Official: Leipzig signs left-back Lenz from Frankfurt, and both sides sign a 1+1 contract

Live Bar News on August 30 local time on Wednesday morning, RB Leipzig officially announced the signing of left-back Lenz from Frankfurt, which is the 10th new aid of the club this summer.

Leipzig officials said that Lenz moved from Frankfurt and he got a contract from one year to 2024, including an option to renew the contract for one year. In the new season, he will wear Leipzig’s No. 3 jersey and begin to participate in team practice today.

The 28-year-old German player was born in Berlin and is mainly a left-back player, but he can also play left midfield or left center-back. In his past career, Lenz has played in menxing, Berlin united, Kiel, Frankfurt and other teams.

When performing his first Bundesliga show on August 18, 2019, Lenz and his Berlin Alliance at that time faced Leipzig. After joining Frankfurt in 2021, he won the Champions League with the team at the end of the season. Lenz played 93 games in the Bundesliga with 10 assists.

Lenz said to join Leipzig: “I am very happy to cooperate with one of Germany’s best clubs in Leipzig now. The most important thing now is that I want to adapt as soon as possible. I think it is best to play immediately. We have many plans for this season, and I want to make a contribution to our goal.”

Albert, the sports director of Leipzig, said: “By signing Lenz, we can fill the final vacancy that still exists in the lineup and find a good alternative in the left-back position. He has made great progress in the past few years, bringing a lot of experience and great mentality.”

“He can play the system of four defenders and the formation of three central defenders/five central defenders. He is a player with strong competition ability and very devoted. In addition, he has strong running and confrontation ability and is very clever in defensive actions.”

“After signing Lentz, we have at least two players in all positions of the squad, so we have also completed all the squad plans in terms of recruitment.”


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