Ferdinand talks about criticism of B Fei: how dare they, B Fei is the most creative in Manchester United

Live broadcast on August 29 News Ferdinand recently defended B fee in the podcasting program, and said that he was brave to take responsibility and dare to spread the adventure ball, which was a demonstration of personality. Ferdinand said bluntly that the team needed players like him. Richard criticized B Fei in an interview earlier, saying that some of his body language on the court did not help the team. When talking about the criticism B Fei suffered, Ferdinand said, “I was a little surprised and thought, ‘how dare these people say this’. He was the most creative player in the league last season. So far this season, he is the most creative player. He was the first player to create ten goals for his teammates.” “Since he came to the club, he has outperformed all other players in creating goals and assists.” After joining the club in 2020, B Fei made 188 appearances in all competitions, contributing 65 goals and 55 assists. “Players like BFE will attract more attention than any other players on the court because they will take risks,” Ferdinand continued. “When he takes the risk of passing the ball and succeeds, he will be more conspicuous than everyone else.” “But when the adventure fails, there will be many voices of doubt, and he has the courage to make some attempts. Do you know how afraid some players are of taking risks? Do you know this is a show of personality?” Joel Beya, who participated in the program together, asked, “Do you have any examples in this field? Have you seen the opposite?” “The names of some big players appear in my mind, because some players will not spread difficult balls. I am thinking about some players who are willing to take risks, “Ferdinand added. Baya continued to ask, “Have you ever seen Scholes avoid taking such risks?” Ferdinand replied, “No, never. I have never seen Scholes evade such a responsibility. This is an important feature that cannot be measured by charts and data. For example, after training last week, B- Fei continued to play for some adventure attempts and became the most creative player in the team on weekends-This is character and this is what you need.” (Baili)

Germany sky: Frankfurt does not accept Paris’s 80 million euro offer to muani

Live Bar, August 29 News from xunde Sky Florian Plettenberg, Paris Saint Germain was told that Frankfurt would not accept their new offer of 80 million euros. However, the transfer is still in progress, and muani is promoting the transfer. Both clubs want to find a solution, and the next 48 hours will be crucial. Paris Saint-Germain will not pay a 0.1 billion euro transfer fee for muani. A new offer is being prepared. Frankfurt hopes to get a transfer fee of more than 80 million euros for EKI Dickies. (mageth)