Sky Sports: Nottingham Forest and Chelsea have basically negotiated the transfer of odoy

Live Bar, August 30 according to Sky Sports, Nottingham Forest is approaching an agreement with Chelsea on the transfer of striker odoy. The two clubs have basically been negotiated and are currently discussing the final details. For odoy, personal terms are not expected to be a problem. He has entered the last year of Chelsea’s contract and hopes to make a deal. Odoy had played under Nottingham Forest coach Steve Cooper before. He was a member of Cooper who led England U17 to win the World Cup in 2017. (Baili)

Romano: it is expected that on Crystal Palace, official Xuan Henderson will join us today. The transfer fee is 20 million pounds.

Live broadcast on August 30 according to Romano, the news that Manchester United goalkeeper Henderson joined Crystal Palace may be announced today. Romano said that it is expected that after Henderson completed the medical examination today Crystal Palace, the official announced that he joined. Manchester United will receive 15 million pounds transfer fee from Henderson’s transfer, in addition to 5 million pounds additional terms. Turkish player baindel has also been in Manchester, preparing to sign a contract with Manchester United and take over Henderson’s position. (Baili)

Vieri: Inter Milan is strong and lantaro can always score goals & barrela is one of the best playmates in the world

Live broadcast, August 29 News in BoboTV, Vieri talked about Inter Milan this season. Vieri said: “This Inter is really strong, and their start this season is also good. In the front line, Lautaro can always score goals, and little Turam still needs time to adapt.” “Inter Milan has always performed well. Their problem last season was that they lost 12 games, but as long as they stay focused, they can perform well. For example, in my opinion, Inter Milan should have won the Serie A championship. Last season they always lost points on the weak team, which surprised me.” “In midfield, Barrera is one of the best midfield in the world. Charr Khan Oulu also proved himself. Then mshitarian is also very strong. He and fratsi both have the ability to score goals. Inter Milan can control the ball well. Through the transfer market this summer, Inter Milan has become stronger.” “Little Inzaghi will never change his 352 tactical system. I think he should strengthen communication, because Inter Milan and Juve are the same, and the goal is always to win all the competitions he participated in. In this respect, he still needs to grow, and I think he has already realized this.” (Iron Steel Fist)

Salah’s Red Army career has played double in 11 Premier League teams and played the most 14 goals against Manchester United.

Live Bar, August 29 according to statistics Squawka, since joining Liverpool in the summer window of 2017, Salah has directly participated in 10 or more goals against 11 teams in England premier soccer league. 1. Manchester United-14 goals 2. West Ham-12 balls 3. Brighton-12 balls 4. Watford-11 balls 5. Crystal Palace-11 balls 6. Southampton-11 balls 7. Newcastle-11 balls 8. Leeds United-10 goals 9. Arsenal-10 goals 10. Bournemouth — 10 balls 11. Manchester City-10 balls In addition, if you gain two more goals or assists in the Premier League match against Aston Villa, Vera will also join the list. At 21:00 p.m. Beijing time this Sunday, Liverpool will play Villa at home. Note: The number of goals directly involved refers to the number of goals + assists. (Angie)