There are boys in Bern and old boys in football geography.

Figure 1 Figure 2 The Swiss champion Young Boys (BSC Young Boys/Berne little boy) entered the Champions League in the new season. There is also an Old Boys club in Switzerland. Currently, in the fifth league of Switzerland, the main color of the club is yellow and black, which is very similar to the young people (Figure 1 and Figure 2). But in fact, the old boy was established four years earlier than the little boy, and the little boy imitated the old boy. In addition, the old boy is in Basel, the “B” in the team name refers to Basel, the little boy is in Berne, and the “B” in the team name is Berner.

Official: Barcelona renewed its contract with 20-year-old midfield Fermin to 2027, cancellation money 0.4 billion euros

Live broadcast on August 29, Barcelona official news, the club and youth training midfield Fermin-Lopes renewed to 2027, the new contract cancellation money 0.4 billion euros. The 20-year-old Fermin mainly serves as an offensive midfield, and can also play avant-garde and left-wing. He came from Betis youth training camp and joined the Barcelona echelon in 2016 and grew up all the way. This season, he has had a chance to appear in La Liga, in the match against Villarreal, the substitute appeared for 4 minutes. (Goblin killer)

Premier League fourth round referee arrangement: Anthony Taylor law enforcement Arsenal vs Manchester United

Live broadcast on August 29 News the fourth round of the Premier League will be held this weekend. Today, the Premier League officially announced the referee arrangement for each round of matches. Arsenal vs Manchester United will be executed by Anthony Taylor. The specific arrangements are as follows: September 2 3 When Luton vs West Ham Referee: Paul Tierney VAR: John Brooks 19:30 Sheffield United vs Everton referee: Andy Madley VAR: Simon Hooper 22:00 Brentford vs Bournemouth Referee: Robert Madley VAR: Paul Tierney 22:00 Burnley vs Hotspur Referee: Durham-England VAR: John Brooks 22: 00 Chelsea vs Nottingham Forest Referee: Tim Robinson VAR: jaride-Gilet 22 pm Manchester City vs Fulham Referee: Michael Oliver VAR: Tony Harrington September 3 00:30 Brighton vs Newcastle Referee: Stewart-atville VAR: Daren-Bond 21: Crystal Palace vs Wolf team Referee: Robert Jones VAR: Stewart attville 21: 00 Liverpool vs Aston Villa Referee: Simon Hooper VAR: Daren-England 23:30 Arsenal vs Manchester United Referee: Anthony Taylor VAR: jaride gilet (Thomas)