World style: Spanish football association will usher in great changes, and female football coach Bilda will enter the countdown after class

Live broadcast on August 29, according to the world sports news, the management of the Spanish Football Association is about to usher in a great change, and the women’s football coach, Jorge Bilda, has entered the countdown after class. The Spanish Football Association president was suspended for 90 days in rlby because of widespread controversy over his strong kiss on female team members El Moso after the women’s football World Cup final. The world said that Rice was suspended rlby, and the most affected was the female football coach Bilda. In fact, Bilda has been complaining with women’s football players for a long time, and 15 of them female team members have jointly written a letter asking the Football Association to dismiss Bilda. In the end, it was rlby Rice’s strength that enabled Bilda to remain in charge. On Monday, rlby Rice made it clear at the Football Association conference that he would not resign voluntarily, and he planned to renew his contract with Bilda for four years. Now, with Les suspended rlby, Bilda has lost his strong Backer. In fact, his class has entered the countdown. (Qizi cake)

Romano: Genoa failed to reach an agreement with East belay, and the negotiations almost broke down.

Live Bar News on August 30 according to Romano, the negotiation between Genoa and Ndong Belai almost broke down. According to the report, Genoa was ready to give up the negotiation with Ndong belay, and they failed to reach an agreement with the players themselves, while Genoa did not want to wait until the last moment of summer window to make an uncertain decision. At present, although Genoa has negotiated the rental fee with Tottenham Hotspur, the negotiation between Genoa and Ndong belay almost broke down due to the failure to reach an agreement with the players. (Iron Steel Fist)