Photo Newspaper: Paris 70 million euros +35 million euros “discount” sale EKI Dickies quotation muani

Live broadcast bar, August 30 news, photo newspaper News, Paris offers muani to Frankfurt for 70 million euro plus 30 million euro +5 million euro bonus “discount price” to sell EKI Dickies, the latter will not accept this condition. According to the photo newspaper, the quotation submitted in Paris is different from the previous French media reports. They only proposed 70 million euros, plus, you can use the “preferential” price of 30 million euro plus 5 million euro bonus to sign the offer of EKI Dickies. However, according to the transfer market website, the 21-year-old EKI Dickies is worth only 20 million euros. There is no doubt that Frankfurt will not agree to this condition and will not be put under pressure. Photo newspaper said that it is increasingly doubtful whether the two sides can reach an agreement in the next few hours. Moani has already conducted a strike today to promote his transfer to Paris. (aliang)

World style: Fadi willing to listen to your quotation, Chelsea is one of the best choices

Live broadcast, August 30 news, world sports news, Fadi is now willing to listen to his quotation, Mendes is trying to find his next home. The world said that Fadi is now unclear about his future in Barcelona. Although his wish was to stay in Barcelona two weeks ago, he is willing to listen to the quotation now. Fadi took advantage of the two-day vacation given by Harvey to seriously think about his situation and what was best for him. Fadi’s family also discussed this and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages. The contract with Barcelona in Fadi lasted until 2027. After his left knee injury, he was in a state of continuous recovery and his playing time decreased. He was a substitute for the first three matches of the league this season. The world said that the decision had not been fully made, and Fadi and his father conveyed it to Mendes. Mendes will sort out the various quotations received. They see that the players have not been able to enter Harvey’s regular lineup. Once (Harvey) conveys (the players are not planned) possibility (although in fact he is no longer in Harvey’s plan), Fadi will decide whether to leave Barcelona by Friday. In the market, Chelsea has become one of the best choices for Fadi. Blues coach Pochetino appreciates Fadi very much. In addition, Tottenham Hotspur and Dort have always shown confidence in young players, and they are also Fadi possible choices. Mendes will work hard in the next few hours to find a club that meets the interests of everyone including Barcelona. The world has learned that this plan is a rental plan. Barcelona does not agree to leave the team this summer Fadi. If you leave, it should also be a transfer method, which can leave a balance of funds and invest in another forward. The world said that Fadi came to Barcelona in 2012, and the team that signed him did not have to amortize due to the deal.

Dimasio: Leon 12 million euros quoted Clooney, Pioli hopes he can stay in the team

Live Bar News on August 30 according to the official website of dimasio, Milan received an important quotation from Lyon for Clooney from 12 million euros to 13 million euros. According to reports, Milan may still sell Clooney, while Lyon is trying to sign him. Pioli attaches great importance to Clooney. He hopes that Clooney can stay in the team, but now he can only wait for the progress of the situation. It is reported that Lyon also offered a contract quotation for Clooney and a higher salary. (Iron Steel Fist)