Shenzhen team player: even if you have no money, you have to finish this year’s game, just to live up to this profession

Live broadcast on August 30 according to the report of Oriental Sports Daily, the players of Shenzhen team are ready to play this year’s game. Even if there is no money, they should live up to this profession.

One day in early July this year, the members of the deep foot team were told that they “paid”. “At that time, the first reaction was to check your text message immediately to see how much it was sent.” One player said, “there is not much money, only two months’ salary, but many players are already in tears.” This is the first time that the deep foot club has paid money in more than a year. Many players joked that “it is almost impossible to open the pot”. The first salary this year was paid not because of the deep enough income, but the dividend of the Chinese Super League Company last season. It is reported that at that time, not only did the deep football club pay the players, but several clubs with serious back pay also used this dividend to pay their own players.

The second time the deep foot team received the money this year was in the first half of August, only one month after the salary was paid in July. This made some people overjoyed at that time, thinking whether the deep foot was already on the right track, and then the salary would be paid monthly. “See if there will be any money at the beginning of next month”, many people are looking forward to it.

The last champion Wuhan Sanzhen club recently issued a document saying that since September 1st, it will no longer invest in the club team, which has once again aroused concerns about the survival prospects of the deep football club. Even the last champion can’t survive. Where will the heavily indebted Shenzhen team go? However, some Shenzhen players said: “I have experienced the days when I didn’t get the money for a year and a half. What else can I be afraid. Even if you have no money, you have to finish this year’s game, not for anything else, just to live up to this career.”


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