Sky Sports: Nottingham Forest and Chelsea have basically negotiated the transfer of odoy

Live Bar, August 30 according to Sky Sports, Nottingham Forest is approaching an agreement with Chelsea on the transfer of striker odoy. The two clubs have basically been negotiated and are currently discussing the final details. For odoy, personal terms are not expected to be a problem. He has entered the last year of Chelsea’s contract and hopes to make a deal. Odoy had played under Nottingham Forest coach Steve Cooper before. He was a member of Cooper who led England U17 to win the World Cup in 2017. (Baili)

Reporter: Paris believes that mbapei is close to renewing the contract, Nasser is optimistic about this

Live broadcast bar, August 29 -based on the news from Marca reporter ramonálvarez and TA reporter Mario Cortegana, Paris believes that mbap is about to renew its contract. Mario Cortegana said that Paris believed that mbapei was close to renewing the contract, and the club believed that the multiple steps/actions taken by the player gave people a feeling that he would choose to renew the contract. Ramón Álvarez said that Nasser was optimistic about the renewal of mbap, but would continue to observe whether this optimism was supported by facts. At the same time, not long ago, mbampe’s mother Lamari once told Real Madrid that her son would not renew the contract. (aliang)

De Sky: Paris 80 million euros full + EJI Dickies discount offer muani, French eagle is unwilling to accept

Live broadcast bar on August 30, news from xunde Sky fame Plettenberg, Frankfurt is not willing to accept the latest 80 million euro offer from Paris to muani, and Paris is not willing to improve. Plettenberg said: Paris offers a full transfer fee of 80 million euros and is willing to sell EKI Dickies at a special price, but Frankfurt is unwilling to accept it. According to the current situation, muani will have to stay in the team, and the players are frustrated.

Inzaghi Xiao: scoring is not only a problem for forwards, but also for players in other positions.

Live broadcast on August 29 news in the second round of Serie A, Inter Milan played Cagliari away. Inter Milan coach Inzaghi was interviewed before the match. About this game Inzaghi Xiao: “We are well prepared. This week is longer than usual. Our training is very good, and so is Cagliari. They played their first game against Turin away, and we know this game is not easy.” About Marcus tulam “Everyone must take part in goals, forwards and other players. Marcus must continue to do what he has done well in the past month and a half, anau tovich will also be on standby in the game, which will not be an easy game.” About Fratelli “He is as good as others. We are sorting out all kinds of problems in the team. Acerbi and Santz are absent from the match today, but we still need to do something, we all focus on tonight’s game.” (mageth)

Owen: Nunez has incredible qualities, and these two goals will always accompany him.

Live Bar on August 29, Wen Yinglan’s famous residence Owen was interviewed by the media. When talking about Nunez who played against Newcastle, Owen made an evaluation. Owen said: “How influential Nunez is. I always feel that he has some defects when watching his match, but now he shows incredible quality.” “These two goals will always accompany him, and they are all very wonderful goals.” “He will feel that he is a little difficult, because he is a top scorer and a player introduced by the team at a large price. He has hardly played this season. He is in good health. This is the first time he has seen a real opportunity this season. So did he seize this opportunity? Both goals are very difficult.” “I have said many times that this guy has something I like very much. He has concise style, fast speed, strong body, incredible shooting skills and strong ability to grab points, in addition, there are many favorite features, maybe he is really special.” (Little Green Devil)

Reporter: Although venius was injured, Real Madrid did not intend to introduce strikers in the transfer market.

Live broadcast, August 29, according to Ruiz, Melchor, a reporter from corbel radio, Real Madrid did not intend to lead a forward in the transfer market even though venius would be out of battle for some time due to injury. In the third round of La Liga, venius left because of injury in just 18 minutes. It is said that Brazilians will be injured for about 6 weeks. (Two Monsters)

Ferdinand talks about criticism of B Fei: how dare they, B Fei is the most creative in Manchester United

