Romano: Inter requested Bayern to give a final reply on the Paval transaction today

Live broadcast bar, August 29th according to the well-known reporter Romano, Inter Milan asked Bayern to give the final reply of the Parva deal today. According to previous media reports, Inter Milan intended to introduce Bayern defender Paval this summer, and the players also actively promoted the transfer. Romano pointed out that Inter Milan asked Bayern to give a final reply on the Paval deal today, this will be a key day for Pawal’s transfer. On the other hand, it may also be a crucial day for Bayern to introduce charloba. The offer of charloba on loan by Bayern was rejected by Chelsea, but the two clubs will continue to negotiate. (Wood)

Guardian: Manchester United has told Maguire that he will not leave this summer window.

Live broadcast, August 29 News Guardian reported that Manchester United had told Maguire that he would not leave the team in this transfer window unless the club’s top management changed his mind. Teng Hach once suggested that Manchester United football director motav sell Maguire, and West Ham is the most likely destination. Two weeks ago, the two clubs reached a 30 million-pound transfer fee agreement on Maguire’s approach, but the deal finally fell through because Manchester United needed to cover the wage gap between Maguire’s departure. If Maguire leaves the team in the last few days of summer window, Manchester United needs to find a replacement, and time is not conducive to doing so. (mageth)