Star of Tomorrow football match-Shanghai U16 team draws to Porto and loses to Tottenham Hotspur

Live broadcast bar, August 30 news the 2023 Shanghai Tomorrow star Champions League football match was launched at SAIC Pudong football stadium on August 28. The participating teams are all U16 echelon teams, namely Shanghai team, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Porto, Cerezo Osaka, ulsan Hyundai, Qatar asbair College, PVF Football Academy. Most of the players in the host Shanghai U16 team are from Shanghai Shenhua. The coach of the team is Tao Jin, the coach of Shenhua echelon team. The players include Prince Heng, center Xu Huashu, goalkeeper Meng fanhang, etc. Cerezo Osaka has cultivated Japanese stars such as Shinji Kagawa and Nanye tuoshi, and is the Japanese club that delivers the most players to Europe. The U16 echelon who came to Shanghai for the competition, many players in the array are the main force of the Japanese national character. The coach of the team said bluntly that the goal of coming to Shanghai was to win the championship. The hot tattoo training has also gained a reputation, and has successively cultivated many England international players such as Kane and rydelkin. Last season, the Tottenham Hotspur U16 won the U17 league championship in England. Adculle and adrousi two defenders jumped into the higher age echelon. Porto has always been a treasure house of talents for the five major European league clubs. Last season, this Porto U16 won the Portuguese league championship of the same age, it achieved an amazing record of 27 wins and 1 flat goal in 28 games, 157 goals and 17 goals. In terms of the score, in the first round of Group B, two goals defeated Tottenham Hotspur in Cerezo Osaka, Shanghai team 0-0 Porto; The second round Tottenham 2-1 Shanghai team swept through Porto with seven goals in Cerezo Osaka; The final round of the group match will go to war tomorrow. The qualifying will be held on September 1-3. (District 11 Radio)

Romano: Nottingham Forest considers restarting negotiations to introduce Tavares and will make a decision soon.

Live Bar, August 29 according to Italian journalist Romano, Nottingham Forest is considering restarting negotiations to introduce Tavares. Romano pointed out that Nottingham Forest was interested in Arsenal’s 23-year-old left-back Tavares, but had not reached an agreement with relevant parties before, so he turned to seek to sign other targets. But now Nottingham Forest is considering restarting transfer negotiations with Arsenal in Tavares. Discussions within the club are ongoing and a decision will be made soon. (Wood)