Live broadcast on August 29 News Ferdinand recently defended B fee in the podcasting program, and said that he was brave to take responsibility and dare to spread the adventure ball, which was a demonstration of personality. Ferdinand said bluntly that the team needed players like him. Richard criticized B Fei in an interview earlier, saying that some of his body language on the court did not help the team. When talking about the criticism B Fei suffered, Ferdinand said, “I was a little surprised and thought, ‘how dare these people say this’. He was the most creative player in the league last season. So far this season, he is the most creative player. He was the first player to create ten goals for his teammates.” “Since he came to the club, he has outperformed all other players in creating goals and assists.” After joining the club in 2020, B Fei made 188 appearances in all competitions, contributing 65 goals and 55 assists. “Players like BFE will attract more attention than any other players on the court because they will take risks,” Ferdinand continued. “When he takes the risk of passing the ball and succeeds, he will be more conspicuous than everyone else.” “But when the adventure fails, there will be many voices of doubt, and he has the courage to make some attempts. Do you know how afraid some players are of taking risks? Do you know this is a show of personality?” Joel Beya, who participated in the program together, asked, “Do you have any examples in this field? Have you seen the opposite?” “The names of some big players appear in my mind, because some players will not spread difficult balls. I am thinking about some players who are willing to take risks, “Ferdinand added. Baya continued to ask, “Have you ever seen Scholes avoid taking such risks?” Ferdinand replied, “No, never. I have never seen Scholes evade such a responsibility. This is an important feature that cannot be measured by charts and data. For example, after training last week, B- Fei continued to play for some adventure attempts and became the most creative player in the team on weekends-This is character and this is what you need.” (Baili)

Sutton: kicking the forest Rushford diving point; Kane is the diving master Ferguson once put pressure on the penalty

Live broadcast on August 29 News Beijing Time on August 26, the third round of the Premier League, with the creation of Rushford, Manchester United 3-2 reversed victory over Nottingham Forest. Former England player Chris Sutton and journalist Ian Ledman talked about the penalty. Sutton said: “I just think the referee felt great pressure in Old Trafford. Atville sentenced penalty kick and Rob Jones was VAR referee. I understand why atville was sentenced to penalty kick immediately. But Rob Jones could look back at the situation at that time. He had an all-round perspective to see that Rushford was obviously diving. As far as I am concerned, this can no longer be called an obvious misjudgment, but a complete rubbish. “This is not a foul at all, but a diving. I think you will agree with this. Therefore, Manchester United should not be fined penalty kick.” Ian Ledman then asked, “when you used to play for a small team, when you go to Old Trafford, Anfield or Highbury, do you think the referee’s punishment is very bad?” Sutton said: “Yes, of course, because I really feel the pressure of the fans on the scene. Some referees are a little stronger, but I think this should be the norm, isn’t it? I think we have seen the pressure Ferguson has put on the referee in the past few years, but people should have their own judgment. But look at what happened to Manchester United in the first two home games against Wolves and Nottingham Forest this season. Every match will have a major penalty that affects the result. Frankly speaking, most people in this country will be confused about this. “I don’t like people saying that football is a game for smart people. I really don’t like that. This involves all the fans in the country. If it happens to the team they like, they will be very angry. This situation needs to be stopped immediately. I have said many times that diving requires very serious punishment. If you ban the players for three games, I think they will realize the seriousness of the consequences. “I think Rushford’s behavior on the weekend has been discovered. We already know Kane is a diving master. Now he has gone to Bundesliga and he can dive there. Salah also jumped over the water. The whole Premier League is like this, and the players look silly.” (Sonnytime)

Advice to other athletes? Harland: I think sleep is really important

Live broadcast on August 30, Harland stressed the importance of sleep in an interview and said it was very helpful to maintain a good physical condition. When talking about suggestions to other athletes, Harland replied, “I have a certain understanding of running, training and biomechanics. We should use our body to make it work and play in the best condition.” “Besides, I think sleep is the most important thing in the world. Keeping a good sleep is all simple things. Blue light shielding glasses, shielding all-bogey. I wear these glasses three hours before going to bed. These are all small things, but they are really very effective. Do some simple things every day, and long-term persistence will pay off.” (Baili)

Romano: Villa is considering introducing langele. Barcelona is sure that the players will leave the team this summer.

Live broadcast bar, August 29 according to the well-known journalist Romano, Vera is interested in langle and is considering signing the Barcelona central defender in the last few days of summer window. Romano pointed out that Villa was considering introducing langale in the last few days of summer window. They had several potential recruitment options in the central defender position, but Barcelona had noticed Villa’s interest in langale, we are waiting for the further development of the situation. In any case, Barcelona is convinced that Langley will leave the team this summer. Langley’s current contract will expire in 2026. he was rented to Tottenham Hotspur last season and played 35 games, contributing 1 goal and 2 assists, with a playing time of 2718 minutes. (Wood)