US media: Massey put pressure on logistics after joining, and 400 media came on the stage to temporarily set up tents for interviews.

Live broadcast on August 30, the US media Miami Herald reported that media reports brought by Macy’s joining Miami caused logistical pressure on Miami International and the alliance. This also forced Miami International and the United States to make special arrangements at every stadium where Massey plays to ensure the safety of Massey and media staff. Massey was not used to receiving many interviews in the past, and now he is adapting to the requirements of the American League and American media, and cooperating with Miami and the alliance. Find ways to make Massey more accessible to the media without causing security risks. Due to the limited size, Miami home court and many other SLS team venues could not accommodate hundreds of reporters to enter the dressing room for interviews after the game. The American League is currently seeking to cooperate with various teams and make necessary adjustments. The interview room of Miami International Home DRV PNK can accommodate 60-70 people, but hundreds of people apply for certificates in every match. On Saturday, at New York RedBull, about 400 qualified media watched the first show of the Macy’s league. Therefore, a tent was set up nearby to interview the coaches of the two teams after the game. Temporary roadblock marks are also set nearby for journalists to select players for interviews.