Frank: I found my ideal three children in Zhejiang team, all of whom have gone to school in Hangzhou.

Live broadcast on August 29 News in an exclusive interview with football newspaper, Frank, a foreign aid from Zhejiang team, introduced his feelings of playing in Zhejiang team and playing Super League. He also revealed that he hoped to stay in China in the future.

Your performance in the game that Zhejiang team reversed the harbor is still talked about by many Chinese fans, do you know?

Is it? (LAUGHTER) it was a match many days ago, and I put it down for the time being. From my point of view, the victory for the first place away from home is essentially no different from the victory for Dalian people yesterday, with 3 points.

Do you think there is any change in the level of the Chinese Super League this season?

I think this season’s league level has improved compared with last season, and the game is even worse. Last season, some teams encountered relatively big economic difficulties, and their belief in winning and desire for relegation were not very stable, which made the overall level of the league fluctuate, basically all teams have a strong desire this season, and their attitude towards the game is also very serious, and their strength is closer. Therefore, compared with last season, this year, both strength and difficulty have increased.

Judging from your personal resume, you are actually one of the most anticipated gifted teenagers in football in Croatia, but fate seems to have never given you a good stage, and your career seems to be a little rough.

I dare not regard myself as a gifted teenager, but I have received more attention since I was a child. This has something to do with my father, who was once the Croatia international. When I was 6 years old, I began to learn football from haiduke. During my 15 years in haiduke, I almost spent it under my father’s aura and had some pressure. Perhaps because people are too looking forward to hanging my father’s photos side by side on the honor room wall of haiduke club, I have not performed well. After leaving haiduke, I went to Dinamo, Rijeka and Belgium again, and then came to China. I have always wanted to find the best self, Croatia Rijeka, Belgium Ghent and Zhejiang, China, all left the footprints I wanted, and I found the ideal self.

Why did you come to China?

When I returned to Croatia from Belgium, I faced new choices. At that time, two friends I was familiar with recommended the Chinese league to me. They were Samir and Santini who used to play for Suning in Jiangsu province, some coaches who have been to China have also recommended it. All the news I heard about China and the Chinese league in Croatia are basically positive and positive, and the Croats recognize China very much. At that time, the Zhejiang team wanted to impact the Super League and invited me sincerely, so I came.

Zhejiang club is regarded as an “alternative existence” in the Chinese league. It does not speculate or throw money. It has its own plans and follows the steps. In your eyes, what kind of existence mode is Zhejiang club?

I am honored to join the Zhejiang club and I am full of gratitude. In my first season here, the team was still in the middle A. At that time, due to the limit of foreign aid quota and joining in the middle of I am, the initial state was not very good, the help given to the team is also very limited. At that time, I have been waiting for the top management of the club to talk to me, or the team gave me some pressure, because professional football is very realistic, at least in Europe, but what I didn’t expect was that what I waited for was the club’s concern, tolerance and help to me, without the cold eyes and cold attitude I imagined, coach, the teammates and all the staff were also very kind to me, that is, with everyone’s help, I passed through that difficult period and found confidence, but also firmly believed in fighting for such a club and giving everything.

The Zhejiang team felt like an army to the outside world. Whether it was formation or catching the ball, the discipline was strict, and even under pressure, it was not easy to open a big foot. How did this happen?

Thanks to coach Jody, he built such a team. Coach Jody’s requirements for training are very strict, and there is also the atmosphere of the whole club. The division of labor of Zhejiang club is very fine and professional. The whole club also operates according to the established principles, even if we encountered some difficulties at the beginning of the year, we did not change our working attitudes and principles.

In fact, the period when you came to China is not the best time for Chinese football. Kingyuan the tide of football has ebbed, do you feel sorry for being late?

No, on the contrary, I think the current Chinese football is quite good. After removing some bubbles, the level may not look as good as before, but I think this kind of football is closer to the real Chinese football and more pure, I am very happy to play football here.

I noticed that you got married very early, when you were only 21 years old. Why did you get married so early?

(LAUGHTER) my wife and I have known each other since we were very young. We have already recognized each other, so we got married when I was 21. Now we have a daughter and two sons. I think I am the happiest person.

Is your family in China now? How do you plan for the future?

They are coming back soon. Their eldest daughter is going to primary school and their two sons are going to kindergarten. I have found international schools and kindergartens in Hangzhou. As for the future, I hope to be still in China.

How do you adapt to Chinese dietary culture? Is there any Chinese food that you prefer?

I like Chinese food very much and like Yeung Chow Fried Rice best.


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