Hardt said that he had called almost every player. When talking about his repairing the relationship with Reina, he said: “I plan to start this process. I hope we can reach a consensus on how to move forward together. He is a super talented player who can help this team.” But he said: “It’s not like you pick up the phone and say, ‘Hey, man, that’s the way it is. ‘So simple.”

Bo Hardt also refused to reveal whether he had reconciled with Reina’s parents.

Reina was injured in his mid-calf in the victory over Canada in the finals of the China North America and Caribbean national league, and has not yet participated in the competition. Last week, he returned to Dort training, but he was not included in the League list of the team and Bochum, which means that he may not represent the US team next month.

The US team will face Uzbekistan in St. Louis on September 9 and Oman in St. Paul, Minnesota three days later. Bo Hardt will announce the list of participants in these two games on Wednesday.

If Reina did not participate in these competitions, his next chance to be called up would be a friendly match against Germany and Ghana in October.


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