The second “La Liga hope Cup” Kunming competition ended successfully, and Royal Betis won the championship.

On August 30, 2023, Kunming, China– The second “LALIGA Hope Cup” dedicated a unique and wonderful competition, which officially ended in Kunming on August 30. In the final of a fierce competition, Royal Betis football club defeated Valencia Football Club 3-2 and won the championship trophy. Royal Spanish Football Club and Cadiz football club ranked third and fourth respectively. Spanish striker Aaron Soriano was elected as the best player in this competition, while Javi Martin of Royal Betis was selected as the best goalkeeper. The final marked the end of the five-day wonderful competition. Six teams from La Liga-Royal Spanish Football Club, Royal Betis football club, Cadiz football club, Valencia Football Club, osasuna Racing Club and Royal SELTA Vigo club, together with six local Chinese teams-Henan football club, Hubei Football Association Xinghui Youth Training Academy, Kunming Football Association, Shenzhen Football Association, chongqing Football Association and Yunnan Football Association are suitable for sports competition. It is worth mentioning that this is the second time that Spanish and Valencia have participated in the “La Liga hope Cup”, and the latter has entered the finals twice in a row. The closing ceremony and award ceremony attracted more than 500 live audiences. Yu Hongying, deputy director of Yunnan Sports Bureau, Sun Hongkun, representative of Kunming education and sports bureau, Tang Jing, deputy director of Kunming Culture and Tourism Bureau, and Sergi Sergy, executive director of Greater China of the Spanish league, wang Jianguang, chairman of the future of China sports, and other guests attended the award ceremony. The successful holding of the second “La Liga hope Cup” benefited from the strong support of Yunnan Sports Bureau and Kunming Municipal People’s Government. In addition, I would also like to thank the partners of La Liga league and the exclusive operators of the competition for their future. The five-day competition not only enhanced the football exchange between La Liga club and Chinese local clubs, but also provided an educational platform for young players, it has deepened the communication and understanding between the two sides on each other’s culture. During the competition, players from Spain also had a special cultural tour. They not only visited Yunnan Nationalities Village, but also experienced the unique charm of Kunming Nanping Street. This cultural exchange activity reflects the indispensable significance of “La Liga hope Cup” as a part of a series of cultural activities celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the West. In recent years, La Liga league has always been committed to promoting the development of Chinese football and has established close cooperative partnership with local governments, football institutions and associations. La Liga aims to promote football worldwide and promote the development of Chinese football at all levels. The holding of the Spanish Hope Cup and the establishment of LALIGA Kunming International Football School will further promote the progress and development of youth Football in Yunnan province, contribute to the cultivation of high-level football talents in China.