Maca: Mendi & sebarus training alone, venius & Guler is expected to return in early October

Live broadcast on August 30 according to the report of Marca, Real Madrid did not have any new news in the third training of bardebebas except for the separate training of ferlan Mendi and sebarus. The two players still did not train with the team, so they had little chance to enter the big list against hertafe. However, in the case of two training sessions, Real Madrid’s medical department will accelerate the recovery of the two players as soon as possible. At the same time, both venius and Guler continued their recovery process. Venius suffered muscle injuries against SELTA, while Guler recovered from menisci surgery, both players are expected to return to the game in early October. (Ma Dongyu)

Italian media: Galatasaray & Arsenal & Juventus fight for Diarra Strasbourg asking for 15 million euros

Live Bar, August 29 according to a report from all Juve, Galatasaray, Arsenal and Juventus compete with Strasbourg midfield H-Diarra. According to the report, Arsenal and Juventus are currently competing for Diarra, and Galatasaray will also join the competition. Galatasaray showed great ambition this summer. They have already completed many signings. Now they are giving priority to strengthening the defense and midfield. Diarra is their goal. It is reported that Strasbourg asked Diarra for 15 million euros. (Iron Steel Fist)

Di Marco talks about the milestone of the 100th date, every time it feels like the first time

Live broadcast bar, August 29 news in this round of Serie A, Di Marco has completed 100 milestones in his Inter Milan career (including 71 Serie A games, 18 Champions League games, 8 Italian Cups, 2 Italian Cup games, one European Cup, contributing 8 balls and 16 assists in total). After the match, Di Marco posted an article on social media to celebrate. He said: “100 is never a trivial number. Wearing A Inter jersey to complete the 100th date, every time I feel the same as the first time. This is a great goal, and now the goal has been achieved, celebrating with a beautiful victory. Hello, great Inter, Forza Inter.” (Iron Steel Fist)