Photo Newspaper: Paris quotation is too low & Frankfurt does not want to be blackmailed, muani may be able to train on Wednesday

Live broadcast on August 30 news in an interview released on Tuesday night local time, muani made it clear that he wanted to leave and join Paris. In a subsequent report, pictorial pointed out that Frankfurt did not want to be blackmailed, while players might stop training on Wednesday. In the interview of German Sky Sports, muani said bluntly that he hoped Frankfurt could accept the offer from Paris and let him transfer smoothly. According to German Sky’s report on Tuesday night, the Paris offer of 80 million euros + EKI Dickies was rejected. Pictorial said that the conflict about muani’s transfer was escalating, and his interview on Tuesday night exploded like a bomb in Frankfurt. Because: this is an unauthorized interview, and Frankfurt is very surprised. According to the news in pictorial, muani’s interview is just the opposite. According to the news from Frankfurt club, they now minimize the possibility of this transfer. The main reason behind this is that the quotation of the so-called 65 million ogaeki Dickies in the rumor in Paris-according to the News of the photo newspaper-is actually much lower, part of the transfer fee of EKI Dickies will offset muani’s transfer fee. Therefore, it is logical that Frankfurt sports director closher does not want to participate in this deal, and he will continue to insist on asking for the striker’s 0.1 billion-euro transfer fee. The report also said that there is no prospect of getting a solution before closing the window at 6 pm on Friday, because Paris only offers a price of more than half of the price. Pictorial said that this is why muani and his brokerage team are now trying to blackmail Frankfurt. One thing that has attracted much attention now is whether the striker will return to the team at 11 a.m. local time on Wednesday to participate in the last training before the European Cup play-off. According to the news in pictorial, Frankfurt coach topmuler still plans to start Moani in Thursday’s match. But if the player starts training for the first time on Wednesday, then no one will be surprised. Related news:Paris offers 80 million euros! Muani: I have informed the top management that I hope the team will let me go to Paris. (Ximu)

Sulai: I have few opportunities in Juve. Gatti suggested that I come to florosino.

Live broadcast bar, August 30 news Sulai joined flosino on loan from Juventus this summer. When interviewed by reporters after joining, Sulai said that he had received too little playing time in Juventus, and said it was Gatti who suggested joining florosino himself. Sulai said: “Joining floschino was a decision I waited until the last moment to make with the coach. I was persuaded by the team plan in florcionne, who pursued me for a long time. I have little playing time at Juventus, and I will get more playing opportunities this season and try to prove myself. It is never easy to prove myself, but I will do my best.” “The new season will be very difficult. We need to complete the relegation task. The basis is to maintain unity. I talked to Garty about floschino and I asked him a lot about it. He suggested that I come here because floschino was great and the fans were great.” (Iron Steel Fist)