Official: Wolves winger Gades returns to Benfica on loan for one season

Live Bar, August 30 -official news: Wolves winger Gades returned to Benfica on loan for a season. Gades joined the Wolves with a 32.6 million euro transfer fee last summer. He played 18 times in half a season and contributed 2 goals and 1 assist. Then he returned to Benfica on loan this winter window. He played 15 times in the second half of the season and scored 2 goals. In the 2023/24 season, Gades will lease Benfica again for one season. (mageth)

Noodles! The Roman boss is now flying to Brussels by private plane to take lucucu back to Rome!

Live broadcast bar News on August 29, Di mazio, the private plane of the Roman boss Fridkin has taken off from Luton, flew to Brussels, Belgium, and picked up lucuku to return to Rome. A number of senior officials in Rome went to England to have an interview with Chelsea and finally finalized the transfer of Lukaku on loan. According to previous reports from Romano, Fridkin personally flew the plane to pick up lucuku this time. Fridkin, the Roman boss, is a very senior pilot who has participated in stunt flight performances. As a pilot, he also participated in the shooting of the famous director Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk. In 2021, he personally flew a private plane to Lisbon to pick up Jose Jose.