Richard: Phillips has few opportunities in Manchester City, but I won’t sell him to Liverpool.

Live Bar, August 30 news in a program, former Manchester City defender Richard talked about the transfer rumors between Blue Moon midfield Calvin Phillips and Liverpool, and he suggested the team not to sell Phillips to the Red Army.

Richard said like this: “Phillips is in a difficult situation. He was injured after joining Manchester City, and it was not a minor injury. When he came back, he was injured again. Do you remember his performance in the European Cup? He and Rice have excellent defensive partners.”

“We know he has done it, but he won’t get that chance in Manchester City, because roderi may be the best back waist in the world. You can let kovasic play, let B play, and your side guard can also enter the midfield.”

“He doesn’t have much chance in Manchester City, but will I sell him to Liverpool? No, I won’t do that. He is very capable. He can play for Liverpool and do well, and he is indeed the player Liverpool needs.”

(Ma Dongyu)

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