Sweden’s new big list: Isak, ylang-ylang GA, Kulu, lindelov

Live broadcast bar, August 30 today, Sweden announced the latest national team list, including Isak, lindlov, ylang-ylang, kurusevski and Fosbury. Sweden will welcome the European Cup qualifier against Estonia and Austria in September. The following is the latest national team list of Sweden: Goalkeeper: Olsen (Vera), Johansson (Rosler ham), Nord filter (AIK Solna) Defenders: Augustine (andrecht), ekdar (Burnley), Sheen (Verona), Holm (Spezia), lindlov (Manchester United), SEMA (Watford), STA filter (SELTA), Walquist Inpre-market: cajuster (Naples), Claison (Copenhagen), Albin-ekdar (Spezia), ylang-ylang GA (Nottingham Forest), Fosbury (RB Leipzig), Gustavson (Hegan), gickles (Portuguese sports), Isaac (Newcastle), Karlsson (Bologna), calstrom (Poznan Lech), kurusevski (Tottenham Hotspur), Olson (China-Japan Delan), kuisen (Darman collaboration), Roden (calagolac), swanberry (Wolfsburg) (Jaden)

Here we go! Romano: parval will join Inter Milan, with a total transfer fee of 32 million euros!

Live Bar, August 29 News Romano and dimasio reported at the same time that Bayern Munich defender Pawal would join Inter Milan, with a transfer fee of 30 million euros +2 million euros floating. Romano pointed out: Paval transferred to Inter Milan, Here we go! Bayern has agreed to the transfer, with a total price of 32 million euros (30 million euros +2 million euros floating), and the contract has been agreed today. Paval will go to Milan city for medical examination later today, and players will sign the contract on Wednesday. The player himself wants to join Inter Milan, and now the transaction is completed! Paval is 27 years old and a French defender. Currently, DE has turned around for 40 million euros. In the summer of 2019, he transferred from Stuttgart to Bayern Munich at a price of 35 million euros. On behalf of Bayern, he played 163 times, scored 12 goals and sent 12 assists. Paval’s Bundesliga data last season: