Ferdinand: the Glazer family lacks communication and respect. They want to tell the fans what happened.

Live broadcast, August 29 news recently, Manchester United’s celebrity Ferdinand attacked Manchester United’s boss Glazer family’s “shameful silence” for potential acquisitions. He once again called on the club to improve communication with fans. The Glazer family confirmed in last November that they were conducting a “strategic review” of their ownership, and it was not clear whether the Manchester United boss planned to sell the club or look for new investments. It is understood that Shaikh-Jassim and Sir Ratcliffe are two interested parties, but they both signed confidentiality agreements to avoid hindering the acquisition process. Ferdinand said, “You know, when they do this, I will be the one who says, ‘I told you. Personally, I think (Glazer family) does not respect the fan group. Communication is what I have been emphasizing all the time. I just communicate with people to let them know what happened in their club.” “This is something they don’t understand. This is the football club of the fans. They are the promoters of everything in the football club. The team, head coach and staff are all running the club, but fans are the reason why these clubs become what they are now. I don’t think they are appreciated in the whole process, respect or recognition.” “During the whole process, give them something to eat, explain why it took so long, let us know if you are willing to sell now, just a little communication, now there is only pure silence, which I think is wrong.” On Saturday, after Manchester United’s 3-2 victory over Nottingham Forest, Manchester United fans held a sit-in protest against the Glazer family at Old Trafford. (Moon footprint)

Atletico Madrid vs valecano starting: depe and greezman play Morata and Felix substitute

Live broadcast on August 29 news in the third round of La Liga, Atletico Madrid played ballecano away. Before the game, the official announced the starting list of this game. Starting from Atletico Madrid: 13-Austria Buraq, 15-Savage, 20-witthell, 22-El Moso, 16-Mollina, 5-De Paul, 24-Barrios, 8-Saur, 21-Carrasco, 9-Depe, 7-grezeman Atletico Madrid substitutes: 1-gerbilge, 31-Gomes, 3-aspiliquetta, 4-seryunju, 17-Garland, 27-Costis, Lino, 14-Marcos-loulant, 25-Rickel May, 10-Angel-Correa, 18-Felix, 19-Morata Valecano starts: 1-Dimmit Levski, 5-alidane, 12-Espino, 20-balicano, 24-Lerong, 17-Una-Lopes, 18-Alvaro-Garcia, 23-Oscar-Valentine, 7-parazon, 8-Trejo, 22-de Thomas Darman collaboration substitutes: 13-Cardenas, 3-charvalia, 4-Martin, 9-Falkau, 10-Beibei, 11-entka, 14-Quik, 16-Moming, 19-De Frutos, 21-Sith, 29-diego-Mendes, 34-Carmelo