Romano: it is expected that on Crystal Palace, official Xuan Henderson will join us today. The transfer fee is 20 million pounds.

Live broadcast on August 30 according to Romano, the news that Manchester United goalkeeper Henderson joined Crystal Palace may be announced today. Romano said that it is expected that after Henderson completed the medical examination today Crystal Palace, the official announced that he joined. Manchester United will receive 15 million pounds transfer fee from Henderson’s transfer, in addition to 5 million pounds additional terms. Turkish player baindel has also been in Manchester, preparing to sign a contract with Manchester United and take over Henderson’s position. (Baili)

Bo Shuai: young players should be brave. I dared to kick the captain when I was 17 years old, and then I entered the first team.

Live Bar, August 30 -at 02:45 a.m. Beijing Time, August 31, Chelsea will face Wimbledon at home in the second round of the Carling Cup. Blues coach Pochetino talked about the topic of young players before the match. -Selection of young players “I won’t name the players until I give them the list. I hope they know that I don’t want to disappoint some of the players. Some young players have not participated in the first team competition, so they will sit on the bench. If everything goes well, they will get the chance to play. For these 16-and 17-year-old players and their families, it will be very exciting to be able to represent the first team at Stamford Bridge. “I know what it means. They have trained with the first team these days and I have seen how happy they are. The club has its own ideas. Our youth training camp has always been excellent, but I hope to continue to inject vitality into it. The Blues have a good tradition in the promotion and use of youth training players.” -Your experience as a young player “When I was 17 years old, I was in Newells Old Boys. The coach was Jose Yudica. We had a match with the first team that day. Matino was the first-line captain, yes, the one from Miami International, he is cooperating with Macy and Beckham. I remember that day I played Matino in the game, and then the coach scolded me and said: Are you crazy? What are you doing? Matino told me that it was not allowed to appear within two meters from him, or let me go home! “But after that training, the coach told me that I would take part in the derby against Rosario Central. It was the first time I trained with the first team, and then I got the first show of the first team. I played for 15-20 minutes that day, which was amazing. After that, I got more and more opportunities.” -What do you want to say to young players? “To be brave, I dared to be brave to the captain at that time. This was brave. I think the coach liked this. The captain later said: he is brave and the team needs him. This is what I learned. You need to show your personality, especially in your teens. It can show your psychological quality and whether you can bear the pressure, and whether you are ready to accept bigger challenges is very important, which is more important than playing well. “I don’t worry about the training quality of these young players in Chelsea youth training camp, but besides, they need to have what I just said.” (Old onion)