Nunez: belsa thought I could do something better, and he corrected me

Live broadcast on August 29 News in an interview, Liverpool striker Nunez talked about belsa’s help to himself.

Nunez said: “He thought I could do something better, and he corrected me. For example, in one game, the whole team of the opponent contracted the defense, and then he told me that I should not be in front of the second central defender of the opponent, but to hit behind him, so the central defender lost his goal.”

“The fact is that the conversation with him was very pleasant. Many people have talked with me about what kind of person he is. I think he is a good person and a serious person. Now the national team has entered a new stage. I hope everything goes well for us, because we hope to bring this kind of happiness to all the people of Uruguay again.”

Regarding the position competition in Liverpool, Nunez said: “As you can see, we have Salah, Louis-Dias, gakbo and Ruota. They are all top players. I am in a big club and there will be competition among players, but it is healthy competition, which is why we appear in Liverpool. Now the other players in my team are at the same level as me.”

(Ma Dongyu)

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