East chichi returns to Madrid! Soloist and Real Madrid will play friendly on October 10, men’s basketball

Live broadcast bar, August 30 -real Madrid officially announced that Real Madrid men’s basketball had an appointment with NBA Dallas Lone Ranger for a friendly match. The match was held on October 10 and the venue was the WiZink Center in Madrid. This game is also a game played by Lone Ranger star Dong Qiqi against the old master. Before landing in NBA in 2018, Dong Qiqi played for Real Madrid for men’s basketball 3 seasons, during which he helped Real Madrid win the Men’s Basketball Champions League. (mageth)

Antonio: The FA Cup is a supplement to the league. Qingdao manatees are ready for the penalty kick war.

Pre-match conference of FA Cup 1/4 final Antonio: Hello everyone! We are about to usher in the 1/4 final of the FA Cup, and the whole team is eager to advance. Cup matches and league matches are completely different events. The single defeat elimination system means that we only need one victory to advance, which is different for us. According to the rules, if we draw at regular time, we will enter overtime, so we need to prepare for 120 minutes or even penalty kick. Tomorrow’s game is different. We can’t prepare for the battle according to the previous 90 minutes. Our opponent’s current position in the standings is similar to ours, and the two teams are also very similar, the FA Cup is a supplement to our league, and we will be ready to make full progress! After this game, we will usher in the international match day, and the team will also make good use of the intermittent period to adjust and play the rest of the game. We are ready for a game tomorrow! Zheng Long: The team is in a good state of preparation. Through the competition with Changchun Yatai, the team also found its state. In the league, we lost away to Nantong Zhiyun, hoping to win the opponent’s promotion to the top four through the team’s efforts.