Western media check the transfer progress of Barcelona: cancelokiben finalized Langley, Garcia and others or left the team

Live broadcast on August 29 News Spanish media “Levo” recently published an analysis of the latest trend of Barcelona summer window transfer and said that the next week will be decisive.

— Recruitment

First of all, Barcelona’s main task this week is two Portuguese: Cancelo and Felix. The club is carrying out several operations, including entering and leaving accounts, to complete the team’s reinforcement work.

Cancelo’s transfer is basically over. Manchester City and Barcelona finalized the final details of the transfer. The player will go to Barcelona in the next few hours to pass the relevant medical examination and sign a contract with Barcelona. He will come here on loan without buyout terms. Harvey has already waited for him with open arms. He may even stage his Barcelona debut against Osasuna on Sunday.

Is Joon Felix Barcelona’s choice? Yes, he is a choice, although it is not easy. The current background is: at the economic level, the bedsheet Legion requires Barcelona to bear all the players’ salaries and pay a certain amount of transfer fee, while for the current Barcelona, neither want to do it nor have the ability to do it; And in sports, Laporta likes Felix very much, Harvey and Decaux also like it very much, but they don’t think it is the top priority, because besides Cancelo, the coach wants to use a creative midfield to strengthen the lineup.

If you have to say that Felix is a choice for Barcelona in the transfer market, you can only say that Barcelona has many conditions to sign Felix, that is to say, as long as Atletico Madrid significantly reduces its economic requirements, then Barcelona can take over Felix, and with the departure of some players, Barcelona club will have more salary space.

— Leaving the team

At the exit of leaving the team was langle, who stayed in the team Yogueta. Barcelona club had to pay him 16 million euros this season. Harvey’s plan does not have his position, and the players know this. So his future is far from Barcelona. Although he received many invitations, the player was not tempted by the idea of going to Saudi Arabia and he was not willing to leave Europe.

Eric Garcia is another person to choose. Herona has made a transfer request for the player and has contacted the players. He is very hopeful to strengthen herona’s defense line. Although Harvey counted on Eric, he had only a few playing time so far, which made the central defender look promising to leave.

Another person who re-enters the line of sight of leaving the team is Abde, and the player is currently considering his future. The winger was depressed and his agent would have new talks with the club in the next few days. This decision (whether to leave the team) will be made by Abu de, although Harvey and Decaux have once again expressed to the agent of the player that the club thinks he is “not for sale”.

The situation of Marcos-Alonso will also change. The arrival of Cancelo may complicate his problem of going and staying. In Barcelona, the club believes that Portuguese can replace bald on the left. In the past few hours, Manchester United has been asking about him and is willing to offer him a two-season contract.

Barcelona club’s prediction for the next period of time is that there will be new players coming and someone will leave.


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