TA: barogon is going to Monaco for medical examination and will sign a five-year contract later.

Live broadcast bar, August 29, TA news, Arsenal striker barogon is now going to Monaco to prepare for medical examination and will complete relevant paperwork, after that, he will sign a five-year contract with Monaco. If everything goes according to the plan, the transfer may be announced before Wednesday local time. Last season, barogon rented out to play for Lance, during which France a played 37 times and scored 21 goals. (mageth)

Morning Post: Ronaldo shot 2 times and led the team to win 2 consecutive wins, and Harland was elected as PFA’s best of the year

[Honor Harvester! Official: Harland won PFA Player of the year]] Well deserved! Official: Harland won PFA Player of the year with 52 goals and 9 assists last season PFA officially announced that Manchester City striker won PFA Player of the year. PFA’s player of the year was chosen by the player’s vote. Harland defeated the other five candidates, including debrauer, Kane, edgao, SACA and stons, and was elected, he contributed 52 goals and 9 assists to Manchester City last season. [Competition report]] Saudi Arabia-C Luo 2 shot 1 pass & two rounds of 5 goals 2 help the victory of Riyadh 4-0 youth league two consecutive wins Break the door in a row! In the biography of Otavio, C Luo hit the door first. 2 games and 5 balls! C Luo broke through the building point, and the point shot was stable and scored in the second degree of plum blossom. In the 4th round of Saudi Arabia, the young people in Riyadh won 4-0 in the league and won two consecutive victories. C Luo contributed 2 shots and 1 pass, and Ma Nei made achievements. Carling Cup-Tottenham Hotspur penalty kick War 4-6 was eliminated by Fulham Richard Litson broke the door D-sánches’ lost point In the second round of the England League Cup, Tottenham Hotspur was eliminated by Fulham 4-6 in penalty kick. Richard Leeson broke the door and lost penalty kick in the penalty kick war against davens-Sands. Satelian-Jida National 2-0 Tayi took four consecutive wins majeres and shot Casey in a row In the fourth round of Saudi Arabia, Gida National won four consecutive victories from 2-0 Taye, Mahres announced the shooting of Kasey’s achievements, and St. macsiman helped the attack. [Transfer News]] Love and affection! Romano: Manchester United has reached an agreement with cuicu Leilia on personal terms, and the players are green According to Romano, Manchester United and cuicu Leilia reached an agreement on personal terms. The players gave the green light for the transfer. Manchester United offered a rental fee of over 2 million pounds and Chelsea wanted 7 million pounds. Paris offers 80 million euros! Muani: I have informed the top management that I hope the team will let me go to Paris. The German Sky fame Plettenberg said that muani told him that he had applied to Frankfurt to leave the team in order to join Paris. Paris has offered 80 million euros for the introduction of muani. Official: Wolves winger Gades returns to Benfica on loan for one season According to official news, Wolves winger Gades returned to Benfica on loan for a season. Gates joined the Wolves with a 32.6 million euro transfer fee last summer. He played 18 times in half a season and contributed 2 goals and 1 assist.

Post: Manchester United will not rent Maguire, only willing to sell players

Live broadcast on August 29, the Daily Mail reported that Manchester United would not rent Maguire and would only sell players. In order to gain more playing time, Maguire is willing to leave RED MAGIC before the end of this summer transfer window. In the next few days, West Ham is expected to chase Maguire again, and Everton and Newcastle may also join the battle. However, Manchester United’s attitude is still to sell only but not rent. West Ham did not reach an agreement with Manchester United on a deal of 30 million pounds earlier this month. If Manchester United wants to continue buying and strengthening, they must first sell people to raise money. Manchester United’s main goal now is to introduce left-back, while Teng Hach also considers buying a midfield. (Goblin killer)