Rome fans celebrate that lucuku is too crazy when it arrives, damaging many cars at the airport.

Live broadcast on August 30 -lucucu arrived at Rome’s cippino airport today and is about to sign a contract with Rome. The news of lucuku’s arrival made Roman fans crazy. More than 5,000 fans came to the airport, waiting for lucuku’s arrival. After arriving at the airport, the fans spontaneously organized singing team songs and waving team flags. Some fans even jumped up and down on the car in the parking lot in order to have a better view, as a result, many cars were damaged to varying degrees, some cars had obvious depressions on the roof, and some cars even cracked glass. Although the airport has strengthened security measures, the security force is still not enough for parking lots due to lack of manpower and other reasons. (Iron Steel Fist)

Each body: Barcelona needs to wait for the capital injection of the German investment fund to be in place before it can finally sign Cancelo

Live broadcast on August 29 according to the daily sports news, Barcelona needs to wait for the capital injection of German investment funds to finally sign Cancelo. According to the previous agreement, the German investment fund invested 0.12 billion euros to buy part of the shares of Barcelona studio, and some of the money has not been received yet. However, according to the situation of each body, it is only a matter of time to solve the problem (the estimated arrival time is no later than August 29, Spanish local time). Barcelona has already negotiated a one-year lease contract with Manchester City and Cancelo. If certain conditions are met during the lease period (Cancelo is required to play in 70% of the official competition in Barcelona, or Barcelona’s entry into the Champions League’s top 16 this season) will trigger the buyout clause, which costs about 30 million euros. Previously, another report said that Barcelona would only sign a one-year lease contract without buyout clause with Cancelo before closing the window (the buyout will be discussed later), because if a buyout clause is added, it will lead Barcelona to violate La Liga’s fiscal fairness policy. (gransabana)