Compared with last season, hafts this season has increased opportunities, running distance and passing number.

Live broadcast bar on August 30, news Sky Sports counted the data comparison between haffitz’s Premier League last season and the Premier League this season. The number of shots and sprints decreased, the number of opportunities created, the number of passes, the success rate of passing, the running distance is increased.

The 90-minute data of haffitz last season’s Premier League and this season’s Premier League:

2022/23 season-2023/24 season:

Shooting Times: 2.5-1.5

Number of opportunities created: 1.3-1.9

Pass times: 30.3-39.3

Pass Success rate: 82.4%-89.3%

Running Distance: 10.8km-11.9km

Sprint times: 19.7-12.2


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