Guangzhou shadow leopard official: 16-year-old midfield Huang Shenghao officially joined the team

Live Bar, August 30 according to the official news of Guangzhou shadow Leopard Club, 16-year-old midfield Huang Shenghao officially joined the team. The official announcement is as follows: After friendly negotiation and agreement with the players, Huang Shenghao officially joined Guangzhou shadow Leopard Football Club. He will wear the No. 18 battle robe to represent Guangzhou shadow leopard in the upcoming Champions League national finals. Huang Shenghao, 16 years old, was born on August 1, 2007 in Guangzhou, Guangdong. Height 183cm, the back waist of the office. As a leading player of the 2007 age group in Guangzhou, Huang Shenghao once successively won the runner-up group U-11 and runner-up group U-12 in the Football League Cup with the team, and the Governor’s Cup of Guangdong province U-13, u-14 group champions and other U Series competitions. From 2021 to 2023, with his outstanding performance in various youth competitions, he was selected into the national youth training team of the 2006 age group for many times. After years of polishing, Huang Shenghao has become one of the best defensive midfield in 2007. Huang Shenghao, who has just reached the age of 16 in August, will become the youngest player in the national finals of Guangzhou shadow leopard this year. He has excellent physical quality, excellent defensive awareness and sense of position. In addition, he has outstanding endurance and always keeps high-intensity running and 120% Investment in the competition. We believe that Huang Shenghao has many qualities to become an excellent professional football player. I hope he can continue to maintain his high morale and go all out to face every training class and every match! (Light and Shadow Chasing Dreams)

Magat: players have the right to choose to earn high salaries. Those criticisms are hypocritical.

Live broadcast bar on August 29, the German coach Ma Garte said in an interview sportbuzzer that the criticism of the players going to Saudi Arabia was hypocritical. Magat said: “I think it is not feasible to let players do things that politicians and businessmen cannot do. The Saudis can do any business, and now they are interested in football players. So do football players need to save the world? No, I think the world still works like this. In the whole sport, golfers and football players will go to places where they make more money, and the whole society works like this. So why can’t football players do this? I think critics are really hypocritical.” As for whether to go to Saudi Arabia to coach in the future, Magat said: “I took risks in China before. I don’t care whether to work in Western Europe, America or Asia. From the perspective of sports, some things are very interesting.” (von Mario) ******************** Sand super? Sand money! All the stars of the big ball, Jusha Telian!