Beiqing: the national football training warm-up place still chose the Chengdu men’s football Asian Games team, only Wu Shaocong left to save variables

Live broadcast on August 29 according to the report of Beijing Youth Daily, after communication between Chinese Football Association, Sichuan Football Association and relevant parties in Chengdu, the national football team finally arranged the training and two warm-up matches in Chengdu, which was originally planned. The Chinese Football Association is expected to announce the training notice of the national football team and the Asian Games team on August 30. Among the players, Wu Shaocong, The National Foot of the men’s Asian Games team, has not confirmed whether he can return to the team as scheduled because of his stay in the foreign country.

Before that, influenced by objective factors, the national football team encountered a “episode” in the choice of training and warm-up in September “. Chengdu, the preferred host, may not be able to host the competition for some reason. However, after active communication from all parties, the national football training and competition place was still arranged in Chengdu according to the original plan, and the home court was the professional stadium of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park.

The new training notice of the men’s football Asian Games team will also be announced soon. It is understood that the coaching teams of the two national football teams have respectively finalized their respective international candidates. If there is no accident, the overage international football Barton who once supported the men’s football Asian Games in June will return to the national football team. And one of the over-age players he left was likely to “let” Liu Yang, the left foot of the Taishan team.

In terms of the recruitment and adjustment of the two teams, the only variable at present is Wu Shaocong, the suitable-age player of the men’s Asian Games team. This summer, 23-year-old Wu Shaocong joined the Tujia youth club on loan. In the first three rounds of the new season’s Tujia league, Wu Shaocong started in a row and played all the matches. Wu Shaocong is able to stand firm in Tu Jia, which is undoubtedly beneficial to accelerating his own growth. However, most of the Hangzhou Asian Games football matches are arranged in the non-international match day cycle, so the men’s football Asian Games team also needs to communicate with the club on the issue of recruiting him.

Before that, the coach team of the men’s football Asian Games team was very eager to recruit Wu Shaocong to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games. However, it is still unknown whether the club is willing to allow it. At present, all parties are still communicating on this matter.


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