Italian sky: Bayern promised Inter Milan that the Paval transfer fee would be sold for 32 million euros & the upcoming medical examination

Live Bar, August 29 according to the Italian Sky Sports report, Bayern Munich assured Inter Milan that they would definitely sell Paval. According to the report, Bayern Munich continues to keep in touch with Inter Milan today. Meanwhile, Bayern Munich assured Inter Milan that it would definitely sell Paval. At present, Bayern has been trying to find a replacement for the introduction of Paval, while Inter Milan has given a deadline. If Bayern cannot complete the transaction at 15 o’clock local time today, Inter Milan will make other attempts. Now, Pawal’s deal is about to be completed. Later he will arrive in Italy for medical examination and complete the signing. It is reported that the transfer fee introduced by Inter Milan will be 30 million euros +2 million euros bonus. (Iron Steel Fist)

Lu media: Taishan Football Association Cup guest battle Guoan or send 4 foreign aid to start, Felani position or center

Live broadcast bar, August 29 according to the report of Tai’an Daily, the Taishan team will have a more neat lineup in the 1st/4 final of Guo’an Football Association Cup on the 31st, and Felaini can appear again, cui Kangxi can arrange four foreign aid starts. The Taishan team returned to Jinan from Shenzhen on the 26th and resumed normal training on the 27th. Leading player still focused on the recovery and adjustment. Felani did not go to Shenzhen with the team. He stayed in Jinan all the time and trained with Fabio and some young players to maintain his state. Cui Kangxi chose to let Felani rest in the Super League, which was also preparing for the 1/4 final of the FA Cup. Judging from the team’s lineup, Pato’s recovery was good. On the 29th, he went to Beijing with the whole team, and there was a possibility of returning. In this game, Taishan team can arrange four foreign aid to start. Whether Pato can appear depends on Cui Kangxi’s choice. Felani returned to the starting line. His position was still Center, and the position positioning of moyces and clay sang became a highlight. Moisses can match feilani, and can also withdraw from the back waist. The position of creisan is more flexible. The Taishan team should maintain the balance of attack and defense in the away game, and the possibility of Cui Kangxi restarting the third back waist is not ruled out. Liao Lisheng got the chance to take a turn off in the match against Shenzhen. Li Yuanyi and Huang Zhengyu started their debut. If they started together with the third waist, they could form certain restrictions on Guoan’s midfield. In terms of competition system, the Football Association Cup 1/4 final will win or lose in a single game. If the regular time is tied, it will enter the overtime game. If the overtime game cannot win or lose, it will be penalty kick. (Derison